Cover Reveal: Antithesis by Kacey Vanderkarr

I have a great Young Adult cover reveal today.  I am so very intrigued by this book already.  It sounds like its going to be a good one.  This is definitely going on my TBR list!

Antithesis Cover


My name is Gavyn.

Liam doesn’t care that I only have one arm. He actually likes my red hair and freckles. I might forgive him for kidnapping me.

My name is Gavyn.

I lost my Liam. I’ve lost them all. And now it’s my job to make sure they don’t show up again.

My name is Gavyn.

I had a life with Liam, but he couldn’t give me what I need. Then I killed his father. I don’t expect he’ll forgive me for that.

My name is Gavyn.

About the author:

Kacey Vanderkarr is a young adult author. She dabbles in fantasy, romance, and sci-fi, complete with faeries, alternate realities, and the occasional plasma gun. She’s known to be annoyingly optimistic and listen to music at the highest decibel. When she’s not writing, she coaches winterguard and works as a sonographer. Kacey lives in Michigan, with her husband, son, crazy cats, and two bearded dragons. Visit for more information.

Twitter: @kacimari



Fresh Face Friday: Dragon Wings by D.C Grace

Happy Friday Everyone!  I hope everyone has had a great week.  This week I am featuring D.C Grace and her book Dragon Wings.  This was a wonderful beginning to a series.  I loved it so much I rushed right into the next book, Pixie Dust.  Be sure to check out the rest of my review after the book blurb.

12911827Book Blurb: (Courtesy of Goodreads)

Fiction is about to have a new breed of characters never before featured! The Amethyst Dragon series will introduce you to a whole new brand of creatures, called Dragon Fae. Making their home in Avalon, Dragon Fae are half dragon and half fairy. They are rare creatures, and are the chosen protectors of the fairy realm, as well as humans in the mortal realm. Dragon Fae can take on the form of a dragon, but when in fairy form they do not have wings.

In Book One, Dragon Wings, we meet Dade Blue-Therror, the Amethyst Dragon. He is dubbed this not just for his amethyst eyes, but because he was born of a Blue clan Spring Fairy and a Red clan Summer Dragon. Dade is also Queen Mab’s grandson, and heir to the throne of the Seelie Court. When he comes to the earthly realm with his family for his first assignment as Gaia’s sentinel, he isn’t prepared for what awaits him.

Shelby Mercy, high school junior and popular member of Shelbyville, Kentucky’s “in crowd” has everything she ever wanted in life, including the affections of Marshall Townes, Shelby High’s beloved football star. But she doesn’t have the kind of adventure she reads about in her romance novels. When she literally runs into Dade at his mother’s new shop on the Square, she can’t get him out of her mind. But Dade isn’t interested in getting involved with human girls. He avoids her at all cost, but something about her is hard to resist. The harder he fights it, the farther he falls.

Dragon Wings is a story of everlasting love, passion, fire and fury. Fairy tale meets modern romance in this exciting, thought-provoking story. As battle lines are drawn, darkness and light fight for control. And only one warrior was born to walk both light and dark – the Amethyst Dragon. But who can Dade really trust? The fairies who cannot lie, yet tell creative truths, or the mortals he has always been so suspicious of? Will he save the girl he loves and protect the two realms from the threat posed by the evil Winter Dragon?

The Amethyst Dragon series will take readers on a walk back in time, while still being firmly rooted in present day. In Dade’s world, chivalry is not dead, and Avalon still exists on a plane that holds fast to simple truths. Fairy magic is real, Morgan le Fay is real, and with the help of Dade, the Amethyst Dragon, Camelot could rise again. Enjoy the stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table? This series is for you! So join us as the tale unfolds, and enter a world that few have glimpsed. Welcome to Avalon, the world of the elusive Dragon Fae. Slip through the gates, and fall in love with the Amethyst Dragon, his best friend Leo, the Sunrise Dragon, and Dade’s aunt Tryamon, Keeper of the Forest. There’s plenty of room, so bring your silver bough for the Ferryman. And remember, once you’re there, you may never want to leave. But remember, with dragons, you can get burned


