Fresh Face Friday: Rage Begets Murder by Marshall Stein

Happy Friday Folks!  Another Friday and another fantastic author I am spotlighting today.  Marshall Stein and his book Rage Begets Murder is definitely not the norm you have seen me review.  But, I was intrigued at first that it was set in the area I grew up and I personally have always been fascinated with the Bandstand era.  This suspenseful book thrusts you right in the middle of dance-craze television.  It shows us the pretty and not so pretty aspects of an era of change.  It’s a wonderful read that keeps you guessing.  Be sure you check out the rest of my review after the book blurb.

BookCoverBook Blurb: (Courtesy of

Naomi was all too aware of Varsity Dance, the 1950′s TV dance show that was a gold mine for everyone. Her father owned part of it; her husband David was the lawyer for the show, and her husband’s cousin, Eddie Greene, was the host. She also knew its dark side: Morris Chumsky, the gangster businessman; Sophia, who danced on the show and bewitched Eddie, and Sophia’s uncle, who was head of the Vice Squad and wanted Eddie dead. It was just a matter of time until there were murders, investigations, and great personal loss for Naomi.

Enter the world of Rage Begets Murder where business, politics and crime intersect.


Rage Begets Murder takes you back to a time of dance-craze television.  What many people didn’t see was the politics, racism and overall controversy that mixing the new dance music with teenagers dancing.  We see this world through the eyes of both a Jewish family and an Italian family in Philadelphia.  Eddie Greene is the “Dick Clark” character who hosts the show Varsity Dance, Sophia is the teenage girl who is making questionable choices and in a relationship with the much older Eddie.  Julie Rabelli is the Vice Cop who is both Sophia’s Uncle and a cop who wants to take down Greene and Varsity Dance.  With these three on a collision course that will involve a network, a gangster, lawyers and investors of Varsity Dance.  But, in the end who will win, lose or die.

This was a fantastic murder suspense book.  I found that I was drawn in by the history, characters and story all wrapped up in a package I couldn’t get enough of.  I thought Blueberry Hill was a wonderful idea placed in this book.  I think it really gets the reader thinking of what teenage life must have been like in the 50’s and what a shock to the system the new music and dance would have been.  It would have allowed teenagers to ponder doing things that maybe at one time they wouldn’t have.  This also allowed adults to take advantage of these vulnerable girls.  This was the perfect setting and set up for this book.  I loved how each character was so well-developed yet could still progress through the story.  It was this infusion of humanity that made the story so believable.  Rage Begets Murder will have you going to Wikipedia to read up on the dance craze and any scandals that may have been associated with it.  But, it isn’t just the history that I fell for it was the suspense that kept me coming back for more.  I almost felt like I was watching an episode of a modern-day crime drama.  I loved this.  Overall, if you like a little history, suspense and murder wrapped up in an addicting story you will love Rage Begets Murder.

marshall-smiling1Author Bio: (Courtesy of

I’m a retired lawyer. Early in my career I was an Assistant United States Attorney in Boston, and later served as the Chief Staff Attorney for the First Circuit Court of Appeals [New England]. In 28 years in private practice I have tried both civil and criminal cases and argued appeals in state and federal courts on every level. I have been published in the Journal of Psychiatry and Law and in the Massachusetts Law Review, and given talks before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, the First Circuit Judicial Conference and the Massachusetts Appeals Court.

Since retiring from the practice of law I have been selected for master level fiction workshops at Grub Street Writers in Boston, Massachusetts.

Several chapters in Rage Begets Murder received favorable comments from such distinguished literary journals as The Missouri Review and Agni.

I currently live in a suburb of Boston with my wife.

Review: The Reluctant Goddess by A.F Firebird

Today’s spotlight is a bit different from my normal reads.  It is what is called Metaphysical fiction.  It was completely new to me and I found the idea very interesting.  The Reluctant Goddess by A.F Firebird seemed like it was a good example of what this little known genre encompasses.  Be sure to check out the rest of my review after the book blurb.

ebook-template-trg3v3Book Blurb:

Metaphysical Fiction
Date Published: March 2012
Ellena Ripley is a bookshop owner from a rural town in the south of England – or so she thinks. But lately, she has a growing sense that life is not as it seems. At night, she dreams of a serene man who appears to be trying to tell her something; In the day, she can’t shake a feeling of expectation. But of what?

