Fresh Face Friday: Coda to Murder by J.Q Rose

Well TGIF Everyone!  I hope all of you are ready for the weekend.  I know I am.  So this week I started us off with a great paranormal romance.  I’m ending it with a quick suspenseful read.  Coda to Murder by J.Q Rose has a wonderfully suspenseful story that moves very quickly and has you playing detective right along with the police and the pastor.  For more of my review check it out after the book blurb.  I hope you all have a great weekend and happy reading!

Coda To Murder 333x500Book Blurb:  (Courtesy of Amazon)

Pastor Christine Hobbs has been in the pulpit business for over five years. She never imagined herself caring for a flock that includes a pig, a kangaroo, and a murderer.

Detective Cole Stephens doesn’t want the pretty pastor to get away with murdering the church music director. His investigative methods infuriate Christine as much as his deep brown eyes attract her.

Can they find the real killer and build a loving relationship based on trust?


Pastor Christine Hobbs is a young devoted pastor to her congregation.  She adopts cats of parishioners who have passed away, she visits the sick and she even takes in exotic animals for strangers who are rushed to the hospital.  Overall, she is an ideal pastor that unfortunately has been unlucky in love.  When Christine’s world is flipped upside down with the death of her church’s music director she immediately goes into the mode of consoling those in her congregation that need her help.  Unfortunately, the extremely handsome detective Cole Stephens figures out that this death was no accident but a murder and Christine soon becomes a suspect.  She then decides she must find out who committed this murder.  She enlists her best friend and they begin doing detective work on their own.  Soon though her detective work becomes dangerous.  She begins to find out there is more going on in the Church than she knows.  So as she gets closer to finding the murderer she also gets closer to the lead detective.  The big question though is can Christine protect herself from the murderer and her heart from the gorgeous Cole?

I really enjoyed this quick read.  It is definitely a book you can pick up and finish while waiting for a couple appointments or taking breaks at work.  I really enjoyed the characters of Christine and Cole.  I thought is was a neat take on some of the traditionally thought about roles in society such as a female pastor.  I liked the pace and movement of the story, but I did feel that it could have had a few more twists and turns.  I think it ended too early.  Also, though I liked the love story it was a bit quick and a bit forced due to the pace of the book.  I felt that if a few more twists had been added then the love story would have seemed much more natural.  Overall, it was a good little story.  It definitely has more suspense then anything.  But, if you are looking for physical love in this you won’t find it.  It does have a christian undertone that if that doesn’t interest you, you may find it a bit challenging to read.

4684156Author Bio: (Courtesy of

I am an avid reader of diverse genres and photographer of family, (especially grandkids), friends, nature, and food that I prepare from our garden.

My husband and I are snowbirds leaving our Northern home every fall and migrating to sunny Florida for the winter. I prefer to be called a sunbird because we are flying toward sunshine. Summer allows us fun family time camping with our grandsons (and our granddaughter when she gets out of diapers). We enjoy campfires and fishing and especially hunting toads, frogs, and salamanders with the boys.

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