Check out my new works!!!

I have been quite busy lately.  Unfortunately, reviewing hasn’t been my priority because I’ve been trying my hand at writing.  I have a couple completed works that I am slowly putting up on Wattpad.  I’d love for all of you to go check it out and give it a like if you dig them.

182790214-256-k760473Book Blurb:

When Christina loses her job an unexpected trip to London to take care of her uncle may just what she needs.  However, the reason for the trip was a trick to get her out of her funk.  So, when she meets the captain of the Winchester Wyverns, Finley, the connection is electric.  Christina knows she can’t trust athletes.  Her brain is telling her Finley is bad news but her body wants to climb him like a tree.

Finley is drawn to Christina the moment she sees her after a match.  Though, she is the cousin of his teammates and getting her alone is a challenge.  Once he gets her alone how can he convince her she is different from all the other girls?  That she has quickly become his addiction.

When they both finally let their walls fall, Christina’s past slams back into her life with horrible repercussions.  Can Christina and Finley find a way to love through heartbreak?

Check it out here!

182791180-256-k764142Book Blurb:

Talia is known as The Gossip Queen.  When she breaks the story of the century she becomes infamous throughout Hollywood.  But, when the tables are turned and she becomes gossip thanks to a night she can’t remember with sexy A-lister, Zee Jaxon,  her reputation and job are on the line.

When Zee Jaxon comes to her with a plan she is skeptical.  Become his fake girlfriend until the paparazzi get bored.  What could go wrong in a fake relationship with an A-list movie star who also happens to be her brother’s best friend?

Real love is not in the plan.

Check it out here!

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