Chapter 3


My head felt light with the two drinks I had just guzzled down.  Not to mention the champagne I’d had earlier.   Chord’s warm hand in mine sent shivers down my spine. His smile as he walked me out to the dance floor caused a warmth in my belly that made my thong damp.

“Are you gonna show me how to do this ridiculous dance?”  He shouted to be heard over the music.

I looked around and we were standing in the middle of the line dancing.  If we didn’t move soon, we’d get trampled by the other dancers.

Grabbing his hand in mine, I pulled him to the end of the line.  “Alright, follow me.”

I began the simple steps.  Three to the right.  Three to the left.  Kick twice.  Shuffle turn to the right.  Start all over again.  Music, alcohol and lust controlled my body through the automatic steps in the dance.  Losing myself within the dance blurred the world around me.  That was until someone crashed into me knocking us to the ground.  My legs were tangled with the culprit.  That culprit had the dazzling smile that I’d be remembering in my dreams.

“I told you I didn’t dance.”  Chord said extracting himself from our heap.

Jumping to his feet he reached down and helped me up.  “Well, you weren’t wrong.”  I said breathlessly.

“Move it or lose it.”  Rufus’ grandmother pushed me into Chord’s arms.

As she moved with the other dancers she winked and gave me a thumbs up.  I felt a blush creep up my neck.  I looked into Chord’s fathomless blue eyes.  The popular line dancing song was fading, and a slow song began to play.

“Let’s get the couples out on the dance floor.”  The DJ announced.

The sweating line dancers wandered off in search of drinks while couples began to surround us.  Couples of varying ages drew close together as the opening notes of a classic love song played.  Butterflies fluttered in my stomach.  I wasn’t sure if we should stay and dance or I should head back to the table.

Chord made the decision for me.  “This is more my speed.  Will you dance with me?”

His hands gripped my waist.

“Say yes to the man you idiot.”  The Queen was back to being bossy.

I noticed fear quickly cross his features.  My heart stuttered then I said, “Absolutely.”

Chord smiled then took my right hand into his and pulled me closer with his other hand on my lower back.  We swayed to the soft rhythm of the music.  He flexed his hand on my lower back as he inched me closer.  When our pelvises met I felt something hard press into my stomach.

He leaned down to my ear where his lips ghosted my ear lobe causing me to shudder.  “I could get used to his kind of dancing.”

“This is nice.”  My voice was back to being squeaky.

“Tell me more about you, Rhapsody.”

I laughed a little.  “There isn’t much to tell.  I’m an accountant by day and at night I’m a phone sex operator.”

Chord froze.  An elderly couple buzzed us as we stood still.  “Did I hear you correctly?”

“What?  I’m an accountant.”

He continued to stand frozen.  When another couple almost collided with us again, I said, “Are we still dancing?”

“Yes.”  Taking back control, he pulled me tight against him avoiding another near collision.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

Shaking his head as if to clear his thoughts, he said, “I’m just wondering if I’ve talked to you before.”

I furrowed my brow at him.  “You did.  Just a few minutes ago.”

“Not here but on the phone.”

He was being incredibly confusing.  Then it occurred to me that he didn’t realize I was joking about being a phone sex operator.  A giggle burst out.  The mixture of booze and nerves made it hard to stop laughing.  Then it happened.  A giant snort escaped.  I clamped my hands over my mouth.  He was now laughing like an idiot too.  The dancing couples around us gave us dirty looks because we’d stopped dancing again.

“Did you just snort?”  He said through laughs.

With both hands still covering my mouth I just nodded my head.   Thankfully the song ended, and Chord put his arm around my shoulders helping me back to the table.  The table was empty when we returned so I sat down still holding my giggles back.

“You’re still holding back a laugh aren’t you.”

I nodded again.

Queen B shook her head and said, “This is the most ridiculous thing ever.  This hottie will not get in our panties if you keep up the snorting.  Pull it together.”  She stomped her little foot in my mind’s eye.

“Sorry.  While we were dancing it finally occurred to me that you didn’t realize that I was joking.”

Now, it was his turn to look confused.  “What do you mean by joking?”

“I’m not a phone sex operator.  I was joking about that.  I only added it because I know accountant isn’t very exciting for people to hear.”

“Oh.”  He said.

“Yeah.  Like I said it isn’t very exciting.”

“Well, my job isn’t very exciting either.”

“Really?  What do you do?”

“I’m a stripper.”  He said flatly.

Queen B popped up.  “Do not have a reaction!  This could be the best thing to ever happen to you.  Now, you know why he works out.  Keep it cool and maybe you will get yourself a professional tonight.”   She ended with two thumbs.


“Ok.”  He said but only seconds later his face had a huge smile lighting it up.  “I’m just fucking with you.  I couldn’t help it.”

I punched his arm.  “Jerk.”

He rubbed the spot I’d just hit.  “Ouch!  Be careful that is one of my money makers.”

“You’re an ass.”  I crossed my arms and flopped back in my seat.

“Yes.  Yes I am.”

“Don’t think I haven’t put together that you also call phone sex hotlines.  I caught that.”  I said with a smug smile.

“Dammit.  I was hoping you’d not connected those dots.”  He sighed.

“Oh, I connected them alright.   You better tell me what you really do for a living to distract me from the fact that you have a sex hotline saved on your phone.”

“It is not saved on my phone and it’s only when I’m lonely.”

“Sure, it is.  Come on stripper boy…what do you really do?”

A blush painted his face.  “I’m a children’s librarian.”

I studied his face.  I wasn’t sure if this was for real.  If it was for real, it added a whole new level of sexy to him.  If it wasn’t, I may just punch him in the balls.

“Are you fucking with me?”

“Nope.  I work at the Chicago Public Library.  I head up the children’s area.”

It may have been the alcohol I drank but I swore I heard angels singing and a halo around this incredibly sexy man.   My ovaries joined Queen B for a dance.  I blame Queen B and my ovaries for what I did next. With no control over my body my hands shot out latching onto his neck.  I crashed my lips against his.  I could still taste a bit of the fruity drink from earlier.  I pulled back and his eyes were glazed over.

“What was that for?”

“You work with children and you read.  That is sexy as hell.”  I crashed my lips against his again.


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