Review: Council Courtship by Constance Phillips

Today I have quick review for you guys to celebrate Thanksgiving eve.  Council Courtship is a novella in Constance Phillips’ Fairyproof series.  This was a great follow-up that is opening the door for her next book in this series.  Be sure to check my full review of the novella after the book blurb.  Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  I hope you all enjoy tomorrow with friends, family and loved ones.

18626136Book Blurb:

Tristan Ipsly knows firsthand how Eero’s ideals have ripped houses apart. More than half of his family was prosecuted for supporting the revolution, the remaining fled to the otherworld, leaving him the lone member of his house, and one of two candidates for the recently vacated Council seat. As a healer who is seated on the repopulation project, he has real solutions to the problems that face them all, but fears he’s been branded a traitor, not worthy of the seat nor to court Quinn.

Quinn Vettore knows that Fairykind is dying. Eero and his revolution have left them a people divided, but she believes tradition and the Canon’s writing are equally to blame. She wants to see the Council fill the vacancy with someone who will be the voice of change. The prime candidate in her mind is the same choice of her heart: Tristan.

Too bad her Grandfather is the one man who stands in the way of both


In Council Courtship, Constance Phillips follows up Daniel and Monique love story with Tristan and Quinn.  Tristan is one of two eligible parties for a Council seat.  He is an outspoken proponent for change to benefit Fairykind.  Quinn is the granddaughter of the other party eligible for the seat.  Tristan and Quinn have both had feelings for each other but due to the ways of society Tristan must be given permission to court Quinn by her grandfather.  The biggest problem hindering this is that Tristan’s house has fallen due to being part of Eero’s rebellion.  Finally, Tristan and Quinn express their feelings about one another only to be held apart by tradition and the powers outlined in the Canon.  Will change come to Fairy or will their traditions propel a dying society and in turn keep Tristan and Quinn from their love?

This was a wonderful novella.  A very quick read that stuck true to the Fairyproof series.  I really liked Tristan and Quinn’s story.  This story was very clever in many ways.  It broached the subject of socialism and feminism in a way I have never seen done in paranormal romance.  Though it isn’t an out-and-out exact idea of the political institutions it does one heck of a job illustrating what it looks like to live in a society such as that.  The feminist part was very prominent.  This is especially shown when the eldest of a house has total control over a woman’s rights in their home.  I thought the political issues in this book along with the paranormal romance was fantastic and definitely unique.  I would definitely recommend this wonderful novella, but you should definitely read Fairyproof first.  You can find my review of Fairyproof here.

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  1. Constance Phillips
    Nov 27, 2013 @ 20:50:36

    Thank you so much, Jackie, for taking the time to read and review Council Courtship. I appreciate it so much!


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