Review: Castaway in the Caribbean by Janice Horton

Today I have the great privilege of bringing to you the newest book by Janice Horton.  It is a suspenseful and comedic at times romance set in the beautiful Caribbean.  Written in the wonderful style of Janice Horton’s you will find yourself castaway in this wonderful novel.  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.

25219869Book Blurb:

Vacationing on the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua, Janey Sinclair is persuaded by her magazine editor boss to do a quick island hop in order to supervise an impromptu photo-shoot for the front cover. With no flights immediately available, Janey is directed to the harbour.

Captain Travis Mathews hates tourists, although he’s not above making a bit of money off a prissy and sharp tongued young British girl when she’s desperate to get to the neighbouring island of Tortola.
After striking a deal, they set off together in Travis’s weather-beaten old boat. When the vessel comes to a sudden full stop in the sea, the mismatched pair end up as castaways on an uninhabited island.
In this fast moving romantic adventure about a vacation that turns into a tropical nightmare there’s more fun than you’ll find in any travel brochure.


Janey Sinclair is surprised by her wonderful boyfriend with a trip to the Caribbean.  Once out of dreary London and on the sandy beaches she feels worlds away.  That is until her editor asks her to take a detour from her trip to check on a photo-shoot.  When Janey goes looking for a flight she finds none.  She is left with only going on a charter boat to the island of Tortola.  It is Captain Travis Matthews job to get Janey there and back.  Unfortunately, due to a mistake regarding the fuel and Janey’s over zealous need for control they are stranded and forced to stay on a nearby island.  While on this island tensions between the two become hot.  But before they do anything they would both regret they are forced to defend themselves and their boat from Pirates.  These aren’t the Jack Sparrow kind either.  Just when Travis and Janey think they are safe and nothing can go wrong that is when the worse happens and they are forced to look at their lives and question what they really want.

This was a great fun read.  Janice really wrote a great story with lots of details of the Caribbean.  Her research really paid off here.  If you have ever seen the movie 7 days and 7 nights you will see some coincidental story line similarities.  While reading this I was concerned that this was too close to the movie, but thank goodness for good twists and turns because Janice takes us on a much more suspenseful ride then the movie ever does.  The vivid back drop that is painted really becomes a character with in the story.  Janey and Travis are great but it’s that scenery that captivates the imagination and helps pull you into the danger, fun and excitement that they experience.  Overall, a very entertaining and fun read.  Another great addition to the world of fiction by Janice Horton.

Review: Bagpipes and Bullshot by Janice Horton

Happy April Fool’s day!  Today is a day full of checking your chairs and the hands that you shake.  Though it is a day for pranks I don’t have one for you today.  My Day 9 review is another of Janice Horton’s works, Bagpipes and Bullshot.  This is one of her full length novels.  This was a fun read that I couldn’t put down.  When I read this book I really wished I was the cowgirl finding her Scottish Laird.  For more of my rave review be sure to keep reading after the book blurb.  Happy April Fool’s Day! 🙂

18688402Book Blurb:

A contemporary tale told with timeless Scottish romanticism and a knowing sense of humour. Bagpipes and Bullshot twists an everyday love story with a whole cast of village eccentrics into an entertaining play on rural life.


Oley first meets Innes when Innes plays the bagpipes at her mother’s wedding.  After a few dates they have grown to really care for each other.  But, Innes must go back to Scotland.  Not ready to let Oley go he asks her to be his cattle manager and come to Scotland with him.  Oley’s first instinct is to say no but after some thought about what she needs and wants she agrees.  When Oley arrives to Scotland she wasn’t expecting what she saw.  Innes is a Laird and lives in a large home.  As Oley spends more time with Innes and his Scottish estate she begins to fall hard for both.  But, there are things conspiring against them to thwart their happiness.  It gets so rough that Oley almost loses everything.  Can Innes and Oley fight against those who wish them harm or will their love crumble like the buildings on Innes’ estate?

I loved this book.  Its both entertaining and addicting.  Innes and Oley’s love story is so sweet and natural.  What woman wouldn’t want a Scottish Laird to come sweep them off their feet.  It was fun to see the opposites attract work in their favor.  With Oley and her work and Innes and his they should want completely different people but in reality they are perfect for one another.  The story takes you from Texas to Scotland and that in itself is a fantastic aspect to the story.  I also love the element of intrigue that is within the story.  The factors fighting Innes and Oley being together add a wonderful roller coaster ride.  Overall, this was a fantastic read that I fell in love with.  Anyone who likes a good love story with a few hurdles will adore this story.

Review: How Do You Voodoo? by Janice Horton

As promised here is my Day 7 review.  I am spotlighting How Do You Voodoo by Janice Horton.  This is the first in her trilogy.  They are all short novellas.  In How Do You Voodoo we are introduced to Janice Horton’s wonderfully imaginative writing.  The story is definitely addictive and had me picking up another of her stories right after I finished this one.  Its a great romance with a bit of a lesson.  For my full review be sure to keep reading after the book blurb.  Oh!  Don’t forget you only have one week left for my big giveaway!

18718254Book Blurb:

Loveless fashion model Nola Nichols thinks being beautiful is a curse; that is until she is cursed and her looks begin to fade just a week before the most important photo shoot of her career. In her attempts to get uncursed she finds herself taking part in a rather unconventional funeral, involved in a voodoo ritual, reveals one or two unrests in her own past and falls madly in love with a doctor. Erm, that would be a witch doctor, right…?


The beautiful but selfish and self-centered Nola is returning from her getaway to the Caribbean.  Now that Nola was on her way back to the UK and  looking forward to a big photo shoot all she wants to do is rest on the plan.  But, all of that is thwarted when a woman is brought into the cabin where she is and begins making a lot of noise.  Nola being the diva that she is is angered by this disruption.  She is rude to the hysterical woman and to the flight crew.  While Nola is busy demanding things the woman begins placing a voodoo curse on Nola.  At the time Nola doesn’t believe that could be what the woman was doing.  But, when her precious looks seem to be gone almost over night then she believes.  In an attempt to beg the woman to lift the curse.  When she finds out what happened to the woman she thinks all hope is lost.  That is until she finds the woman’s son.  With her son she must help him so that he will help her, but in doing so will the curse be lifted or will she be forced to leave the career and life she has lived for so long.

Though this was only a novella, this story was as good as some of the full length novels I have read.  The story was wonderfully told and the characters did a great amount of developing in a short amount of pages.  I really enjoyed Nola’s transition and the value the finally found in being judged by who she was instead of what she looked like.  I think this story was great example of the kind of storyteller Janice Horton is.  I can’t wait to read the rest of the trilogy and one of her full length novels.  I know that I will enjoy those as much as I did How Do You Voodoo.


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