Fresh Face Friday: Orion’s Gift by Anneli Purchase

Whew!  Glad we all finally made it to Friday.  Today’s spotlight is Anneli Purchase and her book Orion’s Gift.  This is a great contemporary romance.  You really root for the characters and cross your fingers that everything will work out for them.  Be sure to check out the rest of my review after the book blurb.

17368414Book Blurb:

When Kevin and Sylvia, both on the run from abusive relationships, meet and fall in love, two things stand in the way of their happiness. One–the secrets they keep from each other. Two–their abusers hunting them down. Will fear become their nemesis or will passion and trust surmount the violence and hostility they have endured? The exotic landscape of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, described by an author who has been there, provides the backdrop for this story of romance and treachery.


Orion’s Gift begins when we meet Sylvia.  Sylvia is from Chula Vista in a marriage that is less than perfect.  When she gets some disturbing news she decides to leave everything behind and go to Mexico to live life the better than she had been.  We then meet Kevin.  Kevin is a hard-working husband with an unappreciative wife. Kevin soon receives news that could change his life if he let it.  He comes to some serious realizations and decides that it is best for all involved to divorce his wife and pay her off with a hefty sum.  After his divorce is signed he decides to travel to Mexico to live the life he has always wanted.  Kevin and Sylvia soon meet and learn that the men and women that have been in their lives are not what everyone is like.  But, just as Kevin and Sylvia think they have found happiness they find they are being hunted by those who have abused them.  In the end can Kevin and Sylvia’s budding romance outlast the terrors of their past.

This was a pretty good story.  I really liked that each chapter was the point of view of a different character.  It made it very interesting to read.  I also loved the setting.  This part of Mexico is very beautiful and Anneli did a wonderful job of highlighting the beauty along with the dangers.  I think the most frustrating thing for me was Sylvia.  She seemed to waffle quite a bit about everything.  I understand with her past it was a challenge she had to over come but her leaving Kevin every other chapter got kind of annoying.  Also, I was a little disturbed by how easily the story wrapped up.  Especially the part with Sylvia’s ex and the PI.  Maybe there is a sequel in the works and in that case its a possibility things aren’t so neatly resolved.  Overall, it was a good story.  I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in a sweet contemporary romance set in the beautiful Baja Peninsula.


Author Bio:

Canada’s west coast is a scenic adventure playground. Here, with close ties to the fishing industry, Anneli Purchase became acquainted with many colourful characters who lived and worked on the coast. They have inspired her to write The Wind Weeps.

Her articles on coastal life are published in Canadian magazines.

Her second novel, Orion’s Gift, is set in Mexico’s Baja peninsula. Romance, suspense, and treachery will have you turning pages.

For a love story set in the aftermath of war, check out her third novel, Julia’s Violinist, available now. Purchase continues to write from her home on Vancouver Island.

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