Fresh Face Friday: Vertigo by Gwenan Haines

Happy Friday, Everyone!  I know I can take a deep breath now that its Friday and can relax this weekend.  Today I am excited to bring to you Gwenan Haines and her book Vertigo.  It’s a wonderful suspenseful romance that keeps you on the edge of your seat with each turn.  Be sure to check out my whole review after the book blurb.  I know all of you will enjoy today’s edition.  This is a great beach/backyard read to just relax and enjoy your weekend with.  So, with that I hope you all enjoy today and have a great weekend!

Book Blurb:  (Courtesy of Goodreads)

17834341When attorney Blake Cartwright abandons a successful career to turn a dilapidated lighthouse into an inn, everybody thinks she’s gone a little bit crazy. After witnessing a body fall from the tower, Blake wonders if they might be right. According to local legend, the spirit of a former keeper’s wife lures women to their deaths in the icy water below. Has Blake witnessed a suicide, seen a ghost–or is she just seeing things?

Declan Hunter, the mysterious man she hires to help with renovations, doesn’t help matters. The man with the Navy SEAL physique claims to be nothing more than a local handyman, but Blake’s instincts warn her not to trust him. As the mystery deepens, she finds herself drawn into a dangerous labyrinth of secrets, lies, and murder. But the most serious danger of all may be falling for a man determined to leave her.


In Gwenan Haines’ book, Vertigo we first meet Lucy in the 1920’s.  She is the wife of an abusive, alcoholic lighthouse keeper.  To help keep the family afloat she must take over his job countless times due to his inability to complete those tasks.  She soon makes a plan to leave her husband and take her child, but before she can she dies tragically in what most of the local legends say was a suicide.  We than flash forward to the present and meet Blake Cartwright.  The just bought the old lighthouse and lighthouse keepers cottage to renovate and make into an Inn.  Blake soon after arriving gets a big surprise in Declan Hunter.  He is a handsome stranger she finds wandering her house.  As a former attorney Blake knows when a person has secrets and you sees Declan has more than his fair share.  But, as Blake is trying to settle into her new community eerie and unnerving things begin to happen making her question her reality and those around her.  Before long she is dragged into a murder mystery and being the guardian to a toddler.  As days pass Blake unwittingly gets closer to a very dangerous and life threatening situation that could cost her and the people she has grown to care about their lives.  Can she figure out what is really going on before she loses what’s important to her?

In this engrossing suspense/paranormal/romance book you are dragged in with Lucy’s story but stay for the über hot Declan and the feisty Blake.  I thought the story was very well told and the characters were layered and complete.  The story between Declan and Blake is very natural and doesn’t seem forced like some romance books.  Gwenan weaves he suspense, romance and little bit of paranormal well and makes you feel a part of the story.  Once you jumped on this roller coaster ride you didn’t want to get off until you were turning the last page.  I really enjoyed this quick and highly addictive book.  If you like Jerrie Alexander you will definitely like Gwenan Haines.

Author Bio: (Courtesy of Goodreads)

Gwenan Haines writes paranormal fiction, urban fantasy and romantic suspense. She loves to hear from readers and to befriend fellow paranormal junkies on Facebook.

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