Review: Till Justice is Served by Jerrie Alexander

Happy Monday!  Today I get to share another great novel by Jerrie Alexander, Till Justice is Served.  This book contains her great blend of suspense, romance and crime right out of the headlines.  As always we have the hero who any girl would be glad to have as their savior, but this time the past of both hero and heroine are linked.  Jerrie has done it again with another great novel.  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.  If you like this review be sure to check out the other books I have reviewed for Jerrie Alexander.

23129133Book Blurb:

FBI agent Rafe Sirilli has made the war against narcotics drugs his personal fight. Home to settle his father’s estate, Rafe has no desire to get involved in local matters. Yet, he finds himself involved in solving two homicides and busting a drug ring as he tries to prove the innocence of a girl he’d long forgotten. Erin has grown into a beautiful woman. The passion she ignites in Rafe is hot enough to incinerate them both. His decision to deliver his own brand of justice will put his commitment to the law to the test.
High school counselor Erin Brady is committed to helping kids. Her world crashes around her when she’s accused of making inappropriate sexual advances and suspected of murder. Erin’s problems have only just begun. She has a secret admirer, one who vows to kill anybody who threatens to harm her or interfere with his plan. Rafe Sirilli agrees to help prove her innocence. Romance blooms, but Erin refuses to hope for permanence. Rafe is available for loan but not to keep.

Will facing old fears help Rafe capture the heart of the woman he loves? The woman who just turned him away?


Rafe is home after being on an undercover assignment for his job as a narcotics officer for the FBI.  He is home to take care of his fathers effects.  He has no long term plans to stay or get back involved with the community until his father’s old partner asks for his help.  When Rafe finds out its the girl that spurned him years ago he is hesitant at first but soon realizes he may be able to repay a debt he feels he owes.  Rafe is the last person Erin expects to help her out.  Though there has always been an attraction between them their past was never a good one.  But that all changes when Erin is accused of things she hasn’t done and two girls are dead thanks to her stalker.  As Rafe and Erin get closer to solving who killed the girls and who is stalking her they find themselves getting closer even while fighting their attraction.  Can Rafe save and clear Erin or will the bad guys win?

Jerrie Alexander has done it again.  I love the character and the story.  They are all strong and well written.  The crime parts are clearly well researched and the romance is natural.  Rafe and Erin are great.  Their relationship develops so naturally and lets face it what woman wouldn’t want a Rafe.  Though the supporting characters of Luke, Linc and Colton are equally hot and entertaining.  It appears this is book one in a new series by Jerrie.  If this is correct I can’t wait to read more.  I would have to say that the only criticism I may have is I felt the drug part of the story didn’t really wrap up.  A few of the aspects became lost with the stalker end of the story.  This dual story was new for Jerrie Alexander and I think she can pull it off but with this story the one part of the crime end was left loose.  I’m not sure if this will be followed up in subsequent novels but it didn’t appear to be that way.  Overall, it was a great novel and yet another win from Jerrie Alexander.

Review: Shannon’s Law by Emma Calin

Today I am lucky enough to help Emma Calin celebrate her new release, Shannon’s Law.  This is a great romance full of suspense and crime.  This is Emma Calin’s second book in her Passion Patrol series.  As the second book this was a great addition.  Though they are all stand alone books you will see a familiar face or two.  The love story is a wonderful Cinderella like story that will have you envious of any character that would experience what Shannon does.  For my full review be sure to keep reading after the book blurb.

20935663Book Blurb:

Wild child inner city cop Shannon Aguerri walks a dangerous line between her methods and justice. When the bosses lose their nerve, she is transferred to green pastures to play out the role of a routine village cop. In Fleetworth-Green she encounters signs of people and drug trafficking and homes in on serious millionaire criminals.

As a loner she has attracted men but nothing has stuck. When she meets Spencer, the hunky and widowed Earl of Bloxington, there is an immediate rapport between them. Their social differences mean nothing to their passion and need. Already in the mix is an upper class female rival who has long plotted her way into the Earl’s bed. The jealousy is an evil shade of green and the anger is a violent scarlet.

Often inhibited by a sense of duty and honour, Spencer is slow to reveal his feelings. When Shannon confronts him with the need to choose between her word and that of her rival, he does not immediately support her.

All the same, when they are forced together to carry out a desperate rescue mission, their love is stronger than everything ranged against them.


Shannon Aguerri is sent to the small village outside of London.  On her first day she catches the Earl’s son and some of his friends drinking and riding a scooter she suspects doesn’t belong to them.  Shannon takes the Earl’s son back to the manor and meets the very handsome and eligible Earl.  Shannon immediately finds herself attracted to the overalls wearing Earl named Spencer.  But,  Spencer’s complex relationship with his deceased wife’s friend.  While Shannon continues to police the small village she begins to discover that the village is hiding an underworld kind of crime that you’d find in the city.  Along with her investigation into the crime she and Spencer’s relationship develops quickly and before they both know the new police woman has fallen for the widowed Earl.  But, when things move quickly obstacles and trust aren’t always solved at the same time as love develops.  When Shannon’s job and her relationship intersect in an unfriendly way they must learn to work together or to let each other go.

I really enjoyed this novel.  Shannon is feisty and has an answer for everything.  Spencer is her perfect foil in being a posh stuffy English Earl.  The love story between these two is very much a modern day fairy tale.  The crime element in this story is well done also.  The two components of this story are very well woven together and very believable.  In fact any woman would be jealous of Shannon finding her happiness with Spencer.  I do think though that an American reading this story will have a bit of a challenge with Shannon’s English slang. You get used to it but at first I thought her slang and retorts for everything were going to be too much for this story.  But, like all good characters she changes with the story and definitely becomes one of the best parts of this story.  Her comedic element is great when some of the criminal element gets heavy.  Overall, I think this is a really worthwhile read and will suck you in once you get used to the slang and the culture.  Emma Calin really did a great job with Shannon’s Law.  I look forward to reading something else from Emma.

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