 Meanwhile Hector, servant of LIFE and the man from Ellena’s dreams, has a dilemma. How do you tell someone they are a goddess? His previous attempts have met with disaster so he must be cautious, particularly when his new trainee, Boudica, formerly Queen of the Iceni tries to help. The question is can they succeed before it is too late?


The Reluctant Goddess was a bit of a challenging read for me.  The story itself was understandable but it seemed quite choppy in its execution.  I liked the characters and the idea behind them but it bounced around so much especially between Ellena, Hector and Boudica.  I think the philosophical and exploration into what could be when it comes to reincarnation of a sorts was an interesting idea but I had a hard time connecting with some of the more strange concepts.  I didn’t really understand the books having trying to reach out to Ellena.  I understood the illustration of the butterfly effect through Ellena but some of the other concepts I think were a bit too much for one book.  Overall, it was a nice story but I think that it would have grabbed me more if it had been written more smoothly and there was a bit less of the metaphysical.   But, I know that not everyone has the same taste and opinions in books and if you like the idea of the metaphysical, reincarnation and goddesses you will like The Reluctant Goddess.

I’d like to thank A.F Firebird for letting me review her book and I’d like to thank Reading Addiction Book Tours for letting me host this stop.  For more information about The Reluctant Goddess you can go to Barnes and Noble, Amazon or any other book retailer.

Author Bio:

A.F. Firebird is the alter ego of a sociologist/psychologist turned web developer from the UK. While A.F. Firebird has worked in several fields her primary focus is the exploration of six virtues: appreciation, forgiveness, compassion, humility, understanding and valour. Her first novel, The Reluctant Goddess, numerous short stories and children’s books, all investigate aspects of these virtues.

Fresh Face Friday: Neurotically Yours by Bonnie Trachtenberg

Happy Friday Everyone!  I hope everyone has had a great week.  I know personally mine felt like is was moving backwards at times.  Though I had a sluggish week I think you all will love this week’s spotlight.  I know I loved this book.  I would read at work at times and have to stifle the urge to laugh out loud at some the hysterical situations Bonnie Trachtenberg’s characters find themselves in.  Be sure to check out the rest of my review.  You will no doubt love the new find of Bonnie Tractenberg and Neurotically Yours.

13632739Book Blurb: (Courtesy of Goodreads)

Smart, attractive, and ambitious, thirty-seven-year-old Dara Harrison is, nonetheless, still single—and on sabbatical from dating. Ironically Los Angeles’ most renowned relationship advice columnist, Dara has become a Southland sensation with her “tell-it-like-it-is” approach to the mating game.

Parlaying her success into a new business, Dara launches a revolutionary dating service geared for the perennially single and romantically challenged. Its no-holds-barred theme soon makes the company a roaring success, even catapulting Dara onto the national talk show scene—until, of course, it all backfires.

With her company under threat and a publicity stunt gone haywire, Dara is forced to join the ranks of her lonely heart clientele, and suddenly realizes that saving the business she cherishes, means facing her lifelong fears—and maybe even falling in love again.

Witty, poignant, and immensely engaging, this romantic comedy from the bestselling author of Wedlocked: A Novel features sparkling dialogue, colorful characters, and a story that pulls you in and never lets you go.


Neurotically Yours begins with a game of Mystery Date.  We meet a young Dara Lynn who actually finds the potential in the dud.  After ridicule at her choice she runs to her room for a good cry.  We then fast forward 30yrs and see Dara as a successful relationship columnist for an entertainment magazine.  With a tell it like it is approach to relationship Dara is very successful has many loyal followers.  That is until the day her boss finds the column too depressing and fires Dara.  Now, aimless Dara drifts and struggles to find what to do with her life.  After her friend has a bad break-up and they get drunk on one too many Pina Coladas, they come up with the idea of translating Dara’s column and relationship advice into an online dating service for the perpetually single.  Everything seems to be going well until Dara is unexpectedly challenged to find her love through her own dating service.  Along with her impending dating challenge she soon faces a law suit.  We soon follow Dara on disastrous dates and navigating a very hot but quite difficult client hell-bent on bring both Dara and her company down.  Can Dara find love through her own philosophy or will she lose everything she has strived protect including her heart?

