Fresh Face Friday: Sucker Literary An Anthology Vol II

Ok. Ok.  I know it’s not Friday.  But, unfortunately I was at the beach for a little R & R and couldn’t get WiFi.  So, for a little Monday surprise I have my better late than never Fresh Face Friday edition.  I am spotlighting a great little anthology of Young Adult short stories.   They are fresh and quite attuned to what young adults go through.  For more of my review be sure to check it out after the book blurb.  On that note I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoys the late edition of Fresh Face Friday.

17729688Book Blurb: (Courtesy of Goodreads)

When Alex’s bandmates invite a girl to sing lead, a battle of the sexes becomes a battle over something unexpected. . . A girl tells her friend about hooking up with longtime crush Fred, but his kisses are not what makes that night in his car memorable. . . A therapy session with Doug might just make Jason go insane again. . . Wallfower Aubrey hooks up with Gordon after the cast party, which would be fine if he weren’t the most forbidden fruit of them all…Savannah certainly doesn’t sound like a convicts name, so maybe hanging out with her isn’t all that dangerous. Miki is committed to getting over Dex, yet she can’t get him off her answering machine—or her doorstep. In between puffs of cigarettes and attempts to smear lipstick on her face, Allie’s grandmother dishes out advice that maybe Allie should take. . . And finally, what’s a girl to do with Satan as both her boss and father? Nine short stories pose the questions we obsess over whether we’re growing up or all grown up: Who should I love? Am I doing the right thing? Is there ever an end to heartbreak? In its second volume, SUCKER continues to showcase the very best emerging talent in young adult literature and give (some of) the answers to Life’s Big Questions along the way


This compilation of short stories is wonderful.  I am not normally a short story person.  I prefer full length  novels because they always seem more fulfilling to me.  But, with this collection I felt the stories all had wonderful beginnings, middles and ends.  Though there were a couple I would have love to read as a full novel.  For instance Aubrey and Gordon’s story.  There is so much that could be turned into full length novel.  I would have to say though one of my favorite stories was about Ella and Jonah in the story called Angels and Serendipity.  It was a story about loss but also fulfillment.  Ella having just lost her mother on the same day as the 9-11 tragedy.  Living in NY she herself searching for someone near the fallen towers on the behest of a woman she meets at the hospital.  She finds a young man in an alley covered in soot and helps him seek medical treatment.  It isn’t until she sees he’s being cared for does she realize she has fulfilled her promise.  It is a wonderful story.  It is something that many people can relate to and one I definitely wish would be a full length novel.  Overall, the characters in these stories are well-rounded and the story lines are extremely well-thought out and thoroughly written.  I would recommend this anthology for anyone.  Young or old you will be able to relate to one or all of these awesome stories.

For information about the authors be sure to check out:

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  2. Stephanie Keyes
    Jul 08, 2013 @ 04:28:02

    Sounds like a wonderful read. Thanks Jackie!


  3. Kacey Vanderkarr
    Aug 06, 2013 @ 09:39:18

    Thank you for the awesome review of Sucker! ❤ ❤


  4. Claudia Snow Classon
    Aug 08, 2013 @ 12:01:38

    Dear Bookmaven,
    Thank you for this wonderful review of my story, “Angels and Serendipity.”


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