Updates, What’s going on and What’s to come…

Hi Everyone!  I haven’t done just a plain post in quite a while.  I know that unfortunately I have been a bit inconsistent with things lately.  I truly apologize to all of my readers and authors who have been so supportive these past few years.  It has been a very hectic and busy Winter/Spring.  Between work and personal obligations I haven’t been able to allot the time needed for my books and reviews.  For that I am truly sorry.

I take my job as a blogger of book reviews very seriously.  I will not review a book that I cannot give a positive review.  I may put some criticisms in a review but I will not shame or flat out be mean to an author.   Also, I will not review a book that I could not finish. I feel that is unfair to everyone.   It is with this that you will see that most of my reviews are 3 and 4 stars on Goodreads and Amazon.

I’m sure your wondering what my point is.  Well, I am getting there.  I have decided to take a small hiatus in reviewing books that are being requested of me.  Due to the abundance of requests I have had over the last two years I haven’t been able to do much reading just for my enjoyment.  This is not to say that I haven’t enjoyed the books I have reviewed.  I have found many new and fantastic authors.  Authors that have honored me by coming back to me for all of their books.  That is truly what makes this fun.  But, as anyone will tell you everyone has their TBR list and mine hasn’t been touched in a VERY long time.  I actually had a great opportunity to meet many of the authors on my TBR list and I felt a bit ashamed that I hadn’t read their stuff yet.  So, it is this small hiatus that I will be tackling some of those books/book series’ on my list.

You will still be hearing from me.  I plan on reviewing all of those books.  These will probably be more mainstream authors that many of you have read or plan on reading.  Starting in August I will be back to my requested reviews and discovering new indie authors and some you will from previous reviews.

I promise this is a small summer hiatus and before you know it I will be back to all my new and wonderful indie authors.

Thank you all for understanding and please feel free to still contact me about books you find interesting, would like me to review or just want to share.  I just can’t guarantee I will get to them til fall.




Let’s Party with a Huge Giveaway!!!

bannerfans_10686850Its been a busy two years.  I truly can’t believe I’ve been doing this for so long.  I have loved every moment.  When I decided to start my blog I wanted to share with everyone my love and passion for books along with my opinions about them.  I never realized that I would meet so many wonderful authors and be introduced to so many new worlds.  I have been introduced to many new book boyfriends, villains, heroines and so much more.  My love for reading has grown and my love for indie authors is new and wonderful.

I have realized that The Book Maven has become a living thing.  It changes and grows as the months go by.  It started out so small and I wrote about many mainstream authors.  Now, it has grown to something I never expected.  I have new authors who have become so dear to me and I must read their next book.  Most of them are new or emerging and I love that one day I will be able to say I knew them when.  One of the best things about this for me is being able to introduce all of you to these new and/or emerging authors.  I have had lots of comments telling me they are jumping on a lot of my band wagons.  I guess we are gonna have to make room for everyone.  🙂 pink-champagne-cupcakes1

Overall, the last two years have been so very important to me and the love and support all of you have shown is overwhelming.  I hope that in the coming days, months and years I can keep reading and writing a blog that will introduce you to the new and exciting worlds and characters that I am so lucky to meet.  Hopefully one day when I finally finish it you will be hearing about my work.  But, until that day I will be here reading and giving you all my opinions about those poignant or not so poignant books.

So, you have read all of my jabbering and now want to know about that huge giveaway right?  Well I won’t keep you waiting any longer.  Below you will see the list of authors and/or bloggers who have donated presents for you guys to win.  All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter and BAM!  you could be a winner.  Here are your possible prizes:

  • Georgie Tyler-ecopy of Doctors Beyond Borders
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  • Katie O’Sullivan-ecopy of Son of a Mermaid
  • Stephanie Keyes-Signed copy of The Star Catcher
  • JQ Rose-ecopy of Coda to Murder
  • AJ Nuest-Ecopy of entire Golden Key Chronicles
  • Theresa Rizzo-Ecopy’s of Just Destiny and He Belongs to Me
  • Stacey Jay-Signed Copy of Of Beast and Beauty
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  • Gena Showalter-signed book
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  • Regina Morris-1 Ecopy of Enduring Service
  • Zack Love-1 Ecopy of Sex in the Title
  • Janice Horton-1 Signed copy of Bagpipes and Bullshot and 1 Kindle copy of How To Party Online
  • Wicked Book Blog-1 ecopy of Fixed Trilogy by Laurelin Page
  • Jennifer Wenn-1 ebook
  • Patricia Sands-1 ecopy of Promise of Provence
  • Skye Jordan-2 ecopies of either Reckless or Rebel

There is also a possibility of more prizes to come after I write this.  So, check back to see if there are more.

I really want to thank you my followers.  Without you I wouldn’t be striving to read as much as I do.  I also want to thank the authors who have been so wonderful to me.  Thank you all!!!  I look forward to more Birthdays/Blogiversary’s to come!

-Jackie, The Book Maven

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New Year’s Revolutions!

Yes, the title is correct.  I am going with revolutions instead of just plain old resolutions.  I know I am a week late, but I figure better late than never to give you all an insight into where I will be strive to take my blog.  Please don’t panic…I don’t plan to completely upend my blog but I am going to start doing some new and different things.  But, also keep doing everything that has been successful this year.

First, I plan on adding some new additions.  I am adding Fresh Faced Friday to my blog.  This will introduce you and me to a new author.  Most of these I am choosing from review requests…so, authors out there if you want to be spotlighted then request a review and you will have an entire day just for you.  Another, new addition is going to be my Young Adult Corner.  I have started to read quite a bit of the Young Adult Genre so possibly weekly/bi-weekly I will post a review or author spotlight on Young Adult Corner.  Lastly, I plan on possibly adding on some contributing reviewers.  That way I can have a wider variety of reviews and you will benefit with more books, blogs and opinions!

What will stay the same will be the competitions, giveaways, blog hops (one coming in February) and tons of book reviews.  I know this doesn’t sound like much of a revolution, but change is always after a revolution!  These changes/additions will be awesome and I hope you look forward to enjoying them as much as I do in giving them to you.  So, here is to a new and exciting year for The Book Maven!  Viva La Revoluccion! 🙂

Update: Winner, Book Signing, Competition and More

Happy Sunday evening everyone!  Today is just gonna kinda be a hodge podge kind of post.  There are a lot of little things that have been happening in my world that don’t really need individual posts.

First, I want to thank everyone who stopped by in the recent days to support the authors I was hosting.  Thank you, also, to Lynne Silver and Rachael Wade for stopping by and sharing their awesome books.  With Lynne’s book came a contest and our lucky winner was Alethea.  Congratulations!  You will be contacted very shortly.  Keep your eyes peeled I will be having more contests and giveaways in the upcoming weeks.  I also have a lot of fantastic authors and books I will be reviewing, promoting, interviewing and guest posting.  For exact dates be sure you check out my Upcoming Events page.

Second, this week I had an awesome chance to go to a Deborah Harkness book signing.  Sadly, this is the first signing I’ve ever been to.  It was fantastic.  She read from her new book and did a Q&A.  It was quite a thrill for me especially since I’ve read both her books and have done an author profile on her.  Here are just a couple of pics from the signing.

Deborah Harkness answering Q & A

Me and Deborah Harkness

Third, I am planning a Big Baddies Competition.  I am going to take the baddest villains in the books that I’ve read and your suggestions and pit them against each other.  You guys will cast your vote to see who will win.  I’m not quite sure when I am going to start the competition, but I need your suggestions please.  Leave a comment below with who you think is bad.  I need all the villains I can get!

Finally, I just want to thank all of my new followers.  I hope you will enjoy the blog and if you have any suggestions or want me to write about any particular topic I am definitely up for ideas.  I have a brand new facebook page so please like it to keep up with all the giveaways, competitions and contests that not only I highlight but others I am supporting.  A big thanks again for all my followers!