This was a wildly entertaining and addictive read.  There are parts especially with the dates that had me in tears….the good kind from laughing so hard.  I adored Dara and her many quirks.  But, I think what really makes the book go from good to hilarious are the supporting characters.  Reggie and Jesse are so unique that Bonnie must know people like them for them to be so well written.  But, to top everything is the hot Nick Wyatt.  I really liked him then he ticked me off but eventually he came back to my good graces.  Overall, I would whole-heartedly recommend this book.  But, I will give you one warning read it in the privacy of your own home or people will think your nuts laughing as much as you will be.

Author Bio: (Courtesy of Goodreads)

4990012Bonnie Trachtenberg graduated from New York University with a major in Film and Television Production. She promptly found a job on a B movie you never heard of. Four days later she retired from her film career after working the craft service truck and throwing her back out while attempting to lift a man-sized coffee urn.
Realizing she was meant to be a writer, Bonnie worked 4,749 crappy jobs (give or take) on two coasts before being published in a national magazine. Her writing career then took her from the health and fitness field to the entertainment industry to journalism and public relations before she landed her dream job as Senior Staff Writer/Copy Chief at Book-of-the-Month Club. There, she wrote hundreds of book reviews and hobnobbed with the literati. At this time, she also began work on her first novel.
Five years later, Bonnie was laid off along with 500 of her colleagues after a corporate takeover. She did not despair, but instead took it as a sign from the heavens that it was time to finally finish her freaking book already. She did. Her debut book, Wedlocked: A Novel, was released June 16, 2011. A second is in the works.
Bonnie lives on Long Island with her husband Mitchell Silbowitz. The two were high school friends who met up again in 2003, renewed their friendship and then fell in love. She has three stepchildren, four cats and a dog that wishes he was a cat.

Review: Lost by L.M Pruitt

Today I am featuring the most recent addition to L.M Pruitt’s Winged Series, Lost.  For all of you who have been following along I have been highlighting L.M’s Winged Series.  You will also know I am a fan of her Jude Magadalyn Series.  As with all of her other books, Lost does not fail to keep you guessing and keep you wanting more story when the book is done.  Through hosting spots for both of these series’ I have really become a big fan of L.M Pruitt.  I know if you have taken my recommendations at all you will be lusting after this book and already starting the countdown for her next.  So without any further adieu I get the awesome pleasure of hosting Lost on the day of its release.  Be sure to check out my review after the book blurb.


Winged Book 3

L.M. Pruitt

June 2013

In the last year, Joanne has survived repeated attempts on her life, wholesale slaughter, and the dissolution on the cornerstone of her new existence.

And the hard times are only beginning.

As the line between right and wrong, friend and foe, and good and evil continue to blur, Joanne is forced to face one irrefutable fact.

The hardest demons to fight are the ones you can’t see.


Many of us who have been following this series has seen the evolution of Joanne.  Her wins and her loses.  Her strengths and her failings.  This book does a tremendous job of showing us Joanne’s still intact humanity and with humanity comes the trappings and addictions that anyone is susceptible to.  It was amazing to see how far Joanne fell when she felt she couldn’t handle the pressures of what was going on.  I also thought that the expectations of those around her blinded them to the problems that were going on with her.  We have so much expectation for Joanne that we almost forget that she is/was human and capable of the same troubles of anyone else.  I did love how Michael really stepped up and showed Joanne how he truly felt.  I really look forward to how things are going to work out with her, Michael and Raphael.  I missed Raphael in this book.  I think he has paid for his sins and I look forward to seeing more of him in the next book.  Overall, this was a much more emotionally charged book.  It approached many taboo subjects such as addiction and suicide.  I think L.M Pruitt did a phenomenal job propelling the story while adding depth and character to the story.  This book is just out today and I already can’t wait till the next!

I’d like to thank L.M Pruitt for giving me the opportunity to showcase her series over the last few weeks.  I’d also like to thank Bewitching Book tours for giving me the chance to host these spots.  If you’d like to learn more about the Winged series or Lost you can go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble or any other book retailer.