Dragon Wings takes from Avalon and the court of Queen Mab to the rural town of Shelbyville, Ky.  We first meet Shelby Mercy and her clickers on just another normal day of school.  A day where they are planning on dates to the Spring Formal and Friday nights at the skating rink.  At first, Shelby and her friends seem to be vapid and superficial.  They perpetuate the social differences in the school in every possible way.  When they go shopping after school they go into a new shop that has opened and this is when Shelby literally runs into Dade.  Dade, the shop owner’s son and Crown Prince to the Seelie Court, is immediately drawn to Shelby.  Though he is drawn to her he fights his draw to her because she is a mortal.

Dade soon enrolls in High School and finds himself in a whole different world than that of the Fae.  The emotions and hurtful deeds that mortals do pain him.  Dade and Shelby continue to have run in’s though Dade tries to discourage any affections on Shelby’s part, Dade is fighting a losing battle with himself.  When finally Shelby is put into a dangerous position he admits his feelings to her and they begin their own path of discovery.  One that involves love, pain, adventure and sorrow.  Through it all Dade and Shelby’s love grows and they soon become one in the eyes of Faerie.  Dade and Shelby don’t get their happily ever after like they want.  They are thrust into danger and their lives are threatened.  Dade soon realizes he was born to protect Shelby and Shelby learns that she was born to be very important in the Fae realm.  But, with the danger and adventure can their two hearts withstand the challenges that are thrust upon them.

D.C Grace’s writing and storytelling makes for an epic ride.  Dragon Wings flies you through every possible emotion that there is.  Not to mention that our characters are teenagers and must deal with plan old teenage angst and peer pressure.  Though this is Dade and Shelby’s love story it is so well supported with the supporting characters especially those closest to Dade.  I loved Tryamon and Leo, but without giving things away I learned to hate Leo too.  I also really enjoyed Marshall’s development from heartbroken to something important to Tryamon.  I am hoping for more of their relationship in Pixie Dust.  I have just begun that and so far am enthralled yet again.  I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good “Faerie” Tale.  For those familiar with the Arthurian legends you will see many a familiar face.  Overall, this is a great series that is both Young Adult and New Adult.  D.C Grace is a very talented writer and know I will continue to read her stories.

4143305Author Bio: (Courtesy of Goodreads)

D.C. has studied various Native American cultures for well over twenty years. She has three daughters. The girls, being half Chiricahua Apache and Cherokee respectively, have been raised to know as much about their heritage as possible. D.C. has also been fascinated with all things supernatural since childhood. She wrote her first vampire story at the ripe old age of nine.
When she’s not trying out a new recipe or digging into a good book, D.C. can be found driving her daughters around town in her Mom Cab.
D.C. lives just outside Louisville, KY. She shares a home with her girls, three crazy kitties, and a neurotic Chihuahua. She considers herself lucky they all let her live with them.
For more information and updates on The Guardians series, visit, or on Facebook at!/pa

Guest Post and Review: Paranormal Properties by Tracy Lane

Today I was lucky enough to host Tracy Lane and her new book Paranormal Properties.  Tracy has stopped by to tell us a little about herself and her fascination with ghosts.  After Tracy’s takeover be sure to check out my review of Paranormal Properties.  During this blog tour Tracy is also doing an awesome giveaway.  Be sure to click here to enter.  So without any further blustering on my part here is Tracy Lane.

Hello!  My name is Tracy Lane and I am the author of Paranormal Properties.  I have always been intrigued with ghosts even at a young age. I could swear there was someone around me even when I was alone. At times I thought I could hear voices. As I became a young woman I would watch movies and television shows about ghosts and ghost hunting.

Some of my favorite shows now are Ghost Hunters, Supernatural, A Haunting, Ghost Whisperer.   I have tried to watch Medium but never really enjoyed that one as much. Once in awhile I would watch Psychic Kids. I felt for those children who were outcasts because of their abilities.

