Review: Claimed by Andrea R. Cooper

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!  Today I am bringing to you a new series by the wonderful Andrea R. Cooper.  Claimed is a wonderful paranormal romance blended with suspense and intrigue.  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.  Have a fantastic week ahead.

86d394cba6fe606c0bc9c8086bb06dcdb08bec90_originalBook Blurb:

Intern Renee Maxwell has a chance at her dream job as assistant to a renowned archaeologist in exotic Turkey. Things get a little weird when she finds a unique crystal and starts hallucinating crazy yet sexy things. Her once staid boss now looks like a gorgeous demi-god and underwear model combined. Her feminist ideals are challenged with each seductive look and bit of banter he gives her, but she’s not falling for his charm. Damon Cubins never met a woman his Incubus powers couldn’t seduce…until now. If he doesn’t find an ancient crystal, he’ll turn into a full-fledged demon. When his new Intern Renee arrives on site, wearing the exact necklace he needs to save his existence, he thinks he’s got it made until he discovers a curse is keeping him from claiming what’s his. He doesn’t want to harm the woman who has enraptured his heart, but Damon isn’t the only dark creature seeking the crystal’s powers. Winning Renee’s love to release the curse becomes the only cure to save her life.


Renee was so excited to be on an archeological dig with the famous Damon Cubins.  What she doesn’t bargain for is the aloof way he acts with her and the rest of the team.  Those she knows he is scorching hot she can’t stand his attitude and lack of focus toward the dig. Soon, Renee finds a crystal that she decides to have made into a necklace.  Unfortunately, that gem is the same one that Damon is looking for.  Soon Damon and Renee are drawn to each other in a strong attraction that given Damon’s paranormal background will put them in danger for other like him .  When Renee discovers what he really is will she still care about him or will she convince herself everything he is has influenced her feelings about everything?

This was a really enrapturing read.  It was so hard to put it down once I started.  The reader is truly drawn in a fantastic world that blends modern life with that of paranormal entities like Fae, Succubi and Incubi.  Damon and Renee’s characters are quite multi-dimensional.  As the story grows, you will discover more about each that propels the story is different directions.  It is also, their love story that is sexy and fun.  Though Damon has the ability to make most women fall in bed with him it was his inability to do that that really brought a fun element to this story.  This amazing novel manages to navigate the waters of paranormal, romance and suspense with an ease that has the reader turning pages faster and faster until we learn the outcome of Renee and Damon.  Overall, this is a phenomenal story that will take you on a journey you will have a hard time forgetting.

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