Excerpt and Review: Featured Author Eden Summers

Today I am welcoming Eden Summers.  She is one of the featured authors in Halloween Heat V.  Be sure to check out my review after the awesome excerpt from her story featured in Halloween Heat V.

Phantom Pleasure

Eden Summers

Emma stood by herself in the opulent foyer of a Victorian Mansion on the outskirts of town.

People mingled in every direction; coming in and out of adjoining doorways, down the wide curved staircase hugging the wall and more entering through the ornate front doors. She still had no clue why her husband Tim insisted she arrive at the Halloween party without him. With each step she took across the marble tile, her pulse raced faster, and she wondered when he would rescue her from the mass of strangers.

At least her costume wasn’t out of place. She currently resembled an angel from prostitution central. Tim had been eager to organize her outfit. He’d left it spread across their bed when she’d arrived home from work—white platform stilettos and a white halter-neck dress that clung to her curves tighter than plastic wrap. The dress had tiny bows at the hips and a hem of feathers that matched the gorgeous wings on her back. Her chest stretched the limits of her favorite push-up bra, making her C-cup breasts look as though she’d arrived to audition for the latest porn flick. And then there were the panties. The lily white, crotchless panties. Really Tim?

On any other night she’d resemble a deranged hooker searching for an easy score. Tonight however, her costume matched the other women attending the party, all of them scantily dressed in different outfits.

How the hell was she going to find Tim? Most of the men wore masks, some partially covering their features, others their entire face, and for the life of her, Emma didn’t know where to start looking.

She pulled out her cell phone and dialed his number. No answer.

His text message arrived before she had a chance to type her own.

Are you here?

Yes. Where are you?

He should have met her at the door, seeing as he’d insisted she arrive alone. She didn’t even know what he was wearing.


Emma took a glass of champagne from the tray of a vampiric waiter standing against the wall and asked for directions. Two minutes later she stood in the ballroom, mesmerized by the chandeliers that hung from the ceiling, their warm glow filling the packed room. Laughter and boisterous chatter echoed off the walls, and she stretched her neck, hoping to find Tim.

Still nothing.

Growling under her breath, Emma downed the liquid in her glass, placed the champagne flute on the closest table, and retrieved her phone.

What are you dressed as?

Phantom. Black hooded cloak.

Her toes throbbed as she searched the crowd. Then she found him, dressed in a full-length cloak, the hood raised to cover his head as he stood at the bar, his back to her. She smiled, eager to get into the security of his arms and torture him with her poor excuse for underwear.

Before she took the first step, her gaze drifted to the other end of the bar, to another figure dressed in the same black cloak.

Damn it! Her fingers danced over the phone keys.

Which one are you?!?

She tapped her foot, her impatience no longer contained, while she waited for a reply.

I’m looking at you.

Her head jerked up, and her heart missed a beat. Both cloaked figures had turned her way, both staring in her direction, both holding phones in their hand. Each wore a plain white mask covering the top half of their face. Even though their lips and jaw were visible, at this distance she still couldn’t recognize her husband.

Emma adjusted her dress, pulling down the feathered hem, and glanced around the room, looking for an answer, an escape route, a reason to leave. Why was he playing with her? She was all alone in a house she’d never seen before, dressed like a heavenly whore, and he wanted to play games.

Her phone buzzed and she glanced down with a huff to read the message.

Meet me upstairs. The room with your name on it.

Upstairs? Why didn’t he just come and get her so they could go up together? Her gaze drifted back to the bar, hoping she could relay her frustration, but both phantoms were gone. She glanced from one end of the bar to the other, then did an entire turn, scoping the room. Nothing. No cloaked men in sight.

They had both disappeared.

***Book Cover Attached***

Erotic Contemporary Ménage

Five scorching contemporary erotic tales of ménage love to heat even the coldest Halloween night.

“Thrills and Chills” by Alyssa Turner
“Deployment Gifts” by Jennifer James
“Phantom Pleasure” by Eden Summers
“Taking Candy” by Vristen Pierce
“Trick or Treat” by Ana Maria Pasión



This was definitely a steamy read.  I loved all five of these stories.  All of these stories revolved around menage a toi’s on Halloween.  I never really read much erotica, but these stories had me craving more.  I wanted to read more about each of these characters and definitely wanted more of the steamy sex scenes.  I thought the variety was a good mix of sexual exploration and fantasies come true through  the use of a menage.  My only wish for this book was that the stories were longer or I could read more about the characters in the different stories.  I would recommend this if you want a steamy romp with your book.  🙂

I’d like to thank Eden Summers for giving us an excerpt from her featured story in Halloween Heat V.  For more information about Halloween Heat V you can go to Barnes and Noble, Amazon and any other book retailer.  You can learn more about the authors in this steamy book just click on the links below.

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Alyssa Turner

Jennifer James

Eden Summers

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Ana Maria Pasion

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  1. Eden Summers
    Oct 18, 2012 @ 05:41:42

    Thank you for having me here today 🙂


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