My favorite all time movie is Ghost. I can still sit and watch that one. That is what I believe the afterlife is really like. It is quickly followed by Stir of Echoes and Sixth Sense.  Now Sixth Sense is where I sat in the theatre after the movie was done and others were leaving. I was so in awe over it, I thought why  not write a book about a boy who can see ghosts and make friends with one?   But to take it further I decided to make his parents ghost hunters!  I also gave my ghost more of a personality. Not to put down Bruce Willis, he did a wonderful job!  I just needed my ghost to be more energetic and bossy. But I also wanted my book to be a fun read, one children and adults would love to read again and again. It is a cross between Scooby Doo, Goosebumps, and Hardy Boys.

I put all my love of the afterlife interacting with our reality into one fun to read book.  I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!

Paranormal Properties Button 300 x 225Paranormal Properties
Paranormal Properties Book One

Tracy Lane

Genre:  YA Paranormal

Publisher:  Pants on Fire Press

ISBN:  978-0982727171


Number of pages:   192

Word Count:   33,000

Book Description:

Jake Weir, while on the set of his parents ghost hunting TV show, agrees to help a ghost investigate a 61 year-old murder.

Jake Weir is not like the other kids in Dusk, North Carolina. Then again, Dusk, North Carolina is not like other cities. Known as one of the most haunted cities in America, behind Salem, Massachusetts and New Orleans, Louisiana, Dusk is ground zero for Jake’s ghost hunting parents.

The Weir family has arrived in Dusk eager to scope out some of the town’s 127 reported “paranormal properties,” which just happens to be the name of their own ghost hunting show: Paranormal Properties. What Jake doesn’t know, and what his parents could never imagine, is that Jake can see ghosts! And hear them. And talk back to them! This talent comes in handy when he runs into Dusk’s oldest, most famous ghost: one Frank Barrone, a one-time lounge singer made famous by his booze-soaked ballad, “Barroom Eyes.”

Frank was gunned down by a local mobster in 1951 and has been searching for his killer ever since. When he learns that Jake can see and hear him, Frank makes young Jake a deal: if Jake will help Frank find his killer, Frank will help his parents find a ghost to film for their upcoming Halloween Special on Public Access Channel #319. Jake enlists the only friend he’s made in Dusk, an overweight tomboy nicknamed “Tank,” to help him track down Frank’s killer. As clues emerge and old leads heat up, Frank and Jake learn they make quite a team. But will Jake find Frank’s killer? And will Frank find a real haunted house in time for Halloween?



The voice was eerie, barely above a whisper. Jake paused, his sneaker poised above a grave as he stood in the middle of Dusk Cemetery.

It was nearly midnight and he’d grabbed the wrong flashlight before sneaking out of his bedroom window. It had run out of juice halfway through the graveyard, and he’d been blindly stumbling around ever since.

The moon was full, but it was frequently obscured by heavy cloud cover and he had to wait until another patch moved through to see very well.

He wasn’t scared, so much. Jake had a special relationship with graveyards, and this was far from his first time at the rodeo. Still, it was the first time a headstone had ever talked to him.

The voice grew louder.


It was a female voice, sounding dark in a way a ghost might: dark and deep and frosty.

He risked another step, letting the moonlight guide his path. It was a big cemetery, and well-maintained as cemeteries go. There were headstones everywhere, some leaning, some taller than Jake.


Jake turned to the left to follow the sound. It was coming from a massive tombstone two feet taller than he was, and three feet wider. He pointed the flashlight at it, but the beacon was dim, even after he banged it three times on the palm of his hand.

Then, suddenly, it lit, falling upon the dead soul’s name: “Rose Colder.”

It was there on the grave stone, but the flashlight flickered out just before he could read the dates.

“Silas…” came the eerie voice again, so close he could hear the ghost’s lips smacking.

But, wait. Did ghosts really have lips to smack?

Jake parted his own lips and spoke for the first time since walking into the graveyard. “R-R-Rose?”

