Chapter 8


“Uncle Chord!”  A sweet little voice forced me to look up.

“Uncle Chord?  I don’t know who that is.  My name is Waldo.”  I said teasing my niece.

“You’re just playing pretend, Uncle Chord.  Right mommy?”  She asked.

“Yes, Alice.  I think Uncle Chord was just joking.”  My sister, Miranda said.

Alice ran at me like a charging rhino.  I caught her and swung her onto my hip.  I kissed my sister on the cheek then asked Alice, “Do you know who I am supposed to be today?”

She nodded her head.  Her curly pigtails bounced.  Her cuteness was almost too much sometimes.  My sister was currently a single mom.  Her deadbeat ex ran away to find himself.  The last time he’d been heard from was when a hired PI found him to get him to sign custody and divorce papers.

“Wow!  You really go all out on these days.”  She said looking me up and down.

“It’s fun. Plus, the kids get a kick out of it.”

“So, do the moms apparently.”  She nodded toward a group of moms who frequented the library on our specialty days.

“They like to bring their kids.”

“Yeah.  I’m sure it’s the kids they are thinking about and not the hot librarian dressed like an idiot.”

“Hey!”  I looked at Alice whose gaze bounced between me and her mother.  “Your mommy is being mean.”  I stuck my lip out like I was going to cry.

Alice hugged me and tapped my shoulder in comfort.  “Don’t cry Uncle Chord.  It will be ok.  Mommy still loves you.”

Cuteness overload was imminent.

Miranda rolled her eyes.  “I heard the old man has requested your presence.”

I grimaced then put Alice on the ground.  “Alice why don’t you go over there with Ms. Mary.  She’s doing a really fun activity.”  Alice nodded then ran over with a few other children her own age.

“I have lunch with him in about…”  I looked at the giant clock above the doorway. “Half hour”

“What does he want?” Miranda asked while watching Alice glue pieces of paper to construction paper.

“No clue.  He said “My Boy” in his text.  So, who knows what the hell is going on?”

“You think he’s dying?”

“We both would have been summoned for that.”

She snorted.  “Pity.”

“Miranda!  He’s still our father.”

She really did roll her eyes at that.  “He was the sperm donor.  You know grandpa has been more of a father to us than him.  We see him what? Every six months if he feels like gracing us with his presence?  He hasn’t seen Alice since she was born.”

“I know.”  There wasn’t much more I could say to that.  She was right.  Our father knocked up our mother and then went AWOL.  The only reason he knew about us was because when our mother found out she had cancer she wanted to make sure we had another parent.  It didn’t matter in the long run.

“All I can say is better you than me.”  She smirked.  “Are you changing before seeing him?”

“Nope.”  I smirked back.

Miranda lifted her fist.  I met her fist with mine and tapped it.  She looked at the mothers staring at me then got a devilish look in her eye.

In an overly loud and dramatic voice she said, “Did you finally get that ointment?  I heard if you don’t use it regularly the rash can spread from your balls to your penis.  You better get that taken care of.  Who would have thought that you could get poison ivy there just from taking a dump in the woods?”

A disgusted look crossed the mother’s faces then went right back to whispering.  Only seconds passed when the three women retrieved their children and huffed out of the library. They made sure to keep a wide berth from me and Miranda.

“Why the hell did you do that?”

“Now, you don’t have to fight off your hordes of adoring fans before you leave.  You’re welcome.”

“I didn’t thank you.”  I crossed my arms looking at her.

“Once you realize I saved you, you’ll be thanking me profusely.”

She was probably right.  However, I couldn’t tell her that.  She’d go around thinking she was smart or something.  Definitely couldn’t tell my sister that.

“Come on, Alice.  We need to go pick up grandpa.”

Alice ran over holding the piece of construction paper that had a completed paper puzzle glued to it.  “Look what I made mommy.  Can we put it on the fridge when we get home?”

“You bet.  Give Uncle Chord a hug.”

“See you, princess.”

“Love you, Uncle Chord.”

There it went.  My heart exploded with happiness from her cuteness.

Miranda hugged me again.   “Call me to tell me what the douche wanted.  Love you, Chord.  Remember he has no power over you.”

A smirk tilted my lips to one side.  “He isn’t the goblin king.”  She loved the movie Labyrinth and took any chance she got to quote it.

“Isn’t he?”  She smirked back grabbed Alice’s hand then left the library.

I glanced at the clock again.  Fifteen minutes until showtime.  If only I could just tape this show instead of having a front row seat.

“Mary?  I need to head out to lunch.  Are you good here?”

She was in the middle of helping a toddler put glue on the paper instead of in his mouth.  “I’m good.  See you in an hour.”  She shooed me away.

“Damn.”  I said under my breath.  Now, I didn’t have an excuse.  Wiping my damp hands on my jeans, I straightened my fake glasses and walked toward the exit.  If I were lucky an asteroid would fall from the sky hitting me.

I wasn’t lucky.

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