Review: Mistakes We Make by Jenny Harper

Happy Monday!  Today I have a wonderful book that intertwines the stories of three fantastic characters.  Jenny Harper masterfully navigates the three stories and takes the reader on a trip that lets the reader experience all three stories and how they are connected.  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.  Have a wonderful week!

31192585Book Blurb:

Marketing events manager Molly Keir doesn’t realise how much she still cares for her ex until she meets him with another woman. Her answer is to seize the chance of a glittering job in London – even though this will mean leaving behind her aging father and pregnant best friend Lexie Gordon.

Adam Blair is in the wrong job. Pressured by his father to join the family law firm, the stress of work helped break his marriage. Now Molly is moving to London, and he knows he needs to move on – but events soon overtake his best intentions.

A year ago, Caitlyn Murray quit her well-paid job to avoid becoming a whistleblower. Now she is stuck at home with her overworked mother and four needy step-siblings. Tempted by the offer of a good wage, she returns to her old firm – where her nightmare comes back to haunt her.

Molly and Adam seem to have gone too far to recover the love they once had, and when Caitlyn finds the courage to speak out, she brings all their worlds tumbling down.


Molly and Adam on the verge of divorce.  All interactions are stilted and uncomfortable.  Though they both still have feelings they don’t know if there would be future or if their is anything to salvage.  Caitlyn has been helping to support her family.  But since she left her well paying job she has been struggling.  When Molly, Adam and Caitlyn’s worlds collide in an unexpected way it will change everything.  What they once knew will come falling down.  Will they be able to bounce back or will their mistakes forever alter their lives?

This was a fantastic book.  Jenny Harper is truly talented in her ability to navigate three view points and stories yet have them connected in the end.  Molly, Adam and Caitlyn are wonderfully well developed characters that even as the story progresses become even more multi-faceted.  The over lying story that connects the three of them is a tad predictable but the fall out and what happens to the characters after is the true surprise.  Jenny Harper is one author you will want to pick up if you haven’t already.  You won’t be able to put her book down and won’t forget her characters any time soon.


Review: Between Friends by Jenny Harper

Happy Friday!!!  Today I am bringing to you a a great friendship story.  Its full of secrets that friends keep and a test on how to get past things that can tear apart a friendship.  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.  Have an awesome weekend!

27995726Book Blurb:

They thought he belonged safely in the past. His return threatens everything.

Marta, Carrie and Jane have been friends since they were at school. Now one is bringing up her family, another is desperately trying for children of her own, while the third is focused on her career – and each takes the support of the others as a given.

But when generous Marta bumps into old friend Tom at the height of the Edinburgh festival, she finds he’s an actor out-of-luck. Her kind offer of temporary shelter sets in motion a tsunami of destruction. Marta’s marriage comes under threat. Timid Jane is haunted by the secret she has been hiding since she last saw Tom. And ambitious Carrie finds herself at the mercy of a man who can ruin her career.

Only by pulling together can the friends rid themselves of this menace. But is Tom too clever at sowing mistrust?


Marta, Carrie and Jane have been friends for so long they no longer have any secrets.  That is until Marta runs into an old friend.  That one act of reintroducing the old friend will flip their worlds on end.  Marta’s marriage starts to implode, Jane’s secret weighs on her so much that escape looks promising and Carrie falls back into old ways that turn self destructive.  This one man attempts to tear their worlds apart.  Can the three friends band together to repair their lives or will they let this horrible guy from the past destroy them?

This was a very entertaining read.  The complex relationships and lives of the three friends was both relatable and realistic.  The reader will go on an emotional roller coaster as the three women discover each others secrets.  Jenny Harper does an excellent job illustrating the female friendship.  She also did a phenomenal painting Tom as a real villain.  He was someone you could truly know and have had a relationship with.  If you are looking for a good friend book you will want to pick this up.  The story weaves easily through the three women’s lives, relationships and loves.  This is the perfect book for any woman.

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