He hadn’t meant to stutter, but he couldn’t help it. He heard a rasp, or a cough, and then the crunch of dry leaves behind the headstone.

“Silas?” was the reply, and then the rustling of cheap plastic against flesh. The clouds broke, the moon shone down, and a giant, yellow monster reared from behind the headstone, smiling.


“Gotcha!” said the beast, in a boastful, girlish voice. It was a girl, a giant girl, a living girl in a big, yellow raincoat.

“W— who are you?” Jake stammered, trying to hold his ground. He had to look up a good four inches to see her face.

Her eyes glittered beneath her short, greasy hair. She was heavy, but with her big smile and that cheerful way about her, she looked more nice than scary.

“I’m Tank,” she said proudly, inching closer to him with big black and white sneakers crunching over dry, dead leaves. “Who are you?”

“Jake Weir,” he said, relieved he didn’t stammer that time. “And who…who’s Silas?”

“Don’t you know?” she asked, sitting down on one of the large marble slabs that surrounded Rose Colder’s grave. She patted the one next to him, and he sat, too.

He didn’t know why, but even in a graveyard, even after pranking him in her big, yellow raincoat that made her look like a linebacker for an NFL team, this “Tank” girl didn’t scare him.


“No,” he replied.

Tank frowned. “Rose Colder,” she explained, “snuck out at midnight to meet her boyfriend, Silas Miner, in this very cemetery over a hundred years ago. But Silas’s Dad didn’t approve of his son dating a commoner, so he kept Silas from seeing her and sent a couple of local thugs to teach Rose a lesson. When the thugs showed up, Rose fought back…and lost. They buried her here, and legend has it that every night, at midnight, she rises from her grave to take revenge on the men who ended her life.”

“So…so that’s why you were calling me Silas?”

Tank nodded, and then slugged him on the shoulder. “What are you doing here, anyway?” Jake shrugged. He didn’t really want to tell her.

She pulled a flashlight from her raincoat pocket and flicked it on, right in his eyes. “Hey!” He held up a hand to shield his face.

“Wait, hold up.” Tank pointed the beam up. “What’s that on your hat?”

Jake blushed. He’d grabbed the hat at the last minute, not thinking about it. He had so many of them, and they all looked alike: black ball cap, neon green writing that spelled “Paranormal Properties.”

“You…you work for that TV show? The ghost hunting one?”

“You know about it?” Jake was surprised. They’d just gotten into town, and his parents hadn’t even filmed an episode here yet. That’s what he was doing out in the graveyard at midnight, trying to find something extra special for a new episode.

Of course, they’d kill him if they found out, but he figured it would be worth it if they finally got more than a handful of people to watch.

“Know about it?” Tank shouted. “I watch it every week! You know, the live feed on the web page. We don’t have any local channels that play it.”

Jake beamed in appreciation. “Cool,” he said.

“So,” Tank urged, nudging his knee with her own. He noticed she was wearing plaid pants under her yellow rain coat. “Do you work for it or what?”

“My Mom is the host. My Dad is the cameraman.”

Tank gasped and shoved Jake with each word. “No. Way! Get. Out. Of. Town!”

She stopped shoving him and stood up instead, yanking him by the sleeve of his T-shirt. Dragging him from the cemetery, she said, “I love your Mom. You have to tell me all about her.”

“Where are we going?” he asked, finally regaining use of his feet and catching up to her.

She saw him at her side, looked down and let him go. “There’s a diner around the corner, open all night. I’m buying you a hot fudge sundae and you’re going to tell me all about what it’s like to have famous parents.”

“Famous?” he chuckled as he followed her past the cemetery gate. His Mongoose bike was sitting there, dry and rusty, just where he’d left it.

“Sure thing.” She reached behind some bushes and lifted out a green ten speed with just one hand.

They mounted their bikes and, now that he was looking for it, Jake saw the neon sign for the Dusk Diner just around the corner. Yet, something was still bugging him. “Hey,” he said, “what were you doing in the graveyard at midnight?”

Tank shrugged. “Couldn’t sleep.”