About the Author:

L.M. Pruitt has been reading and writing for as long as she can remember. A native of Florida with a love of New Orleans, she has the uncanny ability to find humor in most things and would probably kill a plastic plant. She knows this because she’s killed bamboo. Twice. As a result, she’s not allowed to walk in the gardening department of any store without supervision. She’s also not allowed in the card aisle of any grocery store without an escort since she’ll spend thirty minutes opening cards and laughing for no good reason. She is the author of the best-selling Jude Magdalyn series, the Moon Rising series, and the Frankie Post series. She continues to make her home in Florida in spite of the heat and mosquitos and shares her home with two cats–one of them smart, the other not so much.

Connect with her at:

Facebook:          L.M. Pruitt

Twitter:                  lmpruitt



Fresh Face Friday: Never Alone by Linn B. Halton

Happy Friday Everyone!  Hope everyone has had a great week and looking forward to a wonderful weekend.  A weekend where we can celebrate Father’s whether they are biological, adoptive, animal or any other type of father figure.  So to kick of a hopefully wonderful weekend for everyone I am spotlighting Linn B. Halton and her book Never Alone.  If you are a follower you know that I review a lot of books.  There for I have seen just about everything.  But, I must say Linn B. Halton surprised me with her ending.  It was a wonderful ending that you aren’t expecting.  Be sure to check out the rest of my review after the book blurb.  And, for all of the Children, Grandchildren and Pet children be sure and go give that father figure in your life a great big hug and wish them all a Happy Father’s Day!

16281165Book Blurb: (Courtesy of Goodreads)

Life is all about the choices we make…

Holly is the envy of all her friends; she has lived with the gorgeous Will for five years. She supported him whilst his IT company grew and a life split between homes in the UK and Los Angeles beckons, offering them a glamorous and exciting lifestyle.

A series of terrifying encounters unleashes an inherited psychic sensitivity within Holly and she begins to wonder whether the path she’s on is the one she’s destined to take. The thought of hurting the people she loves the most causes her to bury her emotions, until fate takes a hand. Suddenly her perfect life begins to unravel…

“It’s a gift to be shown something that allows you to make a difference and alter the outcome of someone else’s life. However, the weight of the responsibility that goes along with that is huge and what about the ethics? The thing I have to ask myself is how did my actions change the future?” Holly Elizabeth Atherton


Never Alone begins with meeting Holly Atherton.  Holly is a twenty something living a very good life with her boyfriend of five years.  Both are in lucrative careers and they have the world before them.  That is until Holly, who has always been naturally intuitive, experiences something so strong while showing a house it frightens her.  This extremely strong psychic experience starts Holly down a path she was not prepared to go down.  She begins to be intrigued by her experiences that grow by the day and this throws a huge obstacle in her boyfriend’s and family’s plans.  Though she explores this portion of her life she begins to see her life in two parts.  This is a challenge.  Her life that was once perfect gets more and more complicated.  She doesn’t even know if she wants to continue down this path or divert to a new and unknown path.  If Holly does choose to leave the comfort and success of her planned  future to something unknown is she ready and able to make that choice?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It really drew me in.  It was like a little roller coaster.  Every time Holly learned something new about herself you really could empathize with her.  Holly was so well written you could easily find yourself stepping into her shoes.  I have to say I loved her friendship with Celia.  She is the best friend all women want.  I liked Will at first but no amount of 6 pack abs could make you overlook his severe personality problems.  I also enjoyed the settings.  How the story moved  to different places in England then highlighting the differences between England and L.A was fantastic.  Overall, I really liked this book.  It was a good story with a wonderful twist in the end.  And no amount of twisting my arm will make me give it away.  Go out and read it!  You will love it just like me.

4619822Author Bio: (Courtesy of Goodreads)

A Loveahappyending Lifestyle feature editor

Life is a journey; it seems long but in reality it flashes by in a series of moments and memories. I have found that age does bring a kind of ‘wisdom’. Hopefully I have learnt lessons over the years from the mistakes I have made and the personal tragedies and triumphs that have littered the path I chose to wander. Were there shortcuts on the way? Very often there probably were, but whether I recognised them or simply sidestepped them, unwilling to be deterred from the path I had in my sights, I can’t honestly say. What I do know is that the path I have travelled is my path, chosen by me, unique and often obscure, reflecting personal traits I cannot hide; for they make me the person I am today.

