Guest Post: Little Red by Trista Jaszczak

Little Red Banner 450 x 169 Today, Trista Jaszczak, author of Little Red is taking over my blog.  She is stopping by with an interview with the characters from Little Red.  She is also offering an awesome tour wide giveaway that you can enter after the book blurb. I’d also like to thank Bewitching Book Tours for letting me host this stop today.  So, without any further adieu I pass the reigns over to Trista.

Chat With Little Red’s Parker Pack

I’m so lucky that I get to sit down and have a little chat with the Parker brothers from my novel, Little Red. Not only are these boys quite handsome but they’re funny and sweeter than  pure sugar. I had a blast during our little chat…and I won’t lie, I’m a little sad that I can’t keep them for myself. Read on and I hope you enjoy my interview with the Parkers: Aaron, Colt, Eli, James, Trent and Ian.

Trista: Welcome Parkers! I cannot thank you boys enough for having this little chat with me…my you are quite the bunch of handsome faces. You look good enough to eat! Haha!

Ian: But, we can’t deny that I am the better looking one. *winks*

Aaron: Clearly, Ian is the most insane one, I’d be the better looking of all these mugs.

James: Clearly, it’s been a while since they’ve looked in the mirror, the title of best looking obviously goes to me.

Colt: Haha! Trista, all I can say is, good luck with this conversation. *winks*

Trista: Well boys, we’re off to a hell of a start!…first off, Eli…how many more babies? Do I hear the pitter patter of more little feet in your house?

Eli: We’d love four, maybe more.

Ian: The Parker men are known for twins.

Trista: That you boys are! Congratulations to both you and Maggie, Eli,  I am thrilled for you both. Now…Ian…one word…Jeb.

Ian: Haha!! Who in the hell names their kid Jeb? I still stand by it…that’s all he knows how to spell.

Trista: Haha! I have to ask, at this point, have any of you heard from the Avery’s?

James: No, and I doubt we ever will to be honest. Not that we want to.

Trent: After that ass kicking? Can I say ass?

Ian: Haha!…can we?

Trista: Haha, I think you’re okay but try to keep it clean…I’m looking at you, Ian.

Colt: I’d say after what we put them through, the Avery pack won’t be so willing to set foot in Louisiana anymore.

Trista: I’d say you’re probably right Colt. So, tell me, the Moon Curse, is it completely gone or do some parts remain? If some so, are any stronger than the others?

Aaron: We do still feel the pull of the moon, but the rage…all that hatred and anger is completely gone. We’re relaxed and somewhat normal for the first time in years.

Eli: But, our senses are still remarkably strong.

Trent: We’re just as strong and as fast as before.

James: We also have much stronger senses and can feel things out that a normal person can’t.

Trista: I have to ask…and I may regret this…who is the strongest?

Aaron: Me.

Colt : Me.

Eli: Me.

James: Me.

Trent: Me.

Ian: Me.

Trista: Haha! What about Ethan?

Ian: Well, he’s not here to defend himself. It’s still me, though.

Trista: Haha, I’ll take your word for that Ian, but I’m pretty sure those five shaking heads are disagreeing! All right…Ethan has Red, Eli has Maggie, Trent is still dating Molly…are there any special ladies in your lives finally?

Ian: *winks* Are you single?

Trent: Ian, stop.

Colt: I’ve met someone, we’re taking it really slow.

James: I’m just dating, but nothing has come of it so far.

Trista: I think a lot of people want to know, including me, who is the true Alpha of the Parker pack?

Colt: Me.

James: Me.

Ian: Me.

Trent: Me.

Eli: Me.

Aaron: Haha! Red.

Trista: Aaron, you are the oldest and considered the Alpha, are you willing to give up the title to Red?

Aaron: Red is special to all of us. There’s something so grand in her that all of us can see. Even under the worse part of the curse and in her most vulnerable state, she saw a good in us that we couldn’t even see ourselves. She changed all of us. She may have been terrified at times, but deep down, I believe that she is stronger than all of us put together.

Trista: I see five nodding heads, you must be proud of baby brother Ethan.

Ian: I still stand by it…I’d steal her from him if given the chance, haha!

James: We’re all proud and I know that our parents would be just as proud.

Trista: And Elise?

Aaron: She’d probably steal Red from all of us, haha!

James: She would love Red as much as we do.

Eli: She’d be over-joyed for Ethan, who is finally living.

Trista: I don’t want to say it, but I think I’m out of time. Boys, I cannot thank you enough for joining me. Can I talk you into another interview?

Ian: Jot down your number and we’ll talk. *winks*

Trent: Will you stop hitting on her, she’s married…I am so sorry, we can’t control that one.

Trista: Haha! Thank you boys!

Book Blurb:

littleredLittle Red
Believe Series, Book One

Trista Jaszczak

Genre: romance/fantasy

Publisher: Front Porch Romance

eBook released June 18, 2013 and paperback fall 2013


Number of pages: 207 estimated eBook

Word Count: 62,921

Cover Artist: Charisma Knight: Designs by Charisma

Book Description:

Follow Sam Wentworth through the winding back roads of Louisiana, on a desperate escape from her past, where she falls into the arms of the unlikely and sometimes unwilling hero, Ethan Parker.

When circumstances and fate seal the two together, entangling them with his six older brothers, Sam finds her life changing in ways that she never imagined. Filled with feuding families and a little old bayou magic, can Ethan put aside everything he has ever known to keep Sam safe from the dangers that their lives and their love possess.

Giveaway:   Enter here to win:

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6 Little Red eBooks (PDF form)
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Author Bio:

tristaTrista Jaszczak (pronounced Jazz-ick) is a writer, military spouse and a mother. She is originally from Hamilton, Ohio but calls home where ever the military sends her and her family, which is currently Anchorage, Alaska. She has a great love for writing, the outdoors, fitness, guitar and the arts.

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