Review: Killer Me by Candace Osmond

Happy Monday!  Today I get to bring you a unique suspense filled psychological thriller with themes of Alice in Wonderland.  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.  Be sure to keep a look out for more exciting reviews this week.

29953140Book Blurb:

Not all gifts are welcomed…
…and not all families are normal.
Alice Teller is about to fall down the rabbit hole where her estranged father waits in the shadows, hoping she’ll follow in his footsteps…
…as a serial killer.

From Best Selling Author Candace Osmond comes a gripping, psychological thriller to take you on a dark ride as Alice Teller struggles with her feelings towards her twisted father. Love him or kill him?

Abandoned and left to the corrupt foster system by her insane mother Hattie Teller, Alice grows up jaded and alone. But when her estranged father steps out of the shadows and into her life, Alice sees an opportunity to reconnect. Too bad he’s Vancouver’s most notorious serial killer, and Alice is the bait set to lure him in to the authorities.


Alice has worked hard just to survive.  She’s survived the foster system, an insane mother and now surviving living alone.  But, when women start showing up dead and a stalker she can’t shake she is soon thrown into the police investigation.  Her connection to the killer will make her the perfect bait.  Alice will have her biggest challenge to survive.  Can she help the police capture this madman or will he make her his next victim?

I enjoyed this book.  It was definitely different from Candace Osmond’s previous novels.  This will take you on a psychological thrill ride.  Putting you through the emotions that Alice must fight and come to terms with.  Though their was an ongoing theme connected to Alice in Wonderland there really isn’t much of a connection.  Most of the Alice in Wonderland connection was pretty superfluous.  It was an interesting addition but it didn’t really have much of an impact on the basic story.  Alice is a very strong character that you truly feel for.  Her choices are rarely her own.  In the end, she makes a choice that could change her forever.  If you’re looking for a great psycho thriller you will truly enjoy this book.  It will keep you on your toes until the very end.

Review: Class of ’59 (American Journey #4) by John A. Heldt

Happy Friday!  I get to bring to you one of my favorite series’.  This journey takes us a little closer to the present time.  Journeying to a time with hops, bobby socks, poodle skirts and Edsel’s.  John A. Heldt does a splendid job taking the reader on the journey to the fifties and back again.  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.  Have a great weekend and be sure to pick up a good book!

31978127Book Blurb:

When Mary Beth McIntire settles into a vacation house on June 2, 2017, she anticipates a quiet morning with coffee. Then she hears a noise, peers out a window, and spots a man in 1950s attire standing in the backyard. She panics when the trespasser sees her and enters the house though a door to the basement. She questions her sanity when she cannot find him.

In the same house on March 21, 1959, Mark Ryan finds a letter. Written by the mansion’s original owner in 1900, the letter describes a basement chamber, mysterious crystals, and a formula for time travel. Driven by curiosity, Mark tests the formula twice. On his second trip to 2017, he encounters a beautiful stranger. He meets the woman in the window.

Within hours, Mary Beth and Mark share their secret with her sister and his brother and begin a journey that takes them from the present day to the age of sock hops, drive-ins, and jukeboxes. In CLASS OF ’59, the fourth book in the American Journey series, four young adults find love, danger, and adventure as they navigate the corridors of time and experience Southern California in its storied prime.


Mary Beth settles into her vacation with her parents like any other woman waiting to transition into the next phase in her life.  What she doesn’t anticipate is meeting Mark.  Mark doesn’t believe the letter he finds could possibly be true and that there is an actual time travel tunnel in the house he’s living at.  But, when he takes the leap and goes through the tunnel to 2017 he soon realizes that not only is it true but the woman he meets on the other side will change him and his brother forever.  Can Mary Beth and Mark navigate through the years together or will the histories change the present forever?

I adore this series.  I was ecstatic to see that this story went in a completely different direction than that of previous ones.  Mary Beth, Mark, Ben and Piper made this such an engaging and exciting read.  Time travel mixed with some history and a little romance made this one of my favorites of this series.  The atypical way the tunnel is used and how it is discovered made this feel like it truly revived the series.  I was truly glad to see that though the basic principals were within this book, making it part of the series, but the lack of Professor Bell as a prominent part allowed the story to flow very differently.  Overall, If you haven’t read any of the American Journey books yet I would suggest you start.  You won’t regret this bit of adventure, history and love.

