Guest Post and Review: For the Love of Big Orange by Leta Gail Doerr

This is the second of my two posts today.  It’s a wonderful novella by Leta Gail Doerr called For the Love of Big Orange.  Leta is taking over today.  Be sure to check out my review after Leta’s take over.

Don’t Mind Her…She’s and Indie

I shutter to think of the many times I’ve been asked who my publisher is when I announce to a new acquaintance that I’m a published author, only to see the inquisitor cringe when I respond, “It’s me.” Most of the time, “I’m Indie” is very well received, but sometimes it’s clear that some folks are simply put-off by self-published works.  There’s a certain stigma associated with being an Indie or self-published author, I just can’t put my finger on why that is. Perhaps you can help.

Two of the three novels that I have published have had contracts with a small press, one of them is still active.  The other was cancelled at my request.  It’s almost as though being backed by a publisher gives some sort of reassurance to the reader, but I ask you, does it really?

Think about it. How many times have you seen a movie, or read a book published by a well-known actor/author and found yourself disappointed? It may have been the quality of the acting, the plot, the script, or perhaps even the overall lack of chemistry between the main characters. Does it really matter who backed the story (with funds/marketing, etc.) if the piece isn’t as entertaining as you hoped it would be?

As an Indie author, our works have to go under the same type of scrutiny before we hit that publish button to make our baby live.  We surround ourselves with fellow authors and beta readers who, when you tally up the years of experience, have decades upon decades of knowledge from working in the publishing industry. Indie authors have to work harder, be more diligent, and conjure resources that some publishers may not even offer.

We hire editors, proofreaders, and savor every bit of help our fellow authors will provide when working on our manuscripts. All at our own expense.  Our name is on the line, our reputation, and our brand. We are our own publishers, promoters, and sometimes we even craft our own cover designs. We aren’t just casual writers who think something up and post in every major retailer who’ll take us (well most of us aren’t anyway).

For those of you who are willing to read a story regardless of who the publisher is, I certainly applaud you.  And, quite frankly I thank my lucky stars that you are willing to give Indie authors a shot.

For those of you who may be a bit squeamish, how about take a chance? Most authors are willing to give away a piece of their work for free or for a bargain price, say $0.99. Take a shot; you just might discover your next favorite author.

Leta Gail

For the Love of Big Orange Button 300 x 225For the Love of Big Orange

Bluegrass Country Novella, Book One

Leta Gail Doerr


Number of pages:         127

Word Count: 43,500

Book Description:

They say you can never go home. Well, Lacie Joe Jensen never wanted to.

Lacie Joe left small town Kentucky for the big city lights and never looked back. Until now. Her ailing foster-father needs her, his memory is failing. But townsfolk remember all too well the troubles Lacie Joe caused as a youth, and they’re not afraid to remind her.

Lacie Joe has a few allies in town, for starters, ex-boyfriend turned police officer Jay Hayworth. Jay’s kept the fire burning for Lacie during her long absence. He’s one of the bright spots in Lacie’s troublesome past, him and her truck, Big Orange. A suspicious accident forced Lacie Joe to leave town, Jay steps in to remind Lacie she no longer has the right to remain silent.


I adored this novella.  I only wish there were more.  I loved Jay and Lacie Joe’s story.  I especially loved the story of redemption for Lacie Joe and Emma.  This story may have been short but it definitely packed an emotional punch.  I truly hope there will be more follow-up novels with this story line.  I definitely want more Jay.  But, this wasn’t all about the hot cop.  The writing and character development was fantastic.  I truly hope to read more from Leta Gail Doerr.

I’d like to thank Leta for stopping by today.  If you want to learn more about her be sure to click on the links below.  If you want to know more about For the Love of Big Orange  you can go to Barnes and Noble, Amazon or any other book retailer.  I’d also like to thank Bewitching Book Tours for allowing me to host this spot today.

About the Author:

Leta Gail is a small town girl with big dreams, who shares her life with her husband, son, and little dog Kimmy. She enjoys exercise, (as if), planning family vacations, dreaming up places to go with her husband, reading, tinkering with computer software, and watching her son grow.

She is a Project Manager by day working in Information Technology, who moonlights as a writer. She has a monthly column, Blonde Bytes, in a women’s publication- Pastelle Magazine, where she writes about fun geeky stuff.

She loves to write about great friendships and deep emotions. She finds the humor in everyday life and creates believable characters she hopes her readers will enjoy. She likes story lines like, life after divorce, strong-willed women making their mark on the world, and finding love in unexpected places. She also enjoys writing tales that salute our nation’s heroes.

She enjoys the super support of her husband and inquisitive son while she dreams big and “shoots for the moon”, as her husband so aptly states.

Visit her at  and

Twitter: @LiteraryBlonde



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