When Friendships Attack

I promise I will have my author profile for everyone up tonight, but I just need to talk this out.  I think everyone has had that one friend who has crossed the line and double crossed you.  Some people do this for attention, others for control and others border on mental illness.  I will share a story and you can make your own judgement where this person lies.

I am part of a forum where we discuss books, men, sex, our personal lives etc.  This is a safe place and everyone on there is on there with the understanding that it is for fun.  With this being online you meet people from all over.  From Australia to New York to Texas to California to Canada…you get the idea.  So we all have different view points and different life experiences.  Thats what makes a group like this so awesome.  As adults you can have the freedom to discuss, “argue” and gush without it turning into something mean.

Well, today i found out one of the members has been having problems with another member.  Normally, I don’t get involved with this.  I figure its between those two people and they are adults and will work things out.  But, when I heard the extent it went I got really upset.  Without going into details and since this is third and fourth hand I will summarize.  Apparently one of the members of this group became friends with a couple of the other members.  This is not unusual, but the events that happened after the friendship began is what is disturbing.  One of the friends became very possessive.  She began acting that if she didn’t get her way she would say mean and hurtful things.  When that didn’t have the desired effect she began to attack others.  She tried to corrupt other members of the group against these persons.  I think what was most twisted was that she would send gifts to her friends family and husband.  This person would use any and all information contorting it to suit her needs.  She even went as far as contacting one of the authors that we all like and telling lies about a few of the members out of jealousy.

Now, I know that was all very vague and I am not using names.  But, when I heard that these very sweet and supportive people were under attack from someone who is either not taking her medication or in need of some I couldn’t just stand by and not say anything. So I am using this as my forum to vent about those people we have met in our lives that are just mean.  People who double cross, are back-handed and manipulative.

I don’t understand why people treat friendships like toilet paper.  They use it then shit on it and flush it down the toilet.  I am a very loyal person and take my friendships seriously.  People who live with hate in their heart and get their kicks from hurting others don’t deserve to have friends that empathize and care for them on a level they don’t deserve.  I experienced a lot of this first hand in High School.  The only thing is we aren’t in High School anymore and there is no reason to purposefully hurt someone.

So I ask you do you know people like this?

***To A, N, J, C, S, K and all the other wonderful ladies in IB.  I love you all and you all have been supportive and wonderful friends of mine.

An adventure in Mavenland

I have been meaning to write about my super busy Saturday.  It was literally a day full of a birthday, a 911 call, a wedding and vampires.  I know these don’t seem like they are connected at all, but believe me they are.

Saturday was my birthday.  It wasn’t a big one and if you ask I won’t tell you how old I am.  It’s not that bad, but I like to leave an air of mystery.  Well, my birthday started out with me getting up at the crack of dawn to go to my second job. I work at a gym for my second job.  This is normally a very easy job except for those days that go all to hell.  Saturday was one of those days.  I won’t go into all the details, but the biggest highlight was me having to call 911 because a woman passed out in the parking lot. She didn’t eat before her exercise class.  She claimed this happens often.  You would think people would learn, but I know better than to think that. So, me being the person who called had to stay later at work because of it.  This just set the tone of the day.

I proceeded to rush home to get ready to go to the wedding.  My husband and I hopped into the car and set out.  Now, I am going to preface this by saying my husband is a truck driver and knows the area.  That being said.  He missed his turn and we arrived at the wedding just as it was about to start.  It was a very nice wedding.  It was a beautiful ceremony and I wish them all the happiness. The wedding was a bit unorthodox with the groom being 30, the bride being 19 and her something new was the very visible baby bump.  I think this is going to be a very challenging road ahead but if they work together they can get through anything.  I would have to say there were two interesting parts to the wedding and reception.  First, the couple stood and braided a rope as a symbol of their relationship with God.  I didn’t realize what it symbolized until a bit later.  I thought at first they were incorporating the pregnancy and thought that was weird.  Guess that will teach me for not paying attention.  Second, I noticed there were a lot of children at this wedding.  There is nothing wrong with having children at a wedding, but when they are unruly and you can’t control them then that’s a problem.  It’s just amazing how people can just ignore children running around especially their own mother and grandmother.  Anyway, we ended up leaving before the cake was cut so we could do something for my birthday.  I chose to go to the movies.