“So you went to a cemetery?”

She  shrugged again, pedaling off. While struggling to catch up, Jake heard her say, “Hey, I met you, didn’t I?”


Paranormal Properties was a great young adult read.  It had a mix of fun, adolescence, intrigue and don’t forget the ghosts.  Jake is a great character that I can’t wait to see grow as this series grows.  I also have high hopes for Tank.  I really enjoyed the story in general, but the mix of the intrigue of finding Frank’s killers and the almost silly actions of Jake’s parents blended very well.  This is a very good book for the younger kids on the young adult scale.  I don’t normally read this adolescent of a book, but I was pleasantly surprised.  I would recommend this for anyone who likes a good ghost story and a whoever read books like Goosebumps or The Hardy Boys growing up.  Overall, this is a great read and definitely a good starter series for the younger young adult reader.

I’d like to thank Tracy Lane for stopping by today and Bewitching Book tours for letting me host a spot today.  For more information about Tracy Lane be sure to explore her sites below.  For more information about Paranormal Properties you can go to Barnes and Noble, Amazon or any additional book retailer.

Author Bio:

I was fascinated with the paranormal when I was very young. I always felt like someone was around me even when I was alone. It caused me to be inspired to write a paranormal book where a teenager can see and hear ghosts and actually makes friends with one.

I use to love to write short stories in school and always wanted to be a writer. But raising children and working jobs I just could not find the time to indulge my passion. Then my children grew up and I ended up having two teenagers at home who did not need as much attention from me. I started toying with the idea of writing once again. So setting aside 5 to 10 minutes per day to write at least one page I could end up with a book a year. Now Paranormal Properties is published and I have a list of 8 more books to write. I don’t think I”ll be slowing down anytime soon.



Fresh Face Friday: False Match by Lynne Silver

Happy Friday Everyone!  Today I am featuring a great book and author.  Her sexy stories steam up the pages and you can definitely find yourself panting after her super hot soldiers.  False Match by Lynne Silver is the third book in her Coded for Love series.  This was the first in this series I read but I am definitely going back and reading the other two books.  To read more of my review be sure to check it out after the book blurb.

17560458Book Blurb: (courtesy of Goodreads)

Book three in the Coded for Love series.

Genetically enhanced soldier Chase Stanton has two jobs in life. One, he must kick ass on all missions for the Program, and two, breed with his DNA breed mate, whoever and wherever she may be.

Two problems. Chase learns he isn’t genetically enhanced after all and Doctor Samara Jones, the woman he craves beyond all reason, is likely an enemy of his team and not his true match. Too bad they can’t keep their hands off each other.


In False Match we meet Dr. Samara Jones.  She is offered a job with The Program to help design designer babies.  The only reason she is offered this job is because she was obtained from the enemy and is persona non grata within The Program.  Though many don’t get to know her because of her heinous association with the enemy she had her reasons, but even with good reasons she is trapped within the walls and guarded at all times.  Her sexy guard is Chase Stanton.  Soon, Samara realizes that Chase is different from the other soldiers in The Program and is not genetically enhanced like his other brothers in arms.  Chase has suspected this for sometime, but it takes getting close to Samara to really find out and accept what he is.  Through personal revelations and Samara’s 4 yr old son Chase and Samara grow closer than anticipated.  But, as their love grows so do the hurdles that they must overcome.  One day Chase will meet his genetic match and no matter what Samara does she will always have to prove her loyalty.  Can a romance between a soldier and the possible enemy really work?

This was a great read.  I found the story and its characters highly enjoyable and desirable.  Chase and Samara’s love story develops as naturally as possible given the situations they are put in.  I fell for Chase and his wonderful personality.  I just wish I had binoculars for those skinny dipping days.  Overall, I loved this book and can’t wait to read Xander’s story, and go back and read Adam and Ryan’s stories.  I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a short but hot read!

4441166Author Bio: (courtesy of Goodreads)

Award-winning author Lynne Silver lives the life of a suburban soccer mom, volunteering with the PTA, doing laundry and working. By night she enters the sensuous world of alpha males and passionate heroines.