Review: Heartborn by Terry Maggert

Happy Monday!  Today I bring to you a wonderful fantasy book.  Terry Maggert does a phenomenal job of creating a world full of angels and humans.  It is both inventive and entertaining.  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.  Have a wonderful week ahead.

29755190Book Blurb:

Her guardian angel was pushed.

Keiron was never meant to be anything other than a hero. Born high above in a place of war and deception, he is Heartborn, a being of purity and goodness in a place where violence and deceit are just around every corner.

His disappearance will spark a war he cannot see, for Keiron has pierced the light of days to save a girl he has never met, for reasons he cannot understand. Livvy Foster is seventeen, brave, and broken. With half a heart, she bears the scars of a lifetime of pain and little hope of survival.

Until Keiron arrives.

In the middle of a brewing war and Livvy’s failing heart, Keiron will risk everything for Livvy, because a Heartborn’s life can only end in one way: Sacrifice.

Fall with Livvy and Keiron as they seek the truth about her heart, and his power, and what it means to love someone who will give their very life to save you.


Keiron was born to be special.  Livvy was born with half a heart.  Keiron’s life has led up to his fall to help Livvy.  Livvy was born to never survive, but it is her survival that will allow Keiron’s people to live.  Together they will find something fleeting and special.  Will the two of them be able to change Keiron’s world while saving Livvy’s life?

This was an incredibly interesting and entertaining story.  I loved the flow of the story.  It may flip from Earth to Sliver quite a bit but it is quite intrigal to the tale.  Keiron and Livvy’s portions are so sweet and you will feel every emotion that passes between the two of them.  The intrigue in Sliver keeps you on your toes until the very last moment.  Between the story in Sliver and the one on Earth you will learn with it truly means to love and give someone your heart.  I truly fell in love with this story and its characters. I hope we get to see more of Livvy and the people in Sliver.

Review: His to Have (Claimed #2) by Jade Sinner

Our final steamy story for this Smutty Sunday will be a bit reminiscent of 50 Shades of Grey with a twist.  The Claimed series is definitely an outside of the box set of stories.  His to Have has the steamy sex, BDSM and a mystery man that pushes the heroine just the way she needs.  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.

31375098Book Blurb:

She’s every man’s wet dream. Every night on the TV, broadcasting the news with her tight skirts and tits in front of the world.
I’ve sat back and watched as she thinks she runs the world, directing everyone and everything. But her time is up. I’ve planned this for too long.
She’s mine and I plan to have her—all of her.

I’m content. My career is going places. My marriage is safe. I don’t want anything to rock my world, until I have no choice. Until Sir.
Now it will never be the same.


Erika has her life and career in line.  She feels everything is safe.  That is until Sir comes into her life.  He will teach her both pleasure and pain.  Can Erika let go and let Sir rock her perfect world?  She will need to open her mind and body to someone she’s never seen before.

This was definitely a sexy book.  Jade Sinner does a great job with their short sexy books.  This is the first of their foray into BDSM.  It was also written in a way to make it appear Erika didn’t know the person “Sir”.  That was quite inventive.  You will learn who Sir really is and the extra level that is going on with this story.  I won’t spoil that for you but it definitely added a great addition to this steamy story.  This has been yet another great Jade Sinner book.  I hope I have been able to show you that Jade Sinner is one set of sexy storytellers.  That you will not regret reading.


Review: Mine to Have (Claimed Series #1) by Jade Sinner

The next two reviews I have for you today are going to be the most unconventional.  You will definitely have to think out of the box.  That being said they are still very sexy and steamy.  Mine to Have will take familial relations to another level. Just an FYI…they are NOT actually blood related.  So take a sigh of relief.  I wouldn’t read a book if that were the case.  For my full review (hopefully I haven’t lost you) keep reading after the book blurb.

30140575Book Blurb:


I didn’t ask for any of it. I didn’t want any of it.
I had a life. A playboy reputation and money to burn.
But then it happened…all the things I didn’t want…
Most of my family gone—taken by a distracted driver.
My father’s multi-billion-dollar conglomerate thrust upon me.
And her, Lacy, my niece (sort of), in need of a guardian.

Here’s the moral of this story (the only one): life doesn’t give us what we want.
Or does it?

Three years later…Lacy’s an adult and right under my nose, almost literally. No longer a girl, she’s a woman with sexy curves and a way of taking over my every thought. I know it isn’t right—she calls me uncle—but then again…maybe it is time for life to give me what I want. After all, she was given to me. She’s mine to have.


