Chapter 2


I took the two wedding themed drinks from the bartender.  They were pink and smelled like fruit.  Normally, I’d go for a whiskey or a dark beer but since it was Jane’s wedding I felt I had to at least try the concoction she’d told my sister about.  Weaving through the increasingly intoxicated mob of people felt like an obstacle course that would end with me spilling these frilling ass drinks on my overpriced shirt.

When Jane had initially invited me to the wedding I bulked.  We were friends, but I wasn’t sure we were “go to each other’s wedding” kind of friends.  After discussing with my mother and my overbearing sister, I was gently persuaded to attend.  What I didn’t count on was being placed at the misfit table.  Who the hell knew those really existed?

As I initially approached the table, I almost turned right around and left.  It was a very sad table.  Each person sitting there knew it was the sad table.  However, when I saw that gorgeous curvy brunette attempting to get the sleazy guy wearing a plaid suit away from her I knew my night had improved.  She became my goal.  I needed to see what was under that bombshell dress she wore.  Just remembering seeing it for the first time was giving me a semi.  It made carrying our drinks back to the table even more difficult.

“Hey!”  A soft hand landed on my arm.

I looked over to ward off another handsy woman but stopped.  Jane smiled at me.  “Hey there, Mrs. Brown.”

She rolled her eyes at me.  “You’re going to say that all the time, now aren’t you?”

“Damn right.”

“You’re an asshole.”  She said punching my arm and sloshing some of the drink onto my hand.

“What?  For calling you by your new name.  How can I be an asshole for doing that?”

“Because, I know you aren’t being sincere.  You’re being a dick.”

I just smiled my innocent school boy smile that I knew worked on everyone.

Jane just shook her head but then sobered when she looked over at her new husband chatting it up with my cute brunette.  A weird feeling roiled in my stomach.  What the hell was that?  Was that sketchy shrimp thing tainted?  When the hell did I consider her mine?  I needed a drink.  Stronger than the one I had in my hand.

“Sorry for seating you at the loser table.”  She whispered.

I looked back over to the table.  Oh yeah it was the loser table, but Rhapsody definitely wasn’t that.  She was so much more.  Damn, I was going to need a cold shower if those sexy images continued to play through my head.

“No big deal.  I’m having fun.”

“With Rhapsody?”  She asked flatly.

“Yep.  Not to mention that epic best man speech.  I hope someone loaded that on YouTube.”

She tried to swat me again, but I dodged out of her reach.

“That was horrible.  He made such a laughing stock out of himself.”  She said.

“It wasn’t that bad.  It made for one hell of a memorable wedding speech.”

Her annoyed demeanor cracked, and she smiled again.  “It really was.”

“It was.  Now, let me get back to delivering these drinks.”  I nodded my head toward the table.

“What do you think of Rhapsody?”  She said quickly.

I blinked.  What did I think?  She really didn’t want to know what I thought about her.  I would make her more than a blushing bride with the scenarios and positions I’ve already run through my mind.  The touch and taste of her skin.  Her sitting on my face riding my tongue.  Red tinged lips and tongue wrapped around my cock.

“Well?”  Jane prodded.

Shit.  How long had I been standing there thinking about Rhapsody?  I needed to say something.  “She’s ok.”

Jane squinted her eyes at me.  “Just ok?  Ok enough to get her a drink?”

“Yep.  We are wedding buddies.  I protected her from the skeazy guy.  She feels a bit indebted to me now.”  I shrugged.

“Oh God!  That’s Uncle Marcus my Dad’s half-brother.  He really is a sleazeball.  He works at a used car lot.  Who knew they even made plaid suits?”  She said.

“Well, I better get her this drink.   Enjoy the rest of your reception and make sure you get lots of sweaty sex during that honeymoon.”  I wiggled my eyebrows at her.

She laughed but sobered quickly.  “Just be careful ok.  You don’t know her.”

“And you do?”

“Let’s just say I know who her family is.”

Jane walked away and into another crowd of screaming ex-sorority girls.  I wondered what she had meant by that but the drinks in my hand were becoming warm and my hands felt sticky.  Making my way over I avoided roving hands from both men and women.  When I approached, Rufus stood from my chair.

“Here he is.  We were beginning to wonder if you’d gotten lost.”  He smiled.

“Shouldn’t you be with your new wife.”  My voice came out more irritated than I’d meant for it to.

Rhapsody and Rufus looked at me with the same confused look.

“He just stopped by to chat.”  Rhapsody said.

“Well, I will be going.  I see you are in good hands.” Rufus stuck his hand out for me to shake.  I took it with the sticky hand.

His gaze narrowed then he quickly smiled.  He took a few steps away then stopped abruptly.  Turning back to Rhapsody, he said, “Remember what I said.  You don’t know.”

Rhapsody nodded then looked at me.  “What was that all about?”

I sat in my seat then shrugged.  “Nothing.  I just think he should be spending time with his new wife not the woman his brother just professed his love to.”  Dammit!  I hadn’t meant the last part to come out.

Her eyes narrowed with fury.  Damn she was sexy when she was pissed off.  “Excuse me?  I know I didn’t just hear what you just said.”

“I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean that.  Sometimes my mouth just runs away from my brain.”

“And turns you into an asshole.”

“Yes.  It does that.”  I admitted.

She fought a small smile that tried to break free.  I slid the drinks to her.  “I brought fruity very unmanly drinks.”

Taking the drink in her hand she said, “Thank you.”

I raised my glass to toast with her but before I could say anything she chugged the drink as if she’d just escaped the Sahara.  When she placed the empty drink back on the table she looked at me with flushed cheeks.

I took a sip of the fruit punch drink then said, “Thirsty?”

“These events do that to me.”

“Make you thirsty?”  I asked.

“Something like that.”

The DJ began playing a popular line dancing song.  With a smile that lit up her face she turned to me.  I couldn’t help but smile back.

“Let’s dance.” Rhapsody grabbed my hand as she stood.

“I…uh…don’t dance.”

She lifted one eyebrow.  “Scared?”

“No.  I just don’t.”

Rhapsody took my drink and finished it while looking me in the eye.  “I dare you.”

Warmth and arousal shot through my body.  I stood tightening my hold on her hand.  “Game on.”


Chapter 3–>

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