Sharing ones’ written work is a dual edged sword; bitter sweet. It can feel as if you are baring your soul and you have to trust that the people you end up sharing those words with, will understand that. The more you write, the wider the audience you seek. When I write my aim is simple; I seek to strike a chord in the reader’s heart. So many books have inspired me throughout my life and the joy of reading and becoming entranced in a story that unfolds before my eyes, will always rate higher than chocolate on my ‘secret pleasures’ list.

Guest Post and Review: Uprising by L.M Pruitt

Hello my faithful readers!  I hope everyone is having a good start to their week.  Today I am lucky enough for L.M Pruitt to take over for a bit.  After her take over I will have a review of both Winged and Uprising.  These are books 1 and 2 in her Winged series.  I think once you read my reviews you will be running out and getting these books.  So without any more words on my part I am handing the reigns over to L.M Pruitt.

So today is the big day—again. No matter how many release days I’ve seen or will see, there’s something magical about each one. There’s a sense of anticipation, of excitement, sort of like Christmas (or your religious holiday of choice) and your birthday all rolled into one.

In a way, it is like a birthday—a book birthday, anyway. I don’t have kids, but I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about labor so I’m not going to go all dramatic and say that releasing a book is like giving birth but there are a lot of similarities. Over the course of writing a book, you cry, you laugh, you swear up and down you’ll never do it again, you are convinced you’re going to screw everything up…. And then all of a sudden you have it in your hands and you’re looking at it and it’s the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen.

And then boom! All of a sudden, your book baby is out in the world, doing its best to get noticed and make something of itself. And now you have an even bigger fear—that nobody is going to love your book baby the way you do. That nobody is going to understand your book baby the way you do.

I think this is where releasing a book and being a parent really are quite similar. As a parent, you have to trust you’ve done everything you can to prepare your child to be on their own out in the world. As a writer, you have to hope you’ve written your book to the best of your ability, that you’ve done everything to ensure that the story you wanted to tell gets told. Sometimes you do a good job; sometimes you don’t. When you don’t, you look at what went wrong and do your best to correct it.

So, like I said, a book release is a lot like a birthday. Thankfully for every one involved, there’s a lot less blood and gore and much more drinking and hullabaloo.

To celebrate, I’m offering five ecopies of LOST to random commenters. Thanks for helping celebrate my latest release!

Winged Series Button 300 x 225Book Blurb:


Winged Book Two

L.M. Pruitt

In the last year, Joanne Watson has died, fallen in love, fought demons and earned her Wings.

None of that compares to what’s coming next….

Life as a member of the Winged isn’t perfect–or easy. There’s always some new camp drama. There’s always a demon ready for a fight. There’s always death.

And now there’s the Resistance.

Joanne must choose again, this time between her fellow Winged and their burning desire for change or the archangels and the eternal vow she made.

Even in the afterlife, one truth remains–everything ends

Review (Winged):

Winged is the first book in this series.  It is in this book that we meet Joanne.  Joanne is born and raised a southern girl.  Though her life is fraught with tradition she is bored.  Fortunately and unfortunately she dies and that’s when her real adventure begins.  Joanne’s journey to becoming Winged is filled with danger, love, hurt, anger and adventure.  With two archangel’s vieing for her affections and others hoping to stab her in the back she must always watch her back.  I loved this book.  From the moment I picked it up I knew I wouldn’t be able to put it down.  Joanne becomes such a great heroine.  She really learns about herself all the while she must also prove herself not only to the Archangel’s in charge but to those whom she serves with.  I also adored the supporting characters especially Danielle and Angus. But, putting all that aside how could a girl not have a crush on Raphael and Michael.  They are both polar opposites but both have their own redeeming qualities.  Overall, the story and the characters really draw you in and make for a wonderful start to a great new series.  Once you finish Winged your hands will be itching to get them onto Uprising.

Review (Uprising):

Uprising picks up where we left off in Winged.  Joanne is now Winged and going out on assignments to kill Demons. It isn’t far into this book that we see difficulties lie ahead for Joanne and her friends.  Choices must be made.  Will Joanne join the resistance against the Archangels or will she side with the Archangels since she is already in contract with one?  Try as Joanne might she is attempting to stay neutral to everyone.  Though she finds staying neutral isn’t what anyone wants.  She is pushed and pulled and betrayed by those closest to her.  Joanne will find that it’s not only her life that is in danger it is her very foundation of her new life that could come toppling over with this resistance.  This follow-up to Winged is everything you would want in the continuation of a series.  We learn more about Joanne, the Archangels, her friends and those involved in the resistance.  L.M Pruitt does an excellent job of leading you around.  You think you know what is going on, but when you truly find out some real details you realize that just like Joanne you have been deceived and don’t know what exactly to believe.  I really enjoyed this story and I can’t wait to read Lost.

