Chapter 4


Who the hell would have figured that being a children’s librarian would have been a turn on?  Why was I working so hard at the gym to get ripped?  Rhapsody continued to kiss me.  The little noises that kept escaping were making my pants tighter and tighter.

I pulled away taking a deep breath.  “Whoa!  Maybe we should slow down.  We have an audience.”

Rhapsody gazed around noticing the woman that looked like a librarian back at the table staring daggers at us.  Rhapsody waved her fingers at her then turned back to me.  “Let’s go get a drink.”

She jumped up, but our legs were tangled up together causing her to land in my lap.  I let out a groan as the bulge in my pants jammed into her as she landed.  Pulling her down onto my getting painful erection made her giggle.  My restraint was shit.  Wrapping my hand around her neck, I pressed my lips to her smiling ones.  Urging her mouth open, I slid my tongue inside her warm mouth.

“Eh Hm” A voice broke through my clouded sexed up brain.  I looked up to see a familiar older man.

With her own glazed look, she gazed up at the man and immediately straightened. “Papa Rob?”

He glanced over at her but refocused on me.  “Son, do you think you should treat a woman like this?”

A feeling I hadn’t felt since I got caught making out on my high school girlfriend’s couch came rushing over me.  My cheeks heated with embarrassment as I tried to figure out what to say.  I did have a grown woman in my lap after all.

“Papa Rob.  We are just having a little fun.”  Rhapsody said.

“Uh huh.  I think you two should find separate seats and cool down.”  His gaze continued to bore into me.

“Yes sir.”  I sputtered.

“We are going to get drinks.  Papa Rob, stop being so protective.”  Rhapsody stood, straightened her skirt then pulled me to stand. “We are going to get drinks.”

A shiver of fear slid down my spine as “Papa Rob” continued to stare at me.

Rhapsody pulled on my hand and said, “Come on.  I’m thirsty.”

I shrugged but just as I was about to turn around he pointed two fingers at his eyes then at me.  The universal sign that he would be watching me.  I swallowed and let Rhapsody drag me to the bar.

“Finally.”  She said as we approached the bar.  Leaning forward she flagged down the bartender.  “I want a Merlot.”

Turning to me to order, I said, “Whiskey on the rocks.”

The bartender quickly handed us our drinks.  We wandered quietly over to a more secluded area.  An awkward silence descended over us. Talking seemed irrelevant when I just had my tongue in her mouth.

“So, I think we got a little carried away over there.”  She said to her drink.

“I don’t regret tasting your lips.”  I watched as my words caused a blush to rise up her neck. Leaning close I said, “I do, however, regret that we aren’t in a room alone, so I can taste all of you.”

She sucked in a gasp.  I smirked taking a sip of my whiskey.  When I looked at her again, her eyes were big as saucers and she was turning purple.

“Oh shit!  Are you ok?”

She furrowed her brow shaking her head.  I put my whiskey on a nearby high table and began slapping her back.  After a few more slaps, Rhapsody began coughing.  I breathed in a relieved breath.  Walking in front of her I give her a look.  The color was coming back into her face.

I framed her face with my hands.  “Are you ok?”

Just as she was about to answer I was sprayed with liquid.  Instead of saying anything she coughed spraying her wine in my face.

“Oh My God!”  She said between deep breaths.  “I am so sorry.”  Rhapsody stepped away from me and swiped a napkin off the nearby table I’d set my drink on.

She dabbed my face and shirt.  I looked down to see the red from the merlot staining my white shirt.  Damn.  I didn’t have many and this was the nicest I owned.

“Shit.”  She said moving away from me.

“It’s ok.”  My voice came out flat.

“Come with me.”

The napkin fluttered on the floor.  She grabbed my hand and dragged me down the hallway to the winding staircase in the hotel lobby.  Quickly I grabbed my drink downing it in one gulp.  I forced myself not to start coughing from the burn.

“Where are we going?”  I asked.

“My room.”

“What?” I tried to stop but she was stronger than I’d thought, and she pulled me along.

“I have some stain remover.  I can save this shirt if you stop dragging your feet.  Come on.”

Up the winding the stairs we went.  The hallways were quiet with just the echo of the party downstairs.  A paisley red and gold carpet lined the hallways.  Floral wallpaper plastered the walls between numbered doorways.  Stopping in front of room 215, Rhapsody pulled a key from a bag I hadn’t realized she was holding.

“Get in and take your shirt off.”  She ordered.

I blinked at her.  This girl was serious.  She went into the bathroom while I wandered into the small bedroom area.  I began unbuttoning my shirt while listening to her rummage around the small bathroom.  I had finished unbuttoning my shirt and cufflinks when I heard a Whoop.  Rhapsody came out of the bathroom holding what looked like a pen in her hand.

“I found-“ She stopped in her tracks and stared at me.

‘What?”  I asked.

She bit her lip and reached for my shirt.  “It’s nothing.  Let me take that.”

Biting her lip like that sent a thrill threw me.  I was back to that moment she was in my lap. With my brain short circuiting, I tossed my shirt on the bed and pulled her to me.

“The shirt can wait.  I need another taste.”

