Review: The Electric Con by J.R Mallette

Happy Monday!  I hope all of you are having a good week so far.  Today, I have a great book.  Its got a bit of paranormal and a bit of suspense.  Taking people who miraculously have powers and how they use or misuse them.  J.R Mallette does it again.  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.   Have a great rest of the week.

24832904Book Blurb:

Amanda Blake is fresh out of prison and wants nothing more than to stay out of trouble. But old habits die hard, and she finds herself caught up in a crime that ends with her crashing a car into an electrical substation. She’s left badly injured and finds that she now possess a strange ability to generate and manipulate electricity.
She soon finds herself in the company of other people with equally unique powers. Among them is a powerful telekinetic murderer and a healer who becomes her new love interest. Digging deeper into the lives of her new friends only leads to more trouble, and doing the right thing could cost Amanda her life.


Amanda is fresh out of prison and trying desperately to stay away from trouble, but when he old life changes her forever she has nowhere to go.  Her new powers are observed by someone who also has powers.  Having nowhere to go she goes with people who are like her.  She hopes she can control her new power, but as she gets closer to her new friend she begins to realize that one of them is more than what she seems.  Can Amanda do what is right and stay out of trouble or will her fear of getting caught send her back to the life she is avoiding?

This book was surprisingly addictive.  Once I got into the story it really sucked me in.  I didn’t know what was going to come next and who was going to change next.  The characters were unique but relatable.  Though they had super powers they all still had the flaws of regular people.  In fact, the addition of powers only forces them to choose what road to go down, the good or the bad.  They all had personal struggles with their powers.  This made the characters very relatable.  Overall, the writing and the story will consume you and allow you to relate to the unrelatable.  J.R Mallette just keeps getting better with each book she writes.

Fresh Face Friday: Cryptid Girl by J.R Mallette

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Happy Friday!  I hope everyone has had a wonderful week.  Today I am spotlighting Cryptid Girl by J.R Mallette.  This is a good urban fantasy novel that brings in the mythology of the Chupacabra and puts it in a novel that captivates you from the beginning.  This is definitely a must read if your interested in those unexplained myths like Bigfoot, Yeti and Lochness Monster.  For my full review be sure to keep reading after the book blurb. I hope you all have a great weekend and pick up a good book if your snowed in.

18652242Book Blurb: (courtesy of Goodreads)

A traumatic spelunking experience leaves Lorna McHaley haunted by disquieting nightmares regarding the deaths of people close to her. They disrupt every aspect of her life, especially her relationship with her best friend, Paige. One by one Lorna’s nightmares come true; each victim is killed by a terrible monster she claims attacked her in the cave. Lorna struggles between her own possible madness and the belief that the creature truly exists. With Lorna on the verge of a breakdown, Paige must uncover the secret of the mysterious cryptid. When she does, it will mean betraying Lorna and sending her into ruin


Lorna goes astray from the spelunking party after getting sidetracked by the sights.  When she tries finding the party she ends up having a horrible experience and is attacked by an animal she had never seen before.  After her horrible incident she returns to her life with horrible nightmares of the creature she was attacked by attacking people she knew.  When Lorna confides in her friend Paige about the creature that those in Mexico called El Chupacabra, Paige is skeptical until Paige witnesses something that confirms Lorna’s worries.  With Lorna’s familial link to mental illness everyone she confides, in except for Paige,  think she has finally succumbed to her mother’s schizophrenia.  Paige does all she can to help Lorna until helping Lorna threatens Paige and her loved ones.  Will Paige be able to save Lorna before more people die or will Paige herself meet the Chupacabra?

This was a great paranormal suspense novel.  It really had a great subject in the mythological Chupacabra.  This story takes you on a ride where it keeps you wondering what is really going on with Lorna.  J.R Mallette does a great job bringing you into the story.  You really can feel for Paige and what she goes through.  This story may start by focusing on Lorna’s story but in the middle it really flips to Paige and she becomes more relatable than Lorna.  Your heart will break at points but there are bits that really make up for the heart-break.  Overall, this is a short well written novel with a full story and developed characters.  This is a great story for those interested in mythological creatures wrapped in a suspenseful plot.

Author Bio: (courtesy of Goodreads)

I grew up in northeast Nebraska in a town with fewer than 600 people. There wasn’t much to distract my over-active imagination, so at age ten I started putting short stories down on paper. The idea of writing a full blown novel didn’t manifest until I was twenty-two and a senior in college. I never thought much of my writing and neither did anyone else until I was required to take an advanced writing course the second semester of my senior year. The professor took each student aside at the beginning of the semester and asked us about our inhibitions regarding her class. I told her that I just didn’t feel like I was that great of a writer. I’ll never forget the words the professor, Patricia Trautrimas, spoke to me after I aced our final project: “See, you really CAN write!” That birthed the mindset that I was more than capable of putting together a solid, well-built novel

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