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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Jay Crownover returns with her most complicated hero yet, in the first book in the romantic suspense series The Breaking Point.




Don’t be fooled.

Don’t make excuses for me.

I am not a good man.

I’ve seen things no one should, done things no one should talk about. Honor and conscience have no place in my life. But I’ve fought and I’ve survived. I’ve had to.

The first time I saw her dancing on that seedy stage in that second rate club, I felt my heart pulse for the first time. Keelyn Foster was too young, too vibrant for this place, and I knew in an instant that I would make her mine. But first I had to climb my way to the top. I had to have something more to offer her.

I’m here now, money is no object and I have no equal. Except for her. She’s disappeared. But don’t worry, I will find her and claim her. She will be mine.

Like I said, don’t be fooled. I am not the devil in disguise… I’m the one standing front and center.

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Keelyn has left everything she knew to start over.  She knew that if she was around him she wouldn’t be able to just be her anymore.  She would only be his.  Being his meant he had all the control and she couldn’t give up all her hard earned freedom.  Her new freedom doesn’t feel like home though.  It isn’t until she decides to go back that she truly owns who she is and who she wants.  But, can she manage to keep her heart safe around someone who is determined to make her his and never let her go.

With this book it truly sealed my love for all of Jay Crownover’s work.  I adored Nassir and Keelyn.  Their similar but different personalities really draws in the reader.  You can relate to them even if Nassir is a crime lord and Keelyn is a former stripper.  Their love affair is deep and strong. Clearly, the wait that they have gone through allowed for things to grow.  Not to mention the steamy sex scenes that will have your e-reader steaming up as you read.  Having read as many of Jay Crownover’s books as I have these two are probably one of my favorite pairs.  I can’t wait to see where this series will go.  There are a lot of awesome characters and with Jay Crownover’s awesome writing talent I know the next book will be just as good if not better.  If you haven’t picked up one of her books before I’d say pick one up now.  Why not start with this one?  You will fall for the gangster and the stripper just like I did.



Maybe if I hadn’t spent the last six months slinging pancakes and greasy hash to hungover hipsters and avoiding the too-curious eyes of the cops who like to hit up the diner for early-morning breakfast, I would have noticed the ominous shift in the air.

Before I came to Denver six months ago, my senses had been honed to pick up on the slightest threat. Before, anything that might be dangerous, that might put me in peril, had made my skin tingle, made everything inside of me vibrate with awareness. Now I had settled into a simple, dreary rhythm. Every day was the same as the one before it and there was no outside threat constantly hounding me, hunting me, haunting me. I let my guard down. I had gone soft, and as a result the biggest danger of them all managed to slip into my new normal without giving any kind of hint he was there.

My nonslip shoe—that were probably the ugliest things ever made but absolutely necessary considering the greasy food the tiny kitchen pumped out—squeaked on the laminate floor as I made my way over to the lone patron who had taken the last available seat in my section. The massive plastic menu completely covered his face, but the Rolex on his wrist and the perfect cut of his suit jacket let me know he wasn’t my typical kind of customer. There wasn’t a flannel shirt or police blues in sight, and as I got closer, a whiff of something exotic and familiar engulfed my senses and stopped me in my tracks. Of all the things I had left behind, he was the one I had tried hardest to forget.

The tingling across my skin spread. My tummy tightened. Blood rushed loudly between my ears. My shaking fingers curled around the pen in my hand like a weapon. Before I could pull it together and walk away, the menu lowered and I was pinned to the spot, immobilized by eyes the color of spice rum.

They were wicked eyes. Eyes that saw far too much and gave nothing away. Eyes I daydreamed about. Eyes that caused me to wake up in a cold sweat. Eyes that turned me inside out and shook me up as they made a slow perusal from the top of my head to the tips of my god-awful shoes, returning to my face and staying there as I struggled to keep my shit together.

He slowly put the menu down on the cracked tabletop and leaned back in the booth. He was strikingly out of place here and I absolutely hated how that sexy twist of his mouth, a mouth that I dreamed about almost every night, made my traitorous heart flutter and my pulse kick.