Max never asked for the responsibility of raising his niece.  She isn’t actually his niece but when his stepsister and the rest of their family died he was needed to step up to take care of her and his father’s business.  Three years later, his niece is all grown up and he wants more from her.  Though she may call him uncle she will soon realize they are more than that to each other.

This was probably one of the more difficult Jade Sinner books for me to read.  Though I know in my head they aren’t truly related they still have that familial relationship.  Now, if you can step back and ignore that part this is quite a steamy read.  The sex is hot and definitely creative.  I will be honest though and it does take some effort to forget the uncle niece thing but once you do it is definitely one very erotic story.


Review: Ashton-The Agreement by Jade Sinner

This is the next review for our Smutty Sunday.   Ashton by Jade Sinner is the second book in The Cocky Smiling O series.  This will bring new meaning of friends with benefits.  In this story you will be completely envious of this steamy agreement.   For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.

30140556Book Blurb:

Friendship—forever and always.
That is our agreement. Besides, I’m not looking for sex. I get lots of sex! I’m also not looking for forever. I’m a now kind of man.
Jess has been my best friend since we were dirty faced kids finding trouble around every corner. We are the kind of friends who are always there for one another, through thick and thin, the one who knows each other’s secrets and dreams. That can’t change just because we’ve both grown up, or because she’s beautiful, funny, smart and quick witted.
Until it does.
One call, one night. That won’t change are agreement…then again, agreements can be amended, right?

Ashton is a manwhore. I’ve heard all his stories and despite them all, I love him.
Not the passionate love. I’ve never looked at him like that—like the cocky, confident, sexy, man he’s become. Because to me, he’s just Ashton, my best friend—until one night.
One night when I learn that the rumors are true, that in reality, they don’t do him justice. His mad skills are off the charts. Yet, that can’t change our agreement. One night has to be enough.
It has to be.
I’m not giving up my best friend for crazy hot lovemaking. But then again, do I have to?


Ashton and Jess have been friends forever.  Their friendship has been untouchable.  They never thought to have anything more.  That is until Jess’s lying, cheating fiancee opens her up to the idea of a one time agreement with Ashton.  Ashton is leery until he truly sees Jess for the sexy woman she is.  Once this agreement is struck can they really stick to it or will more grow when they aren’t looking?

This has been one of my favorite Jade Sinner books.  I love the friends with benefits story.  It was great and much more natural for a quick love story.  Ashton and Jess know and accept each other even if that means one of them is a manwhore.  It is also easier for them to be open to something more.  Not to mention they have some of the hottest sex scenes.  Some of the best boathouse, up against the wall, screaming at the top of your lungs sex.  If you haven’t picked a Jade Sinner book yet and love a good friends with benefits story you will enjoy this one.

Review: Duncan-The Deal by Jade Sinner

Happy Sunday!  Today I am going to be giving you a review blitz.  I will be giving you four different reviews to add some steam to your Sunday.  First up is Duncan by Jade Sinner.  Its the first in The Cocky Smiling O series.  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.  Have a great rest of your weekend and be sure to check out all steam I have for you today.

30140548Book Blurb:

He’s dirty-talking and sex on a stick.

Duncan Willis should be on GQ, not the co-owner of the company where I work. He’s my boss, and he’s also arrogant and cocky, knowing how to melt panties with just a smirk. That’s why I’ve avoided him.

I might fantasize about him, but I don’t need that in my life.


Until I catch him—OK, hear him—in a compromising position.

Yes, it was hot, but that’s not the point.

I need a date for one weekend. He needs me to keep quiet about what I witnessed.

It’s the perfect blackmail…the perfect deal.


Until one weekend of fantasy leaves me wanting more.


Kimbra knows her boss is sex on a stick.  She sees this first hand when she catching him with some inappropriate action in the bathroom.  Being HR she must approach him about it.  She has a different idea.  She wants to make a deal for one weekend of fantasy.  Can Kimbra keep herself together even when she knows its only for the weekend?

This is another sexy book for Jade sinner.  The sex scenes are so steamy your kindle will steam up.  The love story is a tad predictable but the sex is everything but that.  This is a quick smutty read that will have you all hot and bothered by the final page.  If you are looking for a quick sexy read you will want to pick up a Jade Sinner book.

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