She lives in an old fixer-upper with her husband and their two sons. When not writing romance, she reads it. Lots of it. Over and over and over again, preferably with a bag of M&Ms in hand.

Cover Reveal: Secrets of the Moon by Kristy Centeno

Today I am lucky to host the newest cover reveal from Inkspell Publishing, Secrets of the Moon by Kristy Centeno.  I can’t wait to get my hands on this book!   It definitely looks like a good one.  So without any further adieu here is Secrets of the Moon by Kristy Centeno.

Secrets of the Moon.v3-Final.v3 (1)

Teenager Marjorie Emery eluded death. As she struggles to get her life back on track, she believes her efforts are paying off. Yet, when a black dressing, unfriendly, and incredibly handsome hottie walks into her classroom, she’s forced into a tailspin. Marjorie has no idea how much his presence is going to shatter what little tranquility she’s achieved.

Kyran Rousseau’s gloomy nature has a name, one that is potentially fatal under the right circumstances. His family harbors secrets and does everything to protect Kyran. While, he does’t want to ruin Marjorie’s normal life, love has a way of changing his plans.

Falling for Kyran is the least of Marjorie’s worries. With a faceless threat hunting her and a boyfriend who’s as dangerous as he is good looking—how can Marjorie and Kyran keep all hell from breaking loose before it’s too late?

Genre: Young Adult

Release Date: 7th July, 2013

Author: Kristy Centano

Kristy CentenoAbout the Author:

As a child, Kristy used to lose herself in an imaginary world by the means of a good book. Now that she’s all grown up, she gets to create her own fictional realms and make them come to life in ways that most readers might not expect.

Writing has always been a passion of hers but she never had the opportunity do so until now. After trying out numerous options, she realized that writing was what she loved the most and so she decided to give it a shot. As it turns out, her very active imagination helped her achieve her goals of creating believable plots with some ordinary, and some not so ordinary characters that move the stories along in one way or another.

As she keeps achieving her dreams of becoming a published author, she divides her time in between four children and a very understanding husband.

Spotlight and Review: Influential Magic by Deanna Chase

Happy Monday Everyone!  Today I am pleased to have a spot on the Influential Magic book tour.  This is definitely a series i want to start following.  This first book in the Crescent City Fae Series is bound to excite any paranormal/urban fantasy reader.  Be sure to check out my full review after an excerpt. Deanna Chase is also offering an awesome giveaway.  To enter just click here.

Influential Magic Button 300 x 225Influential Magic

Crescent City Fae Book 1

Deanna Chase

Genre: Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 978-0983797876


Number of pages: 318

Word Count: 95,000 words

Cover Artist: Art by PhatPuppy
Book Description:

It’s tough being a faery in New Orleans, a city fraught with vampires… especially when their very existence drains your life-force.

Willow Rhoswen, owner of The Fated Cupcake and part-time vampire hunter for the Void is having a rough week. Four years after her twin brother’s mysterious death, Willow’s life is threatened and the director saddles her with a new partner—her ex-boyfriend, David. To her horror, he’s turned vamp, which causes her physical pain whenever she touches him… and any other specimen of the undead.

In order to save Willow’s life, David agrees to turn double agent against the most powerful vampire organization in New Orleans. Or so he says. And she’s convinced they know something about her brother’s death. Unsure where David’s loyalties lie, she turns to Talisen, her childhood crush, to help her solve the mystery.

Caught between two gorgeous men and a director who’ll stop at nothing to control Willow’s gifts, she’ll have to follow her instincts and learn who to trust.

Otherwise, she risks losing more than just her life.


I fingered the thick, weighted envelope, grimacing at the blood-red wax seal. I supposed the old ones felt nostalgia for social etiquette of times past. But seriously? They carried iPhones just like everyone else. What was wrong with a phone call or an email? Of course, modern methods wouldn’t have been as dramatic.

Damn vampires.

