Review: Sweet Serendipity by Kelsie Belle

Happy Sunday!  I hope all of you are having a great weekend and enjoying yourselves.  Today’s review is Sweet Serendipity by Kelsie Belle.  This is a sexy romance with all the drama of hidden pasts and keeping secrets.  This is the second book I’ve read by Kelsie Belle and I am still impressed with her ability to make me not want to put the book down until the last page is turned.  For my complete review keep reading after the book blurb.

22036387Book Blurb:

Running from a past that threatens to haunt her for the rest of her life, Rayne Carrington finds herself in Eden’s Ridge by chance. She promptly makes the tiny, serene town her home and finally finds some semblance of peace. Six months later, she encounters a dangerously alluring stranger, who turns her world upside down with his mere presence. Soon she is caught in a web of temptation that is too overpowering to deny. But how does she handle a man who is hell bent on resisting her at all cost?

Christian Stockwell returned to his hometown of Eden’s Ridge, to find a beautiful stranger living under his roof. He is instantly bewitched by her loveliness but he knows that he cannot allow himself to have her. He struggles to rein in the lust he feels for her but how long will he be able to resist such sweetness? It won’t be long before he must surrender to sweet serendipity.


Christian is finally returning home after a long absence.  His recent experience in his photojournalism has changed him.  He feels he is damaged beyond repair and just needs a break.  But, when he pulls into his old childhood home that should be empty he finds not only is it occupied but it is occupied by a beautiful stranger.  Rayne meets the owner of the house she is renting when bursts into the bathroom while she is taking a shower and he’s holding a gun.  It is from this point that they continue to fight their attraction and the nightmares that haunt them both.  But when they finally succumb to their desires will they both be able to let go of their pasts and open up to the feelings they have?

This was an entertaining and sexy read.  When Christian and Rayne finally get together the pages catch on fire with the heat between them.  It isn’t just the heat and sex that drives this story though.  There are some very emotional moments with these two characters.  When they are finally honest regarding their pasts there is a real depth to the emotion.  When this finally happens it gave a new level to the story and really took it from a steamy story to multi-layered novel.  This is definitely a good novel if you want to have a steamy read with a great story.

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