Coffee and a Review with Caller of Light by TJ Shaw

imagesCAXV0948Another great Monday read for you guys today.  It’s a paranormal romance with creatures and lands you may not have read about in other stories.  Caller of Light by TJ Shaw is a great story that will take you soaring on the backs of mythical beasts to lands unheard of until now.  So, with your coffee enjoy my review of Caller of Light.

17159382Book Blurb:

Carina McKay is an outsider. With one parent of royal blood, she’s not nobility, yet not a servant either. The only comfort in her mundane existence is her love of Critons, the large fire-breathing creatures that protect the border of her homeland. But her destiny changes forever the day she catches the eye of King Marek Duncan.

Marek’s heart is closed to love. After an arranged marriage withers to a bitter end, he dedicates his energy to protecting his kingdom. Yet he’s searching for something more–the Caller of Light, the one who summons Critons.

Carina’s beauty and willfulness intrigue Marek, and he’s determined to have her. When his enemies try to come between them, he discovers just how much he will endure to protect her. Together, they can unlock a love that binds their souls, but only if they find the strength to follow their hearts


Carina’s world has been her love of the Critons.  The flying beasts that can be bonded with their riders are assets to any kingdom that has them.  Carina is the half-blood royal that is treated less than a servant.  But, the one day she goes out riding her Criton she encounters the incoming King Marek Duncan.  While riding his own Criton, Marek is intrigued by the woman who he finds riding a Criton.  After a chase, Carina thinks she has lost the incoming rider.  When dismounts near the Criton stables she sees a strange Criton.  When she approaches she also meets his rider.  Soon Carina learns that rider is the King who has come to court her sister.  But, that information comes too late when she is already developing feelings with the handsome king.  With a swift decision Marek changes his intentions from Carina’s half-sister to Carina herself and she is destined to leave to become Marek’s mistress.  Though at first light it seems to be an ideal situation until malicious and wrong information taints what is developing between Marek and Carina.  Can they salvage what they have and become something greater than the two of them or will outside forces pull them apart.

This was a wonderful start to a series.  I can’t wait for more.  Though I don’t know if more is coming when the story ends you just know there has to be more coming with what happens.  Carina and Marek’s love story is sizzling hot.  I thought my Nook was going to smoke at parts during this story.  It isn’t just the story between Carina and Marek that is awesome.  The lands and the unique people they come across on their journey back to Marek’s land is wonderful.  I loved the visuals that are described both from land and air.  Overall, this is a great start to a new series.  It has a lot of potential and I can’t wait to see what TJ Shaw does next.

Fresh Face Friday: One Day’s Loving by Rue Allyn

TGIF!  Today I have a great historical romance for you.  One Day’s Loving is set at a time during the industrial revolution when worker’s rights and pay was nowhere near what it should have been.  In the midst of this turmoil a wonderful love story develops out of both necessity and eventually love.  For the rest of my review be sure to check it out after the book blurb.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

roses2Book Blurb:

Persephone Mae Alden is the invisible Alden sister, quiet, industrious, generous, kind-hearted, loyal and reliable. The words used to describe Mae remind her of a well-trained dog. She’s not happy about it, but what can she do? She likes her quiet life and would be seriously upset if she had to defy convention like Edith or act on instinct like Kiera. But everything changes when necessity forces her to bravery and she must choose between love and family.

A horrifying bequest convinces Boston attorney James W. Collins V that Mae Alden needs a husband, and she’s just the type of wife he wants. The two of them will be a perfect match. Refusing his offer makes no sense, so why won’t the woman accept?


At the turn of the century Mae Alden is the last of her grandfather’s granddaughters to still be around to mourn his death.  Unfortunately, Mae knows that her grandfather’s hatred for her and her sisters will continue through death and she knows she will be left a pauper.  That is where James Collins come in.  James reads the horrific will to Mae.  They both learn that not only does this effect Mae but also all of the factory workers her grandfather has employed will also be lost when this will is fulfilled.  There is one thing that could stop all of this from happening.  Mae could marry and have a child.  That would save hundreds of jobs and keep her from ending in the poor house.  Unfortunately, Mae finds this a horrific idea and would rather wait until the will is finalized to marry if at all.  James realizes it is for Mae’s own good to marry.  So, he decides that her best choice is to marry him.  But, each time he proposes Mae refuses.  Soon they are working together to help the workers and in doing so they grow closer.  Though love grows Mae still refuses marriage even when her life and that of others is in danger.  Will Mae come to her senses before she loses her love in more ways than one?

This was a wonderful historical romance.  It takes one of my favorite times in history and puts a wonderful love story in there.  Rue Allyn is a wonderful storyteller.  This is book three in her series.  I regret that I didn’t read her previous books in this series.  I fully expect to rectify that as soon as possible.  This story has really drawn me in the world that Rue Allyn creates.  The story is very well crafted.  The love portion of the story is also masterfully woven to illustrate the social construct and the political climate of the time.  Mae and James are wonderful characters that both grow and develop in the short span of this story.  Overall, this is a fantastic historical romance that drags you back into a time of class struggles, woman’s suffrage and industrial growth.  You will enjoy this escape to the past and fall in love with the characters and their love.

