New Year’s Revolutions!

Yes, the title is correct.  I am going with revolutions instead of just plain old resolutions.  I know I am a week late, but I figure better late than never to give you all an insight into where I will be strive to take my blog.  Please don’t panic…I don’t plan to completely upend my blog but I am going to start doing some new and different things.  But, also keep doing everything that has been successful this year.

First, I plan on adding some new additions.  I am adding Fresh Faced Friday to my blog.  This will introduce you and me to a new author.  Most of these I am choosing from review requests…so, authors out there if you want to be spotlighted then request a review and you will have an entire day just for you.  Another, new addition is going to be my Young Adult Corner.  I have started to read quite a bit of the Young Adult Genre so possibly weekly/bi-weekly I will post a review or author spotlight on Young Adult Corner.  Lastly, I plan on possibly adding on some contributing reviewers.  That way I can have a wider variety of reviews and you will benefit with more books, blogs and opinions!

What will stay the same will be the competitions, giveaways, blog hops (one coming in February) and tons of book reviews.  I know this doesn’t sound like much of a revolution, but change is always after a revolution!  These changes/additions will be awesome and I hope you look forward to enjoying them as much as I do in giving them to you.  So, here is to a new and exciting year for The Book Maven!  Viva La Revoluccion! 🙂

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