Updates, What’s going on and What’s to come…

Hi Everyone!  I haven’t done just a plain post in quite a while.  I know that unfortunately I have been a bit inconsistent with things lately.  I truly apologize to all of my readers and authors who have been so supportive these past few years.  It has been a very hectic and busy Winter/Spring.  Between work and personal obligations I haven’t been able to allot the time needed for my books and reviews.  For that I am truly sorry.

I take my job as a blogger of book reviews very seriously.  I will not review a book that I cannot give a positive review.  I may put some criticisms in a review but I will not shame or flat out be mean to an author.   Also, I will not review a book that I could not finish. I feel that is unfair to everyone.   It is with this that you will see that most of my reviews are 3 and 4 stars on Goodreads and Amazon.

I’m sure your wondering what my point is.  Well, I am getting there.  I have decided to take a small hiatus in reviewing books that are being requested of me.  Due to the abundance of requests I have had over the last two years I haven’t been able to do much reading just for my enjoyment.  This is not to say that I haven’t enjoyed the books I have reviewed.  I have found many new and fantastic authors.  Authors that have honored me by coming back to me for all of their books.  That is truly what makes this fun.  But, as anyone will tell you everyone has their TBR list and mine hasn’t been touched in a VERY long time.  I actually had a great opportunity to meet many of the authors on my TBR list and I felt a bit ashamed that I hadn’t read their stuff yet.  So, it is this small hiatus that I will be tackling some of those books/book series’ on my list.

You will still be hearing from me.  I plan on reviewing all of those books.  These will probably be more mainstream authors that many of you have read or plan on reading.  Starting in August I will be back to my requested reviews and discovering new indie authors and some you will from previous reviews.

I promise this is a small summer hiatus and before you know it I will be back to all my new and wonderful indie authors.

Thank you all for understanding and please feel free to still contact me about books you find interesting, would like me to review or just want to share.  I just can’t guarantee I will get to them til fall.




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