Heaven Scent Trilogy by Virginia Alison

Today I am featuring Virginia Alison’s Heaven Scent Trilogy.  This is a wonderfully compelling set of novels that centers around a family, jasmine and an arrowhead.  Be sure to check out my review of the first novel in the series after the synopsis.  I’d like to thank Reading Addiction Book Tours for giving me this chance to review this wonderful trilogy of books.
Heaven Scent book cover blueWestern Erotica / Romantica
Heaven Scent 
Author – Virginia Alison

Published on:  November 30, 2012

Fate has her wicked way in this compelling trilogy set in modern day Texas. Encompassing
strong family bonds within a powerful, yet light hearted romantic saga, from the first lost note and
missed telephone call Evan and Ginny fight against the odds to find their own little piece of heaven.
Seemingly influenced by an old arrowhead and the sweet scent of jasmine, their lives swirl within a
whirlwind of laughter and heartbreak as they rush headlong towards their destiny.


In the first book of the Heaven Scent trilogy we are introduced to Ginny and Evan.  Ginny is a successful writer with a bit of a jaded past.  Evan is a cowboy fighting to keep his ranch from a greedy outsider.  Both find one night of love compels them to return to one another time and again.  Their romance blooms and ignites. But, with fire people are bound to get burned.   You are continually thrown into a back and forth swing of whether they will or won’t get together and stay together.  There are so many insurmountable odds that continually stand in the couples way and force them apart.  Normally, I am very much for the obstacles that a couple has to face to become stronger, but honestly I felt that some of the obstacles were forced.  For instance, Charley was a part that I felt could have been diminished a bit more.  It was a bit over the top.  I think it added unnecessary complication to an already complicated love affair.  But, one thing I did love was the love that Ginny and Evan had for each other.  I loved how passionate they were together.  I did get annoyed with Evan’s possessive nature.  My inner feminist kept coming out every time he told Ginny she couldn’t go somewhere for her job.  I understood his logic after having searched for Ginny and finally finding her but I guess I just didn’t like the way he handled things.  Overall, this was an enjoyable book but I think if you are at all like me you will get frustrated with certain aspects.

SAM_1588Author Bio:

Born in Bournemouth, England, Virginia’s gypsy heritage led her to a rather unusual childhood. Her father worked within the oil industry and she spent much of her younger years travelling. Schooled in several countries until the age of eight, and fluent in several languages, on attending boarding school in the UK, she found delight in the extensive ‘English’ library, and her love of reading was born. From there the travelling continued, around the UK, Wales and then finally finishing in Canada, where she attended, and graduated from St John High school in New Brunswick. Her love of the English language was due partly to the inspiration of her English Tutor. An Oxford Don, he despaired of the American/English idioms, and as she was the only English student in the school, found her a delight to teach.

Spending another year in working in Canada, life then returned her to England and on to the remote Shetland Isles for three years. Following her return to the UK, she threw herself into floristry for fifteen years, and her artistic talents took another turn when she picked up a pen for the first time to write her first dragon fantasy novel. It took another ten years and the passing of her artistic father, to discover her talent for painting. Setting out on a new path, she now paints celebrity portraits to raise money for charities. Through Face book in 2010 she met a friend who encouraged her to take up writing again, shortly after this inspiration which rekindled her spiritual beliefs, she met her (writing collaborator and co-conspirator) Keith David. They now combine their sensual words drawn from the depths of their souls, to captivate the imagination, and entice the reader to discover their innermost desires.

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