Review: Deadly Undertaking by J.Q Rose

Hello Everyone!  I apologize for the lateness of this review, but due to vacations I have been away from my computer.  Today, I have a suspense filled mystery by J.Q Rose.  This unique setting and entertaining story makes for a great summer read.  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.  Have a great rest of the week!

27240483Book Blurb:

Lauren Staab knew there would be dead bodies around when she returned home. After all, her family is in the funeral business, Staab and Blood Funeral Home. Still, finding an extra body on the floor of the garage between the hearse and the flower car shocked her. Lauren’s plan to return to her hometown to help care for her mother and keep the books for the funeral home suddenly turns upside down in a struggle to prove she and her family are not guilty of murdering the man. But will the real killer return for her, her dad, her brother? Her mother’s secrets, a killer, a handsome policeman, and a shadow man muddle up her intention to have a simple life. Welcome home, Lauren!


Lauren has dealt with dead bodies for years.  Her family owns a funeral home, but what she doesn’t expect is to find a fresh one in their garage.  Now, Lauren must figure out what is really going on.  With her mother dying in a nursing home, her father dealing with the business and her mother, her brother’s secrets and the shadow man who pops up at the most inopportune times, Lauren must navigate more than just the dead bodies that keep popping up.

This was a thrill a minute read.  It truly kept you guessing what would pop up next.  I enjoyed all of the characters and felt that having the main setting be a funeral home was a unique twist on what could have just been an average story.  I adored the added layer of her mother’s past secrets that ended up truly affecting Lauren.   I also enjoy the little bit of romance that was thrown in.  This is the perfect book for someone looking for mystery and suspense with just a splash of romance.  Overall, this is a great beach read that I can guarantee you won’t put down until the sunscreen has worn off and the last page is turned.


Review: Phantom the Immortal by Mitz Szereto and Ashley Listerz

Happy Friday!  Today I bring to you an erotic retelling of the Phantom of the Opera.  What happens when the Phantom wants more than songs?  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.  Hope you get to grab a good book weekend!  Feel free to comment any recommendations in the comment section.

29238534Book Blurb:

A contemporary erotic sequel that relocates the original character from Gaston Leroux’s classic novel The Phantom of the Opera to present-day Paris…

While attending an auction of music memorabilia, young soprano Christine Delacroix bids on some letters written by another young soprano, Christine Daaé, who lived during the 19th century. Here she meets the handsome Compte Rezso Esterhazy, who immediately sets out to court her. Despite his attentions, Christine becomes obsessed with the Daaé letters and her namesake’s mysterious “Angel of Music”—a masked man who lived beneath the Paris Opera House.

Seemingly immortal and frozen in time, the Phantom is condemned to life below the opera house and in the shadows…until Christine Delacroix auditions for a minor role in Faust. Convinced the Christine from his past has been returned to him, he sets out for her to have the lead female role. He visits her in her dressing room to give her singing lessons, all the while remaining hidden from view. Insanely jealous over Christine’s budding romance with the Compte, the Phantom abducts her and takes her to his underground lair, where the singing lessons continue. Only this time they are far more depraved and sexual in nature.

A debut writing collaboration from bestselling authors Mitzi Szereto and Ashley Lister!


Christine is obsessed with the true story of the Opera Ghost and Christine Daae.  When she attempts to buy her personal letters she is thrarted by the Compte Rezso.  Soon, Christine is in possession of the letters and even at the same opera house as the former Christine.  When she attempts to contact the Angel of Music she has luck and soon her sexual journey with the phantom begins.  Her feelings for the phantom and the Compte battle and try to win her heart, but in the end will she choose her obsession or the questionable man in front of her?

This was a very interesting read.  It felt a bit like it was the story of phantom of the opera with just a few erotic scenes thrown in.  I enjoyed reading it but in truth I would have enjoyed more of a story that was similar to the original but more original.  That being said I did quite enjoy the very erotic and steamy sex scenes.  It did bring a different element to the more traditional story of Phantom of the Opera.  This was a quick read with many sensual breaks.  If you’re looking for a unique take on a classic with an erotic twist you will enjoy this.

Review: Indiana Belle (American Journey #3) by John A. Heldt

Happy Monday!  Today I am bringing to you another in the wonderful American Journey series by John Heldt.  We are thrown back to a time of flappers, extravagance, prohibition and speakeasys.  This is another win for John A. Heldt.  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.  Have a wonderful week ahead!!

29922773Book Blurb:

Providence, Rhode Island, 2017. When doctoral student Cameron Coelho, 28, opens a package from Indiana, he finds more than private papers that will help him with his dissertation. He finds a photograph of a beautiful society editor murdered in 1925 and clues to a century-old mystery. Within days, he meets Geoffrey Bell, the “time-travel professor,” and begins an unlikely journey through the Roaring Twenties. Filled with history, romance, and intrigue, INDIANA BELLE follows a lonely soul on the adventure of a lifetime as he searches for love and answers in the age of Prohibition, flappers, and jazz.