What movie did I choose?  Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  Now, normally I don’t see movies I want to see because my husband and I have such differing tastes.  This was an anomaly that I got to pick whatever movie I wanted to see.  So I told my husband and he was very amicable about it.  I did put one stipulation on it.  I told him he wasn’t allowed to scream like a girl (he doesn’t like scary movies).  He promptly informed me “I make no promises.” I laughed at that.  So we went to see the movie and it was an excellent movie.  I would recommend anyone to see it.  But, one little warning do not take someone who is going to sit through the whole movie saying “I missed that in History class.”  Throughout the WHOLE movie.  I kept reminding him that it was based on a book, a FICTION book.  This did not stop the commentary.  Even though I had the peanut gallery sitting next to me I did enjoy the movie.  The rest of the evening ended pretty tamely with dinner and going home.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/wZp7eBStN1U&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

I haven’t had quite a birthday before.  A birthday beginning with a 911 call and ending with Abraham Lincoln slaying vampires.  All I have to say is I wonder what my next one will consist of.

A Letter to Bullies

To the Bullies:

You stand proud amongst your friends as you sling slurs.  Slurs that berate someone for their appearance or for things that have happened to them.

You stand with your wall of ignorance and intolerance to support you as you tear down someone before the eyes of those cheering you on for more.

You stand looking down on those who are different.  Different in your mind, but to those who you’re looking down upon don’t find themselves very different.

You stand leaning on those chanting for you to keep going.  To go farther with the unbearable and the unthinkable.

While you stand, we sit and rise above your low blows and your low curses.

We rise to a level that you will never be able to achieve.  A level that is unattainable to you because all you can do is tear down and hurt.

We rise with our friends to walk away with our heads held high even as your still spouting your viscous slurs about our appearance or references to our traumatic past.

We rise so that when the time comes we are the better for having withstood your torment and will be able to face any challenge that comes our way.  So, in reality by tearing us down you help us to rebuild and be strong for we know we will always rise and be the better for it.

You will never be able to say that.  You tore us down because that is all you know and what you have been taught is acceptable.  The true difference between you and us is that we rise above and you will always sink below.  We will transcend and you will only sink lower.


Those of us who have overcome.


My blog is not normally so serious, but I had to address this today.   I read an article today about a woman who was tormented on a school bus by middle school children.  The teasing and bullying got so bad that the woman was brought to tears.  It really impacted me because it just reminded me of how cruel children can be.  No matter what age the person being bullied is it still has the same outcome.  There is never a winner.  Just one person feels better about themselves because they tore someone down to make themselves feel better.  You also have the victim who continually asks themselves “Why me?”

Having been someone who was bullied and teased tremendously growing up I could relate.  The pain that woman felt is the pain many of us have felt and some have felt on a daily basis for years.  When I started thinking about this topic today it really got me to wondering how children learn that this is acceptable behavior.  I wondered if bullies/mean kids begot more bullies/mean kids.  And if that is the case then do victims beget victims?  I am sure there is come correlation and validity to this, but honestly I think children are just not told what is acceptable and unacceptable anymore.  Sure there are kids with diagnosable disabilities but this is not the majority.  I think the majority just haven’t been told that they can’t treat people that way.  This, however, is not an excuse.

I can tell you this though.  If one of those children on that video were my son he would learn what is acceptable and not by spending his summer helping that woman around her house and mowing her lawn and doing her gardening ALL summer.  I know this seems weak but I no doubt he wouldn’t enjoy it.  But, I just hope that I raise a child who knows from the beginning what is acceptable and what is not.  I truly think these children need to be taught a lesson and not one by an outsider.  Their parents need to step up and finally teach their children something that should have been taught a long time ago.  Respect others.

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