Fresh Faced Friday: Angst by Victoria Sawyer

Today I am featuring Angst by Victoria Sawyer.  This is her first novel.  It is semi-autobiographical surrounding Victoria’s first year in college. It is a moving novel about a girl who is struggling with an undiagnosed mental illness.  Be sure to check out my review after the book blurb.

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***Recommended for ages 17+ for adult themes and frequent use of harsh language.

Perhaps I can convince you that not only do I have a massive secret drinking problem, but I’m bulimic too. Awesome! All the things I’m not, simply to hide the one thing I am.

And that one thing I’m hiding?

I. Am. Crazy.

And all I want to do is get drunk and go to college parties to escape who I am when sober, but drinking to erase my problems leads to even bigger problems and soon my frantic anxiety and panic is worse than ever before. I’ve lost everything, my ability to leave the house and even my will to live.

And as I lay there on the freezing basement floor, a loaded handgun pressed to my head in a cold kiss, he calls. After we hang up, I make a choice.


To be honest when I first began this book I wasn’t sure how to take it.  It was a bit confusing with the time jumps in each chapter.  You really have to concentrate on the dates for the chapters or you will be completely lost.  But, once I got used to it I really dove in and loved this book.  As you really begin to step into Victoria’s shoes you really feel for her.  You don’t necessarily know what is wrong with her from the beginning, but you know there is something.  But, as you read you can identify her illness.  I actually learned quite a bit about panic attacks and anxiety as an illness.  I, myself, have panic attacks in certain situations but not to the extent that Victoria suffers.  The biggest draw in this book is how Victoria copes.  She copes in all the wrong ways.  She decides alcohol, drugs and sexual relations are good ways to drown out the panic and anxiety.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t work forever and the illness soon almost completely consumes her life.  Soon Victoria is forced to choose between living or ending it all.  Overall, this was a great book.  It draws you in and you really make a connection with Victoria and begin to feel what she is feeling.  But, I would have preferred a better organization of the book.  I understand why Victoria Sawyer wrote it the way she did, but there were times I got confused and then the story lost a bit of its kick.  I would definitely recommend this book for those looking for a moving story about struggle, secrets and illness.

I’d like to thank Victoria for stopping by today and giving me the opportunity to review her book.  For more information about Angst and Victoria Sawyer you can go to her website:

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