Fresh Face Friday: Dragon Wings by D.C Grace

Happy Friday Everyone!  I hope everyone has had a great week.  This week I am featuring D.C Grace and her book Dragon Wings.  This was a wonderful beginning to a series.  I loved it so much I rushed right into the next book, Pixie Dust.  Be sure to check out the rest of my review after the book blurb.

12911827Book Blurb: (Courtesy of Goodreads)

Fiction is about to have a new breed of characters never before featured! The Amethyst Dragon series will introduce you to a whole new brand of creatures, called Dragon Fae. Making their home in Avalon, Dragon Fae are half dragon and half fairy. They are rare creatures, and are the chosen protectors of the fairy realm, as well as humans in the mortal realm. Dragon Fae can take on the form of a dragon, but when in fairy form they do not have wings.

In Book One, Dragon Wings, we meet Dade Blue-Therror, the Amethyst Dragon. He is dubbed this not just for his amethyst eyes, but because he was born of a Blue clan Spring Fairy and a Red clan Summer Dragon. Dade is also Queen Mab’s grandson, and heir to the throne of the Seelie Court. When he comes to the earthly realm with his family for his first assignment as Gaia’s sentinel, he isn’t prepared for what awaits him.

Shelby Mercy, high school junior and popular member of Shelbyville, Kentucky’s “in crowd” has everything she ever wanted in life, including the affections of Marshall Townes, Shelby High’s beloved football star. But she doesn’t have the kind of adventure she reads about in her romance novels. When she literally runs into Dade at his mother’s new shop on the Square, she can’t get him out of her mind. But Dade isn’t interested in getting involved with human girls. He avoids her at all cost, but something about her is hard to resist. The harder he fights it, the farther he falls.

Dragon Wings is a story of everlasting love, passion, fire and fury. Fairy tale meets modern romance in this exciting, thought-provoking story. As battle lines are drawn, darkness and light fight for control. And only one warrior was born to walk both light and dark – the Amethyst Dragon. But who can Dade really trust? The fairies who cannot lie, yet tell creative truths, or the mortals he has always been so suspicious of? Will he save the girl he loves and protect the two realms from the threat posed by the evil Winter Dragon?

The Amethyst Dragon series will take readers on a walk back in time, while still being firmly rooted in present day. In Dade’s world, chivalry is not dead, and Avalon still exists on a plane that holds fast to simple truths. Fairy magic is real, Morgan le Fay is real, and with the help of Dade, the Amethyst Dragon, Camelot could rise again. Enjoy the stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table? This series is for you! So join us as the tale unfolds, and enter a world that few have glimpsed. Welcome to Avalon, the world of the elusive Dragon Fae. Slip through the gates, and fall in love with the Amethyst Dragon, his best friend Leo, the Sunrise Dragon, and Dade’s aunt Tryamon, Keeper of the Forest. There’s plenty of room, so bring your silver bough for the Ferryman. And remember, once you’re there, you may never want to leave. But remember, with dragons, you can get burned


Dragon Wings takes from Avalon and the court of Queen Mab to the rural town of Shelbyville, Ky.  We first meet Shelby Mercy and her clickers on just another normal day of school.  A day where they are planning on dates to the Spring Formal and Friday nights at the skating rink.  At first, Shelby and her friends seem to be vapid and superficial.  They perpetuate the social differences in the school in every possible way.  When they go shopping after school they go into a new shop that has opened and this is when Shelby literally runs into Dade.  Dade, the shop owner’s son and Crown Prince to the Seelie Court, is immediately drawn to Shelby.  Though he is drawn to her he fights his draw to her because she is a mortal.

Dade soon enrolls in High School and finds himself in a whole different world than that of the Fae.  The emotions and hurtful deeds that mortals do pain him.  Dade and Shelby continue to have run in’s though Dade tries to discourage any affections on Shelby’s part, Dade is fighting a losing battle with himself.  When finally Shelby is put into a dangerous position he admits his feelings to her and they begin their own path of discovery.  One that involves love, pain, adventure and sorrow.  Through it all Dade and Shelby’s love grows and they soon become one in the eyes of Faerie.  Dade and Shelby don’t get their happily ever after like they want.  They are thrust into danger and their lives are threatened.  Dade soon realizes he was born to protect Shelby and Shelby learns that she was born to be very important in the Fae realm.  But, with the danger and adventure can their two hearts withstand the challenges that are thrust upon them.

D.C Grace’s writing and storytelling makes for an epic ride.  Dragon Wings flies you through every possible emotion that there is.  Not to mention that our characters are teenagers and must deal with plan old teenage angst and peer pressure.  Though this is Dade and Shelby’s love story it is so well supported with the supporting characters especially those closest to Dade.  I loved Tryamon and Leo, but without giving things away I learned to hate Leo too.  I also really enjoyed Marshall’s development from heartbroken to something important to Tryamon.  I am hoping for more of their relationship in Pixie Dust.  I have just begun that and so far am enthralled yet again.  I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good “Faerie” Tale.  For those familiar with the Arthurian legends you will see many a familiar face.  Overall, this is a great series that is both Young Adult and New Adult.  D.C Grace is a very talented writer and know I will continue to read her stories.

4143305Author Bio: (Courtesy of Goodreads)

D.C. has studied various Native American cultures for well over twenty years. She has three daughters. The girls, being half Chiricahua Apache and Cherokee respectively, have been raised to know as much about their heritage as possible. D.C. has also been fascinated with all things supernatural since childhood. She wrote her first vampire story at the ripe old age of nine.
When she’s not trying out a new recipe or digging into a good book, D.C. can be found driving her daughters around town in her Mom Cab.
D.C. lives just outside Louisville, KY. She shares a home with her girls, three crazy kitties, and a neurotic Chihuahua. She considers herself lucky they all let her live with them.
For more information and updates on The Guardians series, visit, or on Facebook at!/pa


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