Promo and Review: Sweet as Sin by Kenya