Review: Always You by Jennifer Wenn

Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend has been treating you right.  I am bringing to you today a wonderful novella by Jennifer Wenn.  It will draw you in a keep you invested in the characters even if it is a short story.  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.  Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

29216382Book Blurb:

When her domineering fiancé cheats on her, pastry chef Kate Sweet trades the city for her hometown of Barnesville and works as a waitress in her parents’ diner. Lonely and insecure, she tries to start over but instead runs into Michael Hart, the boyfriend who sent her away after he was paralyzed in a tractor accident. All her old feelings for him return in full, but Michael is just about to get married to someone else — her old rival for everything back in their school days.

Michael is drawn to Kate again but resents that she left him. He doesn’t remember how pain and painkillers changed his behavior and made him so sorry for himself he literally ordered her to go.

Now she must decide whose happiness is more important, his, now that he has a fiancée, or hers…with him. How can it be both?


Kate has come back to her hometown to find that her heartbreak has never left.  Though she chose to leave and the man she left for has broken her too she can’t get past seeing her ex she thought was paralyzed walking around and engaged to her enemy.  What Kate doesn’t count on is that his feelings have never changed for her and he has no idea he ordered her to leave him.  Can two wounded hearts find the love they once had?

This was a really sweet novella.  You see some familiar faces from A Father for Daisy and will fall in love with Kate and Michael.  Their feelings for one another are palpable.  Though your heart will break several times for Kate.  Her loss and hurt can be felt through the pages.  This is a short and sweet love story that will have you craving more about this small town.  Jennifer Wenn does such a brilliant job with this story.  I can’t wait for what comes next.

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