I grabbed my antique silver letter opener and carefully broke the seal, trying not to alter it any more than necessary. If there were any lingering energy traces, I might need them later.

One elegant line was scrawled across the textured stationery.

Your honored presence is required at eight o’clock tonight at The Red Door.

Required, not requested. It wasn’t an invitation. It was a summons. And not one I could likely ignore. The Cryrique held political clout in the city. Pissing them off would only put me out of business.

Did this have anything to do with the Influence drug? My stomach turned. I was the only one in the city powerful enough to enhance the plants needed to create the narcotic. If they wanted an inside track, I was the logical choice. And the most obvious.

The phone rang, startling me out of my worried haze, and the note slipped from my fingers, landing on the desk.

Hopefully it was Phoebe with information on the messenger. I’d faxed the details to her a half hour ago.

I picked up the old-fashioned rotary phone. “The Fated Cupcake.”

“Ms. Rhoswen, you got my note, I presume,” a southern gentleman’s voice drawled.

My heart stopped. “Who is this?” I asked through clenched teeth.

He chuckled softly. “I understand you have something of mine.”

“I can’t imagine what that would be.” What the hell was he talking about?

“Not a what, a who, Ms. Rhoswen. Bring Davidson with you this evening. I look forward to our new friendship.” The line went dead with the unmistakable clatter of a phone coming to rest in its cradle. No iPhone for this vampire.

Davidson? David?

Why would the Cryrique think I had David? Phoebe said he’d cut a deal. He should’ve been home by now.

He cut a deal. Oh no…

With everything going on, I’d completely forgotten about my new assignment with the double agent. I yanked the legal envelope open and stared at the name of my new partner.

Davidson Laveaux.

“F’ing Maude!” I shrieked. With a start, Link jumped from a sound sleep, growling, his eyes glowing gold as he scanned for intruders.

“Sorry, boy. It’s okay. No one’s here but me.”

Link paced, responding to the anger in my voice.

I scanned the document, finding the classification. Sensitive: twenty-four hour detail. The Void wasn’t messing around. Whatever they were after, they meant business.

“Damn it all. How in the world am I going to spend twenty-four hours a day with a vampire?” A vampire who’d seen me naked on several occasions. I slumped in my chair, wishing I could turn the clock back thirty-six hours. Even if it meant being back in my mother’s house.

Heaving a sigh, I returned my attention to the file. What did David have to offer as a double agent, and why did Maude put me on the case? My only notable skill was locating vampires.

Then I turned the page and found my answer. Vampire Laveaux overheard a plot to abduct Agent Rhoswen. Reason unknown.


Influential Magic is the first book in the Crescent City Fae and with this book Deanna Chase has created a series that promises to be the next it series.  The world that is created is both fantastical and realistic.  In Influential Magic we meet Willow.  She is a Faerie that by day owns a magically influenced cupcake shop and by night works for a government agency run by her very spiteful aunt.  Her roommate and partner is a witch with a kick ass take names later attitude who enjoys her job of hunting and killing vampires.  Willow is also over run with hot men vying for her affections.  She is pursued by her brother’s best friend, Talisen  and her Ex-boyfriend newly turned vampire, David.  It seems everywhere she turns she is forced to fight, whether its her affections toward these gorgeous men or forced to fight her aunt who may have a hit out on her.  In the end, you are questioning everyone’s motives and feel you can only trust Willow.

I really enjoyed this story and see a lot of potential in this new series.  Deanna Chase is a gifted story-teller with a wonderful imagination.  Her characters are well-developed, but leave room for more.  Her story is exciting and entertaining with the ability to drive you to want to stay up all night to finish her book.  I guarantee if you enjoy the paranormal or urban fantasy genre you will want to add this book and the series to your reading list.

I’d like to thank Bewitching Book Tours for allowing me to host this spot today.  If you would like to learn more about Influential Magic you can go to Barnes and Noble, Amazon or any other book retailer.  For more information about Deanna Chase you can go to any of her links below.

About the Author

Deanna is a native Californian, transplanted to the slower paced lifestyle of southeastern Louisiana.