I’d like to thank L.M Pruitt for stopping by today and Bewitching Book Tours for letting me host today’s stop.  If you’d like to learn more about L.M Pruitt you can click on one of the links below.  If you’d like to learn more about Winged, Uprising or the Winged series you can go to Barnes and Noble, Amazon and any other book retailer.

Author Bio:

L.M. Pruitt has been reading and writing for as long as she can remember. A native of Florida with a love of New Orleans, she has the uncanny ability to find humor in most things and would probably kill a plastic plant. She knows this because she’s killed bamboo. Twice. As a result, she’s not allowed to walk in the gardening department of any store without supervision. She’s also not allowed in the card aisle of any grocery store without an escort since she’ll spend thirty minutes opening cards and laughing for no good reason. She is the author of the best-selling Jude Magdalyn series, the Moon Rising series, and the Frankie Post series. She continues to make her home in Florida in spite of the heat and mosquitos and shares her home with two cats–one of them smart, the other not so much.

Connect with her at:

Facebook:   L.M. Pruitt

Twitter:                lmpruitt




Fresh Face Friday: Orion’s Gift by Anneli Purchase

Whew!  Glad we all finally made it to Friday.  Today’s spotlight is Anneli Purchase and her book Orion’s Gift.  This is a great contemporary romance.  You really root for the characters and cross your fingers that everything will work out for them.  Be sure to check out the rest of my review after the book blurb.

17368414Book Blurb:

When Kevin and Sylvia, both on the run from abusive relationships, meet and fall in love, two things stand in the way of their happiness. One–the secrets they keep from each other. Two–their abusers hunting them down. Will fear become their nemesis or will passion and trust surmount the violence and hostility they have endured? The exotic landscape of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, described by an author who has been there, provides the backdrop for this story of romance and treachery.


Orion’s Gift begins when we meet Sylvia.  Sylvia is from Chula Vista in a marriage that is less than perfect.  When she gets some disturbing news she decides to leave everything behind and go to Mexico to live life the better than she had been.  We then meet Kevin.  Kevin is a hard-working husband with an unappreciative wife. Kevin soon receives news that could change his life if he let it.  He comes to some serious realizations and decides that it is best for all involved to divorce his wife and pay her off with a hefty sum.  After his divorce is signed he decides to travel to Mexico to live the life he has always wanted.  Kevin and Sylvia soon meet and learn that the men and women that have been in their lives are not what everyone is like.  But, just as Kevin and Sylvia think they have found happiness they find they are being hunted by those who have abused them.  In the end can Kevin and Sylvia’s budding romance outlast the terrors of their past.

This was a pretty good story.  I really liked that each chapter was the point of view of a different character.  It made it very interesting to read.  I also loved the setting.  This part of Mexico is very beautiful and Anneli did a wonderful job of highlighting the beauty along with the dangers.  I think the most frustrating thing for me was Sylvia.  She seemed to waffle quite a bit about everything.  I understand with her past it was a challenge she had to over come but her leaving Kevin every other chapter got kind of annoying.  Also, I was a little disturbed by how easily the story wrapped up.  Especially the part with Sylvia’s ex and the PI.  Maybe there is a sequel in the works and in that case its a possibility things aren’t so neatly resolved.  Overall, it was a good story.  I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in a sweet contemporary romance set in the beautiful Baja Peninsula.


Author Bio:

Canada’s west coast is a scenic adventure playground. Here, with close ties to the fishing industry, Anneli Purchase became acquainted with many colourful characters who lived and worked on the coast. They have inspired her to write The Wind Weeps.

Her articles on coastal life are published in Canadian magazines.

Her second novel, Orion’s Gift, is set in Mexico’s Baja peninsula. Romance, suspense, and treachery will have you turning pages.

For a love story set in the aftermath of war, check out her third novel, Julia’s Violinist, available now. Purchase continues to write from her home on Vancouver Island.

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