Fresh Faced Friday: Repossessors of Souls by Danae Ayusso

Welcome to this Friday’s Fresh Faced Friday!  Today I am spotlighting Danae Ayusso and her book Repossessors of Souls.  This was a fantastically addictive read.  Danae Ayusso is a new talented author that I have recently discovered and I will definitely be picking up her other books.  Be sure to check out my full review after the book blurb.

17386889Book Blurb: (courtesy of Goodreads)

In the immortal spectrum of NYC, a dangerous game is afoot. Angelic and Demonic repo men are being targeted and put against each other in a deadly game where there can be no winner.
Zion, a demonic repossessor of souls, was your run of the mill Manhattan demon with an addiction to designer labels, overly priced shoes, and a pie fetish. Her shallow world was perfect until she signed for a repossession batch that was anything but ordinary. While trying to make sense of it, her path crossed with a sullen, barefooted angel, an angelic repossessor of souls, and that she found herself in a constant struggle to keep from shooting simply because he was the rudest creature she had ever met, which was saying a lot since she was from Hell.
Angelus was the last of the Soul Seekers, a special type of angel that no longer existed. With a dark past and many secrets, the cynical angel would stop at nothing to push Zion away and to keep her heart as cold as ice towards him.
However, nothing ever went according to plan when Upper Management was involved. Quickly Angelus and Zion discovered that they needed each other in order to stay alive since they were nothing more than expendable pawns in a much bigger game, and as the truth of their darkened pasts is brought to light, neither of them expected what they found.
Countless questions must be answered, but the only one that mattered was if they would survive the game in order to embrace their future or if the one thing they had waited centuries for would be over before it even began?


Repossesors of Souls was a great find for my Fresh Faced feature.  I have been reading a lot of books about Angels and Demons lately so its always nice to find one that still has the ability to suck me in and leave me wanting more after I read it.  Repossessors of Souls follows Zion who is a demon repo man.  It is her job to repossess souls whose contracts have run out.  With her job comes the awesome plus of being able to indulge in her love of Jimmy Choos and designer labels.  In her travels she encounters the other half of the repo business the Angels and one Angel in particular, Angelus.  Who becomes a royal pain in the ass.  Her words not mine.  Eventually the two who are meant to hate each other being from different sides of an invisible line are drawn together in a game that they should never have been involved.  With the addition of the Norse Gods, Demons, Angels and Lucifer this story packs a punch that you will want to take over and over again.

I think what really did it for me was I loved Zion.  I would totally want to go hang with her and her bestie, Loke.  She tells it like it is and pulls no punches.  She is definitely a memorable character that I hope Danae writes about again.  Her counter part Angelus is definitely an angel you want to get to know better if you know what I mean.  He may be rude and crabby most of the time but when he’s not hold on to your socks cause he will totally knock them off of you.  Those are only the main characters we also have Loke and All the Norse Gods as supporting characters. It’s not just the characters though.  The story flowed very well and was well written. The concept of a demon and angel as unwitting pawns in a game that only has a miniscule pot was cleverly thought out and executed.  But, like I said you will read this story not just for the storyline but for the characters that Danae Ayusso brings into your life.  And if anything you totally want to see Zion’s amazing shoe collection!

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