When she isn’t writing, she is often goofing off with her husband in New Orleans, playing with her two shih tzu dogs, making glass beads, or out hocking her wares at various bead shows across the country.

For more information and updates on newest releases visit her website at

Surprising Saturday: Death Lies Between Us by Jody A. Kessler

Happy Saturday everyone!  So I am doing a special post today.  For those of you who follow my posts weekly I didn’t get to post my Fresh Face Friday yesterday.  Unfortunately, I had a slight eye problem that prevented me from even looking at my computer let alone posting anything.  So, Surprising Saturday is basically Fresh Face Friday on Saturday.  Confused yet???  Ok.  Now that I have your brain working over time I am going to introduce my spotlight today, Jody A. Kessler and her book Death Lies Between Us.  This is a wonderfully fresh novel.  It approaches the idea of life and death through the eyes of both the person destined to die and the Angel destined to help them cross over.  Be sure to check out the rest of my review after the book blurb.

16150288Book Blurb:  (Courtesy of Goodreads)

Saving the life of someone you love should not be the worst thing you have ever done, unless you are an Angel of Death.
Disgruntled with his position in the afterlife and conflicted by his feelings toward his new client, Nathaniel Evans forgoes the rules and saves nineteen year old Juliana Crowson from being hopelessly stuck in Forge Creek. This alters Juliana’s destiny and she finds herself in a series of near death accidents.
In the mountains of Colorado, Nathaniel comforts Juliana as she struggles to understand her paranormal abilities while coping with her brother’s drug addiction. When an ill-tempered Native American Shaman teaches her the difference between ghosts and place memories, she decides she wants nothing to do with the supernatural world. Too bad she doesn’t know that Nathaniel is part of it.
Will fate bring these two together, or has Nathaniel made the biggest mistake of his afterlife?


Death Lies Between Us introduces us to Juliana (Jules) and Nathan.  Jules is a most unique girl.  She has the ability to see things that most other cannot.  This has run in generations of her family.  Being part Native American it is this part of her that instinctually knows when things are going to happen.  Along with knowing things that will happen she also has the ability to see paranormal entities such as ghosts and Angels.  This is how we meet Nathan.  Nathan is an Angel of Death sent to help Jules when it is her time to die.  There is only one little snafu with Nathan’s new assignment.  He finds he doesn’t want her to die.  In fact, he is going out of his way to save her life, repeatedly.  Jules doesn’t know what Nathan is except that he is an extremely cute guy with the uncanny ability to save her from near death.  As many events thrust Jules in to danger Nathan is always there and they begin to get closer and closer.  Nathan knows he is walking a fine line and can’t reconcile his new feeling with his job.  How can a relationship work with a girl destined to die and the Angel meant to escort her into death?

This was such a good story.  Jules and Nathan are such well-developed characters and the story is very well-rounded.  I found myself almost looking around corners in the book to try to figure out how Jules was gonna kick it.  Underneath the main story there is also the story of Jules’ brother Jared and his burgeoning drug problem and his band’s success.  Not to mention the very wealthy and handsome record exec who has the hots for Jules.  These little wrenches or hurdles that Jules and Nathan must over come only add depth to a wonderful story.  I also enjoyed much of the Native American addition to the plot line.  It felt like it gave it validity especially the parts about the spirits.  Overall, it was a fantastic book and I do believe if Jody wrote a sequel she could definitely have multiple roads to explore further.  This reader personally hopes that she does!

6579843Author Bio: (Courtesy of Goodreads)

Jody A. Kessler enjoys writing paranormal novels and is a member of Pikes Peak Writers. She is a yoga instructor, Reiki Master, and a graduate from the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy. When she took an extended leave from her massage practice to stay at home with her newborn she returned to her first true passion —writing. She spends most of her time being a mother, writing, and teaching yoga, but also likes going to concerts, hiking, practicing herbal medicine, and reading anything that catches her interest. Jody lives in the mountains of Colorado with her family.
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