Wrapping one arm around her waist I used a finger and tipped her chin up.  Her eyes closed with her pouty lips calling to me.  I softly met her lips with mine.  Lightning went through me and straight to my cock.  The soft kiss soon became intense.

In one swift move I picked her up and walked her over to the wall. Her legs wrapped around my waist.  Nails dug into my scalp as I cupped her plump ass.  When she bit my lip and pulled my hair I knew I wasn’t going to be able to leave this room without being inside her.  This was too good.  She was too good.  If this was going to stop it needed to now.

Pulling back, I looked at her.  “Rhapsody, I want you.  Tell me you want me too.”

She nodded and tried to capture my lips again, but I pulled away from her.

“How drunk are you?”  I knew I was feeling some effects of the whiskey but it sure as hell wasn’t going to stop me.  However, if she was the least bit drunk I was hitting the breaks.

“Will you shut up and fuck me already, Chord?”  She said.

I smirked.  “If the lady insists then her knight must comply.”

We kissed with an eagerness that I’d never felt before.  Unzipping her dress, I set her back on the ground.  Her feet hit the ground along with the dress.  She was a vision in a red bra and matching thong.  I had to step back for a minute and think about my grandmother, so I didn’t embarrass myself right there.  This girl sent my lust into overdrive.  I hadn’t felt like this since the first time I’d seen a naked girl.

“Everything ok?”  Her voice wavered.

“Everything is perfect.  Get on the bed on all fours.”  I put a little heat in my voice.

With a raised eyebrow, she sashayed over to the bed giving me a perfect view of her round ass.  She crawled on the bed pushing my stained shirt on the floor.  On all fours she looked over her shoulder with a look that made me pray I could last for longer than one pump.

“Are you coming?”

Her innuendo wasn’t lost on me and I cocked an eyebrow at her.  “Oh, I definitely will be doing that.  Preferably inside you.”

My belt was already unbuckled so it only took a moment to unzip my pants showing that the only thing between us were those pants.  When they dropped, and she saw my straining cock her eyes widened, and she licked her lips.

I stepped out of my pants and shoes then joined her on the bed.  I knelt behind her gorgeous ass.  It begged for me to massage, smack and kiss it.  Dragging my hands over her soft mounds, I took the thong and slid it over each inch.  Kissing the path, the thong went made her squirm. With a moan, she leaned back into me.  Running a finger over her wet lips and clit dragged out another moan.  I couldn’t help the smile on my face.

“You are such a tease.”  She panted.

“It’s only fair.  You’ve been teasing me all night with that sexy as fuck dress you were wearing.”

Her light blue eyes met mine and, in that instant, I felt a connection I’d never felt before.  She was special.  This moment was special.

“Christ, Chord, what are you waiting for? An invitation?”

I smacked her ass.  She yelped then relaxed as I rubbed the sting away.

“Gonna use that smart mouth again?”

“Only if you promise to smack my ass again.”

Damn!  This woman was perfect.  I couldn’t handle much more foreplay.  I needed inside this vixen.

“I’m going to take a raincheck.  My cock needs your pussy.”  She moaned and pushed her ass toward me.

Sliding into her tight sheath I felt my orgasm coming in quick.  Oh shit!  I refused to be a one pump chump.  I hadn’t felt like this since my first time.  I stopped the minute I was in her.  She pushed against me and I moaned.  Baseball stats floated through my mind.  Music lyrics were next but when Let’s Get It On floated through my brain my cock had a mind of its own and the orgasm I’d been avoiding exploded through me.

Son of a Bitch!

My moan echoed through the room.  Rhapsody froze underneath me.  When I finished coming inside her, she pulled away from me and lay on the bed.  I couldn’t read the look on her face.  Damn if it didn’t look like a mixture of shock and disappointment.

“I’m going to get a washcloth to clean up.”

“Ok.”  She said softly.

I escaped into the bathroom.  Grabbing a washcloth, I turned on the faucet.  The mirror that took up the entire wall with florescent lights illuminated exactly what a one pump chump looked like.  I looked down at my semi-hard cock.

“You couldn’t cooperate this one time could you, Stan.”  I stared at my cock like it was going to answer.  Yes, my cock’s name was Stan.  Stan the man to be exact.

“Alright, I’m going to make a deal with you.  If you stand at attention again without going off, then I promise you will get to be inside her again.  I know you liked that Stan but you gotta cooperate.  No more blowing your lid before I tell you.  Got it?”  Stan began to grow again.

Feeling confident again, I marched out of the bathroom with my hardening cock.  It slapped against my leg as I approached the bed.  Rhapsody had been busy while I was giving Stan a pep talk.  She was now completely naked, and she’d raided the mini fridge.  It looked like she was on her second bottle of some alcohol.

“I’m ready to go again.”  I said weakly.

“Me too.  Let’s do body shots now.”  She waved around a small bottle with an amber liquid inside.

“Alright.”  I looked down at Stan.  He looked back as if to say, but you promised.  “Just a detour buddy.”  I mumbled under my breath.

“What?  Who were you just talking to?”

“No one.  Now, did you say something about body shots?”

She handed me the bottle I chugged it then pounced.


Chapter 5–>


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