I was also strikingly out of place here, but I’d learned to fake it. He, obviously, never bothered to fake anything. He wasn’t a man with virtuous intentions and he never pretended to be.

Gone were the mile-high stilettos that I always wore. In their place I now donned work shoes that prevented me from falling on my ass as I ran food and dirty dishes to and from the kitchen. I was hiding in plain sight, knowing that the last place on earth anyone who might come looking for me would check out would be this greasy spoon. This was the opposite of me and the life I had always lived, so even though I could afford better, craved more, this was where I needed to be…until he showed up.





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jay-crownover-headshotAbout Jay Crownover:

Jay Crownover is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Marked Men, The Point,and the Saints of Denver series. Like her characters, she is a big fan of tattoos. She loves music and wishes she could be a rock star, but since she has no aptitude for singing or instrument playing, she’ll settle for writing stories with interesting characters that make the reader feel something. She lives in Colorado with her three dogs.





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Review: Cold Day In Hell by Jerrie Alexander

As many of you know I have become a fan of Jerrie Alexander.  So, I am very privileged to bring to you her next book in her Lost and Found Inc Series, Cold Day in Hell.  In this one we follow the very sexy Tyrell to Columbia where he rescues the very feisty Ana.  Like most of Jerrie Alexander’s books we get lots of action and romance.  For my full review be sure to keep reading after the book blurb.

18276789Book Blurb:

Ex-Army Ranger Tyrell Castillo’s first mission for Lost and Found, Inc. goes awry when his contact is kidnapped, and he’s left scrambling for weapons and explosives. He’ll have to blow up a drug cartel’s compound, rescue the woman, and keep her safe while they cross the sweltering hot Colombian jungle.

Driven by the need for revenge, Ana Maria Vega Cisneros doesn’t want to be rescued. She wants revenge. She’ll risk her life to ensure the drug lord who killed her family suffers the same fate.

The cartel leaves a trail of blood on their hunt for Ty and Ana. When Ty receives the order to kill the drug lord with extreme prejudice, he and Ana will face the enemy head on. Can Ty protect the woman who’s hell bent on vengeance? The woman he’s grown to love?


Tyrell Castillo finds himself on his first mission for Lost and Found Inc in Columbia to rescue the girl who was supposed to be his contact.  When he rescues her and blows up the cartels compound he realizes that Ana is not going to be very cooperative and gives him a struggle.  Along the way through the jungle and dodging bullets Ty and Ana develop an attraction that Ty knows is off-limits.  After being rescued and forced out of her country Ana finds herself in Texas and thinking  constantly of Ty.  When Ty finally comes to see her she is soon attacked by one of the cartel’s lieutenants.  She realizes that even leaving her country can’t keep her safe.  She must go back to Columbia and kill the head of the cartel.  But, first she must convince Ty to go with her.  When Ty realizes he cannot protect her and questions the loyalty of those around him, he realizes he must go to Columbia with Ana.  When Ana and Ty finally express their feelings they acknowledge that nothing can really happen and just as their love broadens it must be squelched with the knowledge that they will go their separate ways.  Can the two really say goodbye after their mission or with they choose to find love after all this violence has brought them together?

Jerrie Alexander has his yet another home run.  I loved this book.  I love Ty and Ana.  Ana was so fun to read.  She really was the best foil for Ty.  She was no-nonsense and when push came to shove she pushed back.  This made for a great love story.  The fight they both put up just made is all that more satisfying when they were finally together.  I also loved the Cartel portion of the story.  This was something a bit different for Jerrie.  Usually she writes a lot about serial killers or just crazy stalker killers.  This was definitely a new line in the crime family that Jerrie Alexander has written about.  I really enjoyed it and I think she really hit the nail on the head with the cartels.  With everything we know about them it felt true and definitely possible.  Overall, this is a wonderful addition to Jerrie Alexander’s stories.  I look forward to Marcus’ story next.  If you like a good suspense and a fantastic story you need to start reading this series now.

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