Fresh Face Friday: The Vampire and the Vixen by Debra St. John

I know I am very late today.  Sorry for that but as most of you know with the holidays it is hectic.  So today is my last Fresh Face Friday of the year.  It’s a good one too.  This is a short novel.  Vampire and the Vixen is a wonderful romance.  Kelsey and Rafe share some steamy kisses that just might have your e-reader steaming up.

18361106Book Blurb:

Kelsey Adams is determined to get ahead without the influence of a famous father or by getting special favors from her boss. So it was a big mistake to kiss Rafe Alexander on the balcony at a library fundraiser.

Rafe is mysterious, charming, and sexy. And he’s Kelsey’s new boss. He wants people to accept him for what he is. Which could be difficult because Kelsey has more than a sneaking suspicion he’s a vampire.

Can Kelsey look beyond that and trust him with her heart to have the future she wants? And will he still be there when the sun comes up?


When Kelsey sees the handsome vampire walk through the door its like all the romances you hear about.  The room grows silent and all there is her and him.  Soon she meets this Vampire out on a balcony and share some very steamy kisses and even a love bite.  After being interrupted Kelsey rushes back in and awaits the speech of her boss.  When her boss announces and introduces everyone to the new director of the library at their Halloween party she sees her new boss is the same vampire that gave her the love bite.  How will she work with her new boss knowing what they did and wanting to do more of it?  Also, he is being awfully suspicious and secretive that leads Kelsey to suspect her boss may be an actual vampire.  Can Kelsey really fall for her boss, who may be a vampire or worse?

This was a really cute romance.  It moved very swiftly and the story was well written.  I did feel there could have been more to this story and Rafe’s big secret was kind of blah ending to a good book.  When reading it I anticipated something a bit more exciting than what in reality it was.  The story itself is an excellent one and very enjoyable.  It doesn’t take long and the pace is well done.  Overall, it is a good book, but the ending may disappoint some.  If you are looking for a good in between read between heavy or long books then this is definitely a good one to refresh your palate with.


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