Review: Half Faerie by Heidi Garrett

Happy Monday! Today I have a great new world to introduce you to.  Half Faerie introduces us to the world of Faerie and the lands that are there.  We learn that things aren’t always as we think they are.  You will journey with all of these complex and entertaining characters to try to save the world they know.  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.  Be sure to stop by tomorrow for the second book in this series.

22858082Book Blurb:

Eighteen-year-old Melia lives as an outcast in the Realm of Faerie, along with her two sisters and their faerie mother. Their father has been exiled to the mortal world. He’s obsessed with incarnating Umbra—the residue of mortal ash accumulating in the Void. He believes it will allow him to return to Faerie and reunite with his beloved wife.

It will also start the battle between Dark and Light.

Melia is determined to protect her world from the repercussions of Umbra’s incarnation. By confronting her father, she will shape her destiny and, ultimately, the future of the Whole.


Melia has always been an outcast ever since her mother returned to Faerie.  But, lately she has been having more horrible dreams of her destroying the land around her.  When things become too hard to handle she goes to visit her druid father.  When she finds that he is determined in incarnate the consciousness of a very dangerous entity called Umbra she realizes she must stop him.  When she and her sisters join together to stop their father a terrible accident happens that will change her world forever.  It is those choices that draw all the players together to try to stop Umbra and those who want to incarnate him, but Melia will have to do things she thought she was never capable of doing and opening herself up to people.  Will Melia be able to stop Umbra or will things change irrevocably?

This was a fantastic new world.  I truly enjoyed the story and the complicated characters.  Melia really develops well throughout the story.  She and the other significant characters propel the book further into the world that Heidi Garrett has created.  The detail and excellent storytelling allows the reader to fully dive into the world of Faerie.  As the characters make the difficult choices, the reader will feel as though they are making the choices with them.  If you like the idea of faeries, pixies, brownies and many other mythical creatures you will enjoy Half Faerie.  This book will leave you wanting more and you won’t be able to wait to get your hands on the next book.

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