Fresh Face Friday: Prophecy by Heather McCollum

Happy Friday!  Today I will be starting your weekend off with great paranormal romance.  Heather McCollum’s, Prophecy meshes together wonderfully sexy Scottish Highlanders and witches together to a wonderful start to her Dragonfly series.  This really is the perfect mixture of history, romance and paranormal.  This is the perfect book to warm up the now chilly nights.  Be sure to check out my whole review after the book blurb.

8831955Book Blurb:


Four powerful sisters, hidden through time, fighting for love and a chance to save the world.


Serena Faw must shut out the barrage of thoughts from everyone around her. Her telepathic powers reveal the darkness and true intentions behind every false smile.

When her adopted brother is accused of murder, the only man who can help her is the one person she cannot read. Can she trust him with the life of her brother? Can she trust him with her heart?

Keenan Maclean is the younger brother to the new chief of the MacLeans. A dark prophecy shadows him. One brother will live wed to a witch and one will die. Keenan is raised to defend his clan and die.

Serena and Keenan hunt a loyalist murderer before the Battle of Culloden and fall in love despite the prophecy’s warning that she heralds his death.


We first meet Serena as her mother is casting a spell to throw her and her sisters to different times to protect them.  She is given one of her mother’s powers to hold and develop.  Her power is the power to read minds and intentions.  Serena literally drops in and is raised by the Romany (Gypsy) people.  Thirteen years later she is performing when she meets Keenan.  Automatically things are different with him.  She cannot read him or feel his emotions.  Keenan recognizes her as the woman who should be his.  When a series of tragic events happen,  Serena and Keenan are tied together to clear her brother’s name.  While they try to clear his name it becomes clear that Serena is part of a prophecy that has been integral to Keenan’s life.  Though his role is different in the prophecy he can’t help himself from the beautiful witch who is turning his world on its side.  Can Keenan and Serena fight both the English and an ages old prophecy to be together or will their decisions be made for them by separating them forever?

This was a quick entertaining read.  I loved the story and the characters.  Serena is a wonderful heroine that really is able to hold her own when dealing with the overbearing Highlanders. Keenan is everything you want in a sexy Highland warrior.  The two together really ignite the pages and allow for a wonderful story.  There were a few items that are left hanging with this story but I believe it has more to do with people whose stories will be coming up.  I don’t want to say too much to spoil the story.  I really think this was a great first book in the series.  It sets us up to see what will happen next with the sisters.  I suspect they will be equally awesome and their men equally sexy.  Though I personally have a thing for the highland warrior, I do look forward to reading more of this series.  Overall, this is a wonderful read that will throw you into a world that you can only dream about.  You will no doubt love the story and the characters while getting warm, squishy feelings for those Highland warriors.

4185696Author Bio:

Heather McCollum is an award winning, historical paranormal romance writer. She earned her B.A. in Biology from the University of Maine, much to her English professor’s dismay. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Heart of Carolina Romance Writers and the Ruby Slipper Sisterhood of 2009 Golden Heart Finalists.

The ancient magic and lush beauty of Great Britain entranced Ms. McCollum’s heart and imagination when she visited there years ago. The country’s history and landscape have been a backdrop for her writing ever since. She currently resides with her very own Highland hero and three spirited children in the wilds of suburbia on the mid-Atlantic coast.

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