Review: The Rogue’s Surrender (Nelson’s Tea #3) by Katherine Bone

Happy Friday!  I’m bringing to you a wonderful regency romance filled with spies and pirates.  A story like this will transport you back to the time of dukes, duchesses, Napoleon and French intrigues.  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.  Have a wonderful weekend and keep your eyes open for more reviews on Saturday and Sunday.

30749759Book Blurb:

He’d become a beast only she could tame.

Marked for death! Lady Mercedes Vasquez Claremont has been betrayed by a member of Nelson’s Tea. Now her life is in the hands of the man she couldn’t save, a beast forged by Spanish hatred.

Lord Garrick Seaton, aka Captain Blade, is the only one who has a chance of pulling off a lifesaving mission. To do so, he must go to Spain and face memories of captivity and torture. But the fiery Spanish lady he seeks to rescue proves to be the greater threat. Can he protect his heart, or will she demand his complete surrender?


Garrick must return to Spain.  He wants to never have to return to the scene of where his greatest torture occurred.  Reluctantly he agrees to return to save a senorita that will save someone very important to Nelson’s Tea.  Mercy doesn’t expect to be kidnapped by the infamous Captain Blade.  Though she feels kidnapped, Garrick sees it as saving her life.  He continues to save her life and she will return her appreciation by saving more than one of Nelson’s Tea and using herself to try to capture an enemy to England.  Can Garrick and Mercy save England and their love for each other or will Napoleon and his revolution win?

This was a very exciting read.  Mercy and Garrick’s push and pull between each other was both intriguing and fun to be a part of.  I was captivated by the blend of intrigue and piracy.  That is truly what this story is about.  The romance between Mercy and Gerrick was sweet and not as important, but none the less you will want your own pirate by the end of the book.  This is not your typical regency romance.  Though there are stolen kisses and moments there isn’t a lot of bodice ripping action you look for in a novel such as this.  There is quite a bit of action and suspense to make up for the lack of romance.  Overall, though this wasn’t a typical regency romance it was still very entertaining and fun to read.

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