Review: Home to Whiskey Creek by Brenda Novak

Today I am happy to share with you a wonderful book I had the chance to review.  Home to Whiskey Creek is a wonderful love story that comes out of a horrific event.  It is a book you won’t want to put down until you have flipped the last page.  Be sure to read the rest of my review after the book blurb.  Have a great Saturday, Everyone!

Book Blurb:

17251443Sometimes home is the refuge you need-and sometimes it isn’t.  Adelaide Davies, who’s been living in Sacramento, returns to Whiskey Creek, the place she once called home. She’s there to take care of her aging grandmother and to help with Gran’s restaurant, Just Like Mom’s. But Adelaide isn’t happy to be back. There are too many people here she’d rather avoid, people who were involved in that terrible June night fifteen years ago.

Ever since the graduation party that changed her life, she’s wanted to go to the police and make sure the boys responsible-men now-are punished. But she can’t, not without revealing an even darker secret. So it’s better to pretend….

Noah Rackham, popular, attractive, successful, is shocked when Adelaide won’t have anything to do with him. He has no idea that his very presence reminds her of something she’d rather forget. He only knows that he’s finally met a woman he could love.


Home to Whiskey Creek starts with Adelaide Davies’ return to her home town after a 13 yr absence.  How does she get welcomed back?  She gets kidnapped, threatened, almost raped and thrown down a mine.  Thankfully a knight on shining bicycle comes along and hears her yelling for help.  Noah Rackman, finds Adelaide trapped in a mine he swore never to visit.  Ever since that mine was the scene of his twin brother’s death.  Once Noah saves Adelaide she recognizes him immediately and sets her sights on keeping him and the memory of the fateful night of his brother’s death as far away from her as possible.  Noah has other plans.  But, what Noah doesn’t know are the reasons for Adelaide’s walls and the continual threats she receives since having come back into town.  The biggest question is when all becomes clear who will be standing together and who will be standing apart?  And can love survive such loss and deep hurt or will it crumble under the weight of tragedy?

This was such a moving and emotional book in various parts.  The characters are phenomenally well-formed and support all aspects of the story.  Brenda Novak does a wonderful job tackling such strong subject matter and giving hope along with the grief that comes with the losses that both Adelaide and Noah have suffered.  I also enjoyed the supporting characters.  Her Gran and Mother were very memorable but for completely different reasons.  Overall, a story of such powerful magnitude will leave you emotionally drained with a pile of tissues.  However, the sadness also has a redemptive end with the love that Noah and Adelaide find.  This is Brenda Novak’s fourth book in this series, but I feel I need to now go back and read the others in her Whiskey Creek series.  I would recommend this book if you want a good cry but feel good in the end.

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