Fresh Face Friday: Iron & Wine by Candace Osmond

TGIF, Everyone!  I don’t know about you but with the heat we are suffering here it has seemed as if time was moving backwards.  But luckily we have all made to yet another Friday and I am psyched to introduce Candance Osmond and her book Iron & Wine to all of you.  It was a great story and read very well.  If you like paranormal you will definitely love this book.  Be sure to check out the rest of my review after the book blurb.  So, if you are like me and are melting with this heat you can always stay inside in the nice cool air and pick up Iron & Wine.

Book Blurb:  (Courtesy of Goodreads)

14625613Iron & Wine is an Urban Fantasy novel set in world full of hidden magical places and secret societies cloaked by modern day. In the first instalment of the Iron World Series, young artist Avery Quinn reluctantly leaves behind her quiet and comfortable home in the country and moves to the city with her best friend Julie Ryan. With the expectation that college will be the most exciting part of her life, Avery hopes that her little world remains quiet and simple. But after a troublesome blue sprite looking for help appears in her bedroom one night, her boss turns out to be a three hundred year old vampire, and her best friend accidentally reveals herself as an orphaned pixie, school quickly becomes the least of her worries. Every aspect of Avery’s life explodes with mythical beings and legendary creatures who all play a very important role in her existence. Some are friends, some are guardians, while others quickly become life threatening and deadly enemies. Avery must learn to juggle living in both her world and theirs. But, in this magical tale of strange love, strong bonds and scary beings; what once was nothing more than mere fairy tales told to her by her Aunt Tess are now a scary reality and Avery has somehow landed deep in the middle with little or no way out except death or worse…the loss of her humanity


In Iron & Wine we first meet Avery Quinn living with her Aunt Tess.  Avery is only a few days away from going to college and leaving the one person who has truly been there for her.  Her father, who has always traveled for work, left Avery with Tess at a young age.  It was Tess who introduced her to the folklore of the Fey and her very own garden appears as if it could be straight out of a fairy tale.  So, when Avery moves to the City with her best friend Jules she expects a change from what she is used to.  What she doesn’t realize is that she is going to interact with these fairy tales on a personal level.  Once Avery really sees the world around her she meets sprites, finds her roommate is a fairy, her employer is a vampire and is introduced to things she could only imagine.  But, not all these entities are good.  She must navigate a new life, new job, new school and possibly ward off evil Fae creatures that intend to do her harm.

I really enjoyed this story.  Candace Osmond creates a world that draws you in and makes you a part of it.  You could really relate to Avery and her predicaments.  It actually makes you question if you were her would you be able to handle what she does.  I thought the story and characters were well written and well-rounded.  I do wish we would have gotten more answers in this book instead of questions, but I suppose that is what a series is for.  I did notice a few grammatical errors here or there but that can usually be found in any book published independently or not.  The story is the most important and Candace hits a home-run with this one.  I can’t wait to find out more about Avery and all her friends.

Author Bio:  (Courtesy of Goodreads)

6094575Born in 1985 as Candace Osmond in North York Ontario, I began to travel with my parents at the very young age of four years old. I had lived all over Canada and seen everything my country has to offer, from the enchanting shores of Newfoundland to the gigantic snow capped mountains of British Columbia all by the time I was ten. I did, however, spend most of my life in Eastern Canada where I was surrounded by folklore and legends, not knowing how they would shape my personality and imagination for the rest of my life.
Being the only girl of my age in a small group of kids, in an even smaller town, left me spending most of my time by myself and, in result, letting my imagination take over. I would sit by the shore and dream up stories of mermaids and other fantastic creatures to pass the time. Coming from a family with writers and artists dispersed throughout, it was only natural that I spend my time writing, drawing and reading. I dreamed of becoming nothing more than an artist, a creator of any kind. By the age of eleven, I spent most of my waking hours scribbling down short stories, poems and anything else I could think of, while adding my own personal illustrations. By the age of fourteen, I had won numerous local and minor arts and writing competitions.
I excelled at anything art and literature related so, naturally, I planned to attend university for nothing more or less than that. In 2003 I planned to attend university for Creative Writing and Literary Studies. But, with the fear that I would spend all my time and money on an education and end up in a field that I may very well struggle to succeed in, I backed out and attended school for Design instead. Now, a successful Designer specializing in interiors, I met a man and fell in love. His passion and talent for art far exceeds my own, but he motivated me and awakened my old habits of staying up late and waking up early to scribble down dreams and ideas before I had forgotten them and they disappeared forever.

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