Review: Crazed Reckoning by Valerie J. Clarizio

Happy Friday!  Today I another book in a great series.  Its got romance, suspense and mystery.  Valerie Clarizio does it again with another great Nick Spinelli book.  This one takes place on St. Patrick’s day with a kidnapping, a vendetta, secret wedding and so much more.  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

25126937Book Blurb:

After experiencing a murderous Christmas and Valentine’s Day with love interest Shannon O’Hara, Detective Nick Spinelli assumed Saint Patrick’s Day couldn’t be any worse.

He was wrong.

While out on a geocaching adventure in Door County, Shannon and her friend Anna find more than a clue in the cache box. When Shannon disappears, Spinelli is sent racing to find her. Amidst the chaos of an unruly Irish celebration, and a decades-old Irish family feud, he must rescue her from the hands of a madman


Shannon and her friend Anna are on a geocaching trip.  Unexpectedly, they find a severed finger.  When Shannon calls Spinelli to tell him, she screams and her phone goes dead.  Spinelli and his fellow officers go on a mission to find Shannon and her friend.  With few clues and a busy St. Patty’s day they soon realize they are on a time restraint because she may now be getting married to her kidnapper.  Will Spinelli be able to rescue Shannon or will his future with the woman he loves be lost?

This was yet another great addition to the Nick Spinelli series.  I love the mystery and suspense of these stories.  Its also, quite clever that each story has a holiday that is connected to the story.  Within this story, we got to see more of their love story and how deep their feelings really are for each other.  That really spurred on the urgency in this story. The story was exciting with a great mystery element.   Valerie Clarizio really did a wonderful job of weaving a suspenseful yet romantic story that keeps you yearning for what will come next. After this story, I really can’t wait for the next Nick Spinelli novel.  If your like me, and you have been keeping up you will be right there with me.

Review: September Sky by John A. Heldt

Happy Monday!  Today I am bringing to you a great time travel fantasy.  John Heldt manages to transport the reader to a time when changes happened daily.  He weaves such an addictive tale that you won’t want to put the book down until you’ve turned the last page.  For my full review, keep reading after the book blurb.

24244216Book Blurb:

When unemployed San Francisco reporter Chuck Townsend and his college-dropout son, Justin, take a cruise to Mexico in 2016, each hopes to rebuild a relationship after years of estrangement. But they find more than common ground aboard the ship. They meet a mysterious lecturer who touts the possibilities of time travel. Within days, Chuck and Justin find themselves in 1900, riding a train to Texas, intent on preventing a distant uncle from being hanged for a crime he did not commit. Their quick trip to Galveston, however, becomes long and complicated when they wrangle with business rivals and fall for two beautiful librarians on the eve of a hurricane that will destroy the city. Filled with humor, history, romance, and heartbreak, SEPTEMBER SKY follows two directionless souls on the adventure of a lifetime as they try to make peace with the past, find new purpose, and grapple with the knowledge of things to come.


Chuck and Justin are at a turning point in their lives.  Both must decide how their future will take shape.  So, when they are given an opportunity of a lifetime they can’t say no.  The opportunity they are given is an unbelievable one.  Time travel is just something that you see in the movies.  But, after they learn more and logically look at the opportunity before them allows them to take the leap.  What Chuck and Justin don’t expect is that they really do step into the past.  In the past they will have to make decisions that may change what their future and others.  With their adventure ahead of them will they be able to make the tough decisions and possibly save an innocent man or will they change the future irrevocably?

This was a wonderful fantasy novel.  I enjoyed the fantastic writing and storytelling of John Heldt.  He managed to weave a story with suspense, romance, adventure and more.  With this talent, he leaves the reader wanting to lose sleep so that they can read just one more page.  I adored Chuck and Charlotte’s story along with Justin and Emily’s.  But it isn’t just that little bit of romance,  the suspense of the ongoing whodunit is intricately woven within the story.  If you enjoy a good story with depth and intrigue you will adore this time travel novel.  John Heldt is a writer that you will want to pick up for a good adventure.

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