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Hey everyone sorry I have been kinda awol for a few days.  Summer is crazy and lots of stuff has been going on.  I just wanted to let everyone know about a few really cool things I am going to be doing.

1.  Biggest Bad contest.  It’s just a working title but I am going to take ten of the baddest bad guys and pit them up against each other.  You guys get to vote for your baddie.  Its going to be at the end of October probably the week of Halloween.  So keep checking in and I will update as things go along.  I am hoping to have a contest that goes along with this too.

2.  Summer Hot Heroes Blog Hop.  This is almost over but you still have a chance to enter until tomorrow at 11:59.  Remember for every comment you leave on a participating website you will have a chance at a $100 dollar gift card to Amazon.

3.  I am not taking book review requests.  If you find something you would like me to review or you’re an author and want me to review your book just go to the Book Review Request tab and I will put it in the pile to be read.  I will give you an approximate date for my review once I receive the request.

Ok…enough of the updates.  Here is our Weekly Funny.  For this one I can completely relate.

What’s on your TBR list?

Weekly Funny

Thought this was a good one this week.  🙂

Weekly Funny

Some days this feels true.  🙂


Weekly funny

Happy Wednesday Everyone!  I have actually heard people say this.  Don’t get me wrong I read the Fifty Shades trilogy too, but I truly am an avid reader.  I’ve looked it up.  LOL!


Weekly Funny

I was actually thinking this past weekend because the gym I work for on the weekends has the radio on.  I started to believe that there are only 5 songs they were allowed to play. 🙂

Weekly Funny

I have made this list before. 🙂

Weekly Funny Thought

Has this ever happened to you?  I know I have had this happen many times.  Unfortunately there is no sure-fire cure for this.

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