Cameron has made the 1920’s his life.  Once he gets his hands on the writings and belongings of a young journalist that made midwest America stand out he couldn’t help but become obsessed with her.  When he realizes some of the idealized writings regarding time travel are possible he knows he must travel back to meet this woman that has captured his attention like no other.  He will find that meeting her is the least of what he wants to do.  He wants to change the past and save her life, but can he do that without destroying the future?

This was another wonderfully written novel.  I truly enjoy the time travel and historical elements.  Having said that I have read all of these novels and I do lose a little interest with the introduction to time travel in each novel. I understand the necessity since each novel can be read as a standalone but for those of us who are devoted readers it can get cumbersome.  That being said I totally loved this story.  It really had me guessing what was going to happen.  The mix of a person thrown into the past trying to not change it is an incredible premise and all of these books continue to grow and fascinate.  I can’t wait to see where we travel to next.  If you haven’t yet read this series I highly recommend it for those looking for a good love story with some history and paranormal mixed in.

I Promise You This (Love in Provence #3) by Patricia Sands

Happy Friday!  I am bringing to you the third book in Patricia Sands, Love in Provence series.  Patricia Sands’ talent hand has an impeccable ability to tell a story.  Drawing the reader into the resplendent scenery making the reader wanting to visit immediately.  I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend and be sure to pick up something new and exciting to read.

28351300Book Blurb:

Suddenly single after twenty-two years of marriage, the calm of Katherine Price’s midlife has turned upside down. Seeking to find her true self, she took a chance on starting over. A year later, she is certain of this: she’s in love with Philippe and adores his idyllic French homeland, where he wants her to live with him.

But all that feels like a fantasy far removed from Toronto, where she’s helping her friend Molly, hospitalized after a life-threatening accident. Staying in her childhood home full of memories, Katherine wonders: Is she really ready to leave everything behind for an unknown life abroad? And if all her happiness lies with Philippe, will it last? Can she trust in love again?

Searching her heart, Katherine finds the pull of the familiar is stronger than she thought. An unexpected meeting with her ex, the first time since his cruel departure, and a stunning declaration of love from an old flame spur her introspection.

With sunlit backdrops and plot twists as breathtaking as the beaches of Antibes, author Patricia Sands brings her trilogy about second chances to a provocative and satisfying close that proves that a new life just might be possible—if you’re willing to let your heart lead you home

4381348Author Bio:

Patricia Sands lives in Toronto, Canada, when she isn’t somewhere else. An admitted travel fanatic, she can pack a bag in a flash and be ready to go anywhere … particularly the south of France, for her annual visit.

As of January, 2015, along with being a proud indie author, Patricia is also delighted to be under contract with Lake Union Publishing for her Love In Provence series. This is the women’s fiction arm of Amazon Publishing.

With a focus on travel, women’s issues and ageing, her stories celebrate the feminine spirit and the power of friendship. Encouraging women of all ages to stare down the fear factor and embrace change, Patricia has heard from readers (men too!) ages 20 to 83.

Her award-winning debut novel The Bridge Club was published in 2010 and the audiobook, read by Patricia, will be available soon.

Her second novel, The Promise of Provence received a 2014 National Indie Excellence Finalist Award in Literary Fiction. An Amazon Hot New Release in April 2013, The Promise of Provence was also a USA Best Book 2013 Finalist ~ Women’s Fiction. On Patricia’s stay in France in September 2013, Heidi’s English Bookshop in Antibes hosted a book signing attended by readers from six countries. Although Heidi’s has closed, the Antibes Book Shop on Rue Georges Clemenceau continues the tradition and Patricia’s novels can be found there.

Thanks to reader requests, The Promise of Provence and Promises To Keep, set in the south of France, are now the first two of the Love In Provence series. Lake Union Publishing will be releasing I Promise You This (Book 3) on May 17, 2016, and it is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Patricia has led two 10-day tours of the French Riviera and the countryside of Provence. These trips were based on The Promise of Provence, with the Women’s Travel Network. Let her know if you would like to go with her and a small group of women. It’s the perfect trip for women traveling on their own or with good friends. She is already counting the days to the next tour which is scheduled for June/July 2017.

Find out more at Patricia’s Facebook Author Page, Amazon Author Page, Goodreads or her blog where you will find links to her books, social media, and monthly newsletter. She loves hearing from readers, so don’t hesitate to email her.

Review: The Warrior Prophet (The Watcher Saga #3) by Lisa Viosin

Today I get to share with you the third book in The Watcher Saga, The Warrior Prophet.  This book was the perfect wrap up for this story line.  It is action packed from beginning to end.  For my full review, keep reading after the book blurb.  Hope all of you are having a wonderful week.

29332802Book Blurb:

Mia Crawford is a prophet.

She can see angels. She also sees demons. Everywhere.

The angels are preparing for war to get her fallen angel boyfriend, Michael, back. A war that could take years.

