Secrets in Appley Green by Miriam Wakerly

Today I am pleased to share with you Secrets in Appley Green by Miriam Wakerly.  This is a story set in a time of change both for the young women of the story and in the era it is set.  See below for the book blurb and info about the author.  I hope you have a great week.

26703936Book Blurb:

Three naïve, but very different, Appley Green schoolgirls pledge to stick together for ever, but when one of them gets pregnant, this pushes their promise to the edge.

A young girl in need of love is vulnerable to the charms of an older man with heart-breaking consequences.

This is Great Britain’s Sixties, an exciting era, gathering pace then in full swing as social change sweeps aside past attitudes, laws, fashion and culture. Youth is finding a voice as parents struggle to adjust. Its characters span the full social spectrum and take us beyond Appley Green to Brighton, Margate, London, Vienna and Paris.

Miriam Wakerly’s Appley Green village stories all standalone and can be read in any order, but they are connected. This one can serve as a prequel to all three, especially Shades of Appley Green.

Author Bio (courtesy of Goodreads):

I live in lovely Surrey, England, within easy reach of London. The area is very much like Appley Green, the setting for my three novels. I have had a varied working life, together with bringing up three children who have long since flown the nest. Now officially ‘retired’, I have time to enjoy writing, with a broad sweep of life experience behind me – and ahead!
My first novel, Gypsies Stop tHere (2008) touches on sensitive issues but has been embraced by many; 2 years later No Gypsies Served delved deeper. More on my books and me in Miriam’s Ramblings My very new book, Shades of Appley Green,is about community, love, parenthood, birth and death – things that most human beings can relate to easily!

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