Author Bio:

????????????I wrote my first story around the age of five and read my first romance at the age of eight. I’ve been in love with being in love ever since. I’m happily married to my sweetheart of many, many years. we share the home of two cats, who condescend to allow me to feed them and clean their litter box. They occasionally permit me to pet them but demand my love and attention as their right. I am in awe of their feline ability to dominate with half a glance or a mere twitch of tail. I am insatiably curious, an avid reader and traveler. I love to hear from readers about your favorite books and real life adventures. I also love my work. Seriously, what could be more fun than sharing love and adventure with all your friends. That’s what I do when I write and publish a story. I’m delighted you are here to join me in the love of reading and writing. Take your time to browse around this blog. Comment on the latest post and tell me a little bit about yourself and what you’ve read recently. Happy reading!

Coffee and a Review with Driven to Matrimony by Barbara Barrett

Coffee-LoveIt’s yet another Monday.  But, I hope that my review will start your week off on an awesome note.  Today’s review is Driven to Matrimony by Barbara Barrett.   It’s a fun contemporary romance.  It’s a fast paced romance that keeps you rooting for the hero and heroine to finally get together.  It is definitely an enjoyable read to start your week off on a good note.  For the rest of my review check it out following the book blurb.

8192betM0FL__SL1500_Book Blurb:

Dina Maitland spends almost as much time extricating her movie star mother from
personal messes as she invests in her forensic accounting job. So much time, she
may no longer have a job once she cleans up her mother’s latest fiasco, her
engagement to a twenty-something film student. Vowing it’s the last time she
puts herself on clean-up duty, Dina sets off for South Carolina to stop the
pending nuptials, and along the way, almost literally, runs into the father of
the groom.

Ben Cutler has troubles of his own with his business under
attack from competitors and a government audit looming. Not one to trust women,
he must team up with Dina to balance his books as well as stop the

Though unwillingly thrown together Dina and Ben are surprised to
find their interest and passion for each other growing. Can they face their
pasts in order to create a union of their own?


Dina is on her way to clean up yet another mess her movie star mother has gotten herself into.  While trying to rent a car she finds another person wants to rent the same car.  When they realize there is only one car they are forced by circumstance to travel together.  Soon Dina finds that she and her passenger are on their way to the same place for the same reason.  Though she doesn’t revel herself she begins to appreciate her companion.  Ben is there to stop his son from rushing into a fool-hardy marriage to a much older woman.  This couldn’t have come at a more inopportune time but Ben feels he must stop this at all costs.  Ben gets to know Dina a little but when they arrive at their destination they go their separate ways.  That is until Ben goes to Dina’s mothers home to stop this wedding.  Though Ben and Dina are on the same side they start to discover themselves thrown into situations that force them alone together.  It is during this time that they realize they have much more in common and that spark between them is getting brighter the more they are together.  But can they navigate their feelings and this impending union without everything blowing up?

This was a highly enjoyable read.  I loved Dina and Ben’s love story.  Though placed in a short span of time it has a natural feel.  I loved the pretense and the set ups by Ben’s son and Dina’s mother.  This was a definitely a fun read that leaves you wondering what it is about water and sex.  This is quick read, but you definitely get a full read out of it.  I do wish this had an epilogue.  I wish I could have learned more about after the love of Dina and Ben.  If I had my way I would have found out a lot more.  So, the only thing I can hope is that Barbara Barrett has a sequel planned which would make this reviewer extremely excited.  Overall, this is a great contemporary romance with a love story that is fun, funny and natural.

Fresh Face Friday: Operation Christmas by Barbara Weitz

Happy Friday, Everyone! Today I have a great novella just in time for Christmas.  Operation Christmas is a warm and touching story full of emotion.  Barbara Weitz really brings the feeling of Christmas into her novella.  For the rest of my review check it out after the book blurb.  I know most of you are groaning at the idea of Christmas but after reading this you will be a little closer to the holiday spirit.  I don’t normally do this but I want to give a shout to my little brother.  Its his birthday today!  Happy Birthday, Brandon!

18692287Book Blurb:

Lieutenant Jess Grant is home from Afghanistan with a physical injury that has stripped away his confidence. Yet he hopes to reconnect with a young war widow he knew in high school. His “Operation Christmas” project is just the excuse he needs to visit her family’s bakery.

Madeleine Belmar struggles with Christmas, works for Scrooge, and is nowhere near ready for a new relationship when she runs into Jess. Her rejection and his persistence create a confusing mix of attraction and fear she seems unable to navigate.

When Jess sees she won’t budge, he leaves their fate up to Madeleine. Between her meddling family and angelic intervention, Jess will get a helping hand. This Christmas will be one they will never forget.


Operation Christmas is a great read to get you in the holiday spirit.  It brings up what we tend to forget.  Many of us, unless your married to one, forget about the soldiers during the holiday season.  This story brings up how family and soldiers are effected by both the loss of a life and of a limb.  Jess is the wounded soldier who has run into the one woman he has pined for since high school.  Madeline is grieving the loss of her soldier.  Both Jess and Madeline come together to heal each others wounds.  Their love story is sweet and gentle.  It really made it feel like they had that angel that they talk about in the book.  Though this is a short story it is definitely a moving one that will warm your heart and have you wanting to send a tin of cookies to a soldier too.  Overall, a wonderful read and definitely will put your own challenges into perspective.

2102507Author Bio:

Barbara Weitz lives in a quiet suburb of Chicago with her husband and a mischievous German shepherd, Heiko, thankful her three grown sons are off making mayhem elsewhere. A career executive secretary most of her life, she’s also held a variety of mundane and unusual employment opportunities, during her sons growing years. This, coupled with a passion for animals, music and poetry, has helped shape the fictional characters she creates


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