Haunted by visions of Michael’s soul being tortured, Mia can’t rest until she knows he’s safe.

To save him, she must make an impossible journey through Hell with the one person she prayed she’d never see again.


Mia has been through some tough times.  But, she hasn’t faced anything until she needs to save her boyfriend and the world.  Working with a past enemy to save Michael will push Mia to her limits.  War is on the world’s doorstep and the pressure is on for Mia to protect the innocents, save her fallen angel boyfriend and protect herself from the evil invading the world.

I loved this third installment of the series.  This was mostly about Mia and it really grew her character by leaps and bounds.  We also found that with the drama in the story the strength of the other angels characters.  I loved that Mia had to rely on the one person she never wanted or thought she’d have to interact with again.  It truly gave a creative twist to an inventive story.  Lisa Voisin’s writing has grown leaps and bounds through out this story.  I hope that these characters don’t stop here but she continues on with the fantastic characters and world she has created.

Review: Cloaked in Blood by T.F Walsh

Happy Monday!  Today I am bringing to you the third book in The Wulfkin Legacy series by T.F Walsh.  We meet Marcin, Enre’s brother, and his possible mate, Selena.  This book like the others is a non-stop thrill ride with lots of suspense and romance.  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.  Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!

29742394Book Blurb:

The daughter of a sultan alpha, Selena Kurt agrees to an arranged wulfkin mating to protect her sister from a dangerous alpha from the enemy clan. To her surprise, her match is Marcin Ulf, the next in line for the Hungarian throne…and the wulfkin who broke her heart years ago.

Marcin is just as shocked to learn he’ll be matched to the enemy’s daughter and the woman he’s never forgotten. Before they can be paired, however, they’re drawn into a tournament where Marcin will compete to free his estranged imprisoned brother, while Selena battles for the life of another wulfkin alpha. Both intend to seize this chance to save those they’re fighting for—even if it means facing off with one another just as their romance rekindles.

Will tribe loyalty triumph, or will they realize they’re better off as a team before it’s too late?


Selena volunteered to the arranged mating so that her sister didn’t have to, but the prospect of seeing, Marcin, her former love was too enticing.  Marcin is waiting until the right moment to finally take his father down.  When his father brings his brother, Enre and female alpha, Daciana back with him in chains he realizes that there is no time like the present.  But, when his father throws the forced mating of him and his former love he must rethink how he does everything.  He must question her motives, his father’s motives and those around him.  Will Marcin and Selena finally find a way to be together or will his father do what he does best and destroy everything Marcin holds dear?

I really enjoyed Marcin and Selena’s book.  This one really drew me in quicker than the others.  The story moved quickly and kept the reader enthralled.  I felt that the drama of Marcin and Selena’s past blended well with the present story and the things at stake.  I also enjoyed the teasers we got with Victor’s side story and Aisha’s love affair.  It added a little something more to the drama surrounding Marcin and Selena.  I can’t wait to see what will happen next in this series.  T.F Walsh continues to hone this world and her stories.  I have no doubt that the next one will be just as entertaining and exciting as those in the past.

Review: The Angel Killer (The Watcher Saga #2) by Lisa Voisin

Today, I get to bring to you the wonderful second book in the Watcher Saga by Lisa Voisin.  The Angel Killer takes place only a few months after the first book.  Mia finds her friends have now become targets of the demons and fallen angels.  Mia and Michael must figure out why attacks have increased and how they can stop this before everyone they care about is hurt.  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.  Hope your weekend is going great!

51lJai+kZ1L._AC_US160_Book Blurb:

Now that she’s found him again, all Mia Crawford wants is some downtime with her fallen angel boyfriend, Michael. But the call of duty keeps him away—from school and from her—with more demons to smite than ever.

When Michael is mortally wounded by a cursed sword, Mia must perform an ancient blood ritual to save him. But the spell exacts a price. Haunted by visions of war, torture, and despair, Mia discovers the world is in more danger than she ever imagined. Behind the scenes, an evil adversary pulls all the strings.

After redemption, there’s Hell to pay.


Though her boyfriend, Michael, is an angel, Mia thinks their tough times have passed and they can now begin a normal boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.  But, when Mia’s friends start being attacked and Michael is forced to be away more often then he is with Mia she realizes something very strong is coming.  The angels are on alert and are worried once Michael is injured by a weapon designed to kill angels.  Can they find that weapon before more angels and humans are hurt?  Will Michael and Mia’s love protect them or only doom them?

This book was literally unputdownable.  I loved how this story propelled so naturally.  Michael and Mia’s characters grew in depth as did the story.  This part in the saga really amped up the drama and suspense.  Lisa Voisin has really raised the bar for this series.  Though we are left with a cliffhanger and loss at the end the reader will find themselves anxiously awaiting the next book to find out if Michael, Mia and the angels will survive with their souls intact.  Overall, this series is a unique and exciting addition to the YA genre.  With Lisa Voisin at the helm, the sky is the limit for this world and its characters.

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