Fresh Face Friday: Patriot’s Heart by Penelope Marzec

Happy Friday!  Today I am going to start your weekend off with a sweet historical romance.  This story will transport you back to the Revolutionary War and illustrate the animosity between patriot’s and the invading British.  The added bit of love story gives the story an unexpected depth.  For my full review be sure to keep reading after the book blurb.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and look for a post about my visit to the Indies Invade Philly author signing.

20737919Book Blurb:

She’ll risk everything to save him…

Agnes, a blacksmith, runs the forge while her father fights in the Continental Army. The morning after the Battle of Monmouth, she discovers a wounded British soldier in her barn. Despite the risk, she vows to heal him as she believes a good Samaritan should.

Edwin, third son of the Duke of Dalfour, was supposed to become a barrister. He opted to run away and join the army. Shot on a mission to deliver the general’s message, he wakes in Agnes’s barn unaware of how he got there and missing his horse. If he is caught, he could be hung, but Loyalists are also searching for British deserters. If anyone discovers he is the son of the Duke, he is doomed.

Agnes tells everyone Edwin is her mother’s cousin, but she soon finds herself falling in love with him. When Loyalists kidnap her sister, Edwin vows to bring the child back from the British held camp. Can Agnes trust him? Or is he using her sister as an excuse to return to his company? Will Agnes ever see her sister again? And will Edwin break her heart?


Agnes has taken over for her father as blacksmith while he is fighting in the Continental Army.  One day before heading to the forge she heads to the barn to feed what animals weren’t taken by the British. When she enters the barn she soon finds a wounded British soldier.  Knowing that it is both the right thing to do and hoping someone would help her father if he were injured, Agnes sets it upon herself to heal the soldier.  When Edwin wakes in the barn to an angel trying to heal him he is taken back but that is short-lived and he blacks out.  Coming to again he begins to realize that he is being helped by one of the rebels and immediately tries to figure out how to get back to the British Army.  While Edwin heals he grows closer to Agnes and her family.  He finds himself drawn to the unusual patriot.  When tragedy hits Agnes and her family on multiple fronts she leans on Edwin and the thought of him finally going back to the British breaks her heart.  In the end,  will Edwin choose his patriot or go back to the life that he left in England?

This was a wonderfully sweet historical novel.  It is centered on the tumultuous time in America’s history.   Within this time period is a story that takes the stigmas away from both the British and the American patriots and places them as people who have to overcome the issues that come along with war.  That being said, Edwin and Agnes were great characters.  I really enjoy strong female characters and Agnes is definitely a women strong enough to survive her time.  Edwin is the one you see the most development in.  He is a bit immature to begin with and then over time grows to be the man who is perfect for Agnes.  I think this story with its content, character and purity with the Christian element added in is a good romance for any age.  It will transport you to the birth of America and let you take part as if you were right there with them.  Overall, this is a great book and an enjoyable read.

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