Review: Dangerous in a Kilt by Anna Durand

Happy Monday!  Today I am bringing to you a wonderful Highland romance.  This sexy highlander will have your e-reader catching fire.  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.  Have a great week ahead.

31704382Book Blurb:

Hot Scot. Feisty American. Passion ignites.

Good-girl Erica Teague is out on bail, charged with a crime her ex-lover committed. Her desperate bid to experience one wild night of sizzling sex, before her trial and certain conviction, lands her in the arms of Lachlan MacTaggart, a hot Scot with a secret past. She can’t resist his offer to enjoy one month of sex and companionship with no strings. But when their hot fling gets personal, can their passion free their imprisoned hearts?

Dangerous in a Kilt, the first book in the Hot Scots series, was chosen as a Top Pick by The Romance Reviews. Upcoming books in the series will feature Lachlan’s equally hot brothers.


Erica has always been a good girl.  That was until her last boyfriend framed her in his embezzlement scheme.  When she decides to meet a guy she met from a dating app it blows up in her face.  Determined to forget it she runs right into one of the sexiest men she’s ever met.  Lachlan is visiting from Scotland and what he proposes is a month of companionship and no strings sex.  But, with their relationship never reaching any farther than skin deep will Erica be able to hide the truth about herself and her growing feelings for the hot highlander?

I really loved this book.  It was very entertaining with the right amount of great story and sexy highlander.  Anna Durand was able to weave two memorable characters that will capture your mind and heart.  Lachlan is a mystery to not only Erica but to the reader.  He becomes a mystery any woman would want to solve.  The premise of the no-strings month really added an interesting depth to what could have been a bland romance.  Though with a sexy highlander, no romance could be bland.  Overall, this was a great romance with a dash of drama.  Anna Durand has truly mastered the highlander romance.  I can’t wait to read about Lachlan’s sexy brothers.

Review: A Magical Highland Solstice by Mary Morgan

Happy Monday!  I hope all of you have had a wonderful holiday and weekend.  Today I bring to you a great Christmas novella from the world of The Dragon Knights.  I am so happy to share Cormac’s HEA.  For my full review, keep reading after the book blurb.  Have a wonderful week ahead.

32487375Book Blurb:

Laird Cormac Murray has witnessed how love destroyed his own father after the death of his mother, and he vows to never take a wife. Yet, when he comes upon a bewildered lass traveling alone, he finds his heart will no longer listen to his mind. In the end, Cormac risks everything to claim the love of a woman not of his time.

Eve Brannigan loves helping others and baking. After winning a contest, she is stunned to learn that the Clan Murray has requested her assistance to cater to their guests during the holiday season. When a lost path in Scotland leads her to a handsome but gruff Highlander, Eve fights the temptation to allow love to enter her heart for the first time.

Can the Fae and the magic of the Yule season bring together two souls who have forsaken love? Or will tragedies from the past separate the lovers forever?


Cormac has written off finding a love like his friends, the Dragon Knights, have found.  He is more focused that his household is falling apart just in time for the Yuletide Celebrations.  Eve has her own set of problems.  She was hoping to win her baking competition and pay some of her and her neighbor’s bills.  But, after finding out another contestant was sabotaged she gives her winnings her as an early wedding present.  Soon she finds out her winnings weren’t just monetary.  She is required to go to Scotland to bake for a celebration over there.  What Eve and Cormac don’t expect is that they will soon find each other and what neither is looking for they will find.

I love this series and I was definitely excited to see that Cormac was getting his own story.  He has been one of my favorites since the beginning of the series.  Cormac meets his equal in Eve.  She is hardworking and loyal.  Everything Cormac is too.  With the setting during Christmas it truly added a bit more magic to the already magic filled story full of Fae magic and manipulation.  The idea that Eve has traveled the veil of time is a lot less shocking to almost everyone except Eve.  Overall, this is a quick read with a lot of romance, Christmas magic and a sexy highland Laird.  What more could a gal ask for for Christmas?

Review: Dragon Knights Axe (Order of the Dragon Knights #3) by Mary Morgan

Happy Friday!  Today I am totally excited to bring to you the next book in Mary Morgan’s Order of the Dragon Knights series.  Dragon Knights Axe introduces us to Alastair and his quest for redemption.  As always this is a great fantasy romance with lots of action, romance and a hot Highlander.  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.  I hope you have a great weekend and pick up a great book.

25652878Book Blurb:

Alastair MacKay, a battled-scarred Dragon Knight flees to the sea to separate himself from his fae-given power connecting him to the land. But it is on land that he rescues a woman from a slave trader in Ireland. It is through Fiona he steps back inadvertently into a world filled with magic—taking on the role of protector and at the same time leading him on a journey to confront his greatest regret and fears.

Research assistant, Fiona O’Quinlan loves translating ancient artifacts at Trinity College. When she falls asleep on an archeological dig, she awakens in another time. She soon discovers a Dragon Knight’s relic has been entrusted into her care. Determined to return the artifact to the Great Glen, Fiona is unprepared for the danger ahead—losing her heart and soul to Alastair “Beast” MacKay.

Will their love be strong enough to soothe the beast and heal the man? Or will Death swing its axe, leaving them lost for all eternity?


Alastair McKay doesn’t want redemption for his sister’s death.  This is why he has taken to the sea.  His power lies with the land and he will avoid that at all cost.  That is until he sees the beautiful Fiona being sold by some slave traders. Together they must take his Axe to the Great Dragon and help Alastair find his redemption.  Unfortunately, Alastair doesn’t want to find his redemption.  But, something inside him is still drawn to her.  He resists her and when he makes a vow to her newly discovered brother that he won’t touch her or do anything that would disgrace her.  The problem is that Fiona is equally drawn to him and makes things very difficult.  But, once they can’t hold back any longer they find a happiness together they didn’t think was possible.  It isn’t until something threatens to tear them apart that forces Alastair to make decisions he thought he’d never have to make.  Can they find the love and redemption that is there or will Alastair choose to lose all that he has out of stubbornness and misplaced guilt?

As always, Mary Morgan brings us another fantastic story about her Dragon Knights.  I loved this new addition and continue to enjoy the romance between the two main characters.  She truly can write a highland romance like nobody else.  The characters are brought to life and the history is so tangible it makes the reader feel like they are there.  Not to mention all of her highlanders are hotter than hot.  Who wouldn’t want to go in the past to meet theses knights.  Overall, this is another novel by Mary Morgan that I couldn’t put down until the very last page was turned.  Even then I still wanted more.  I truly can’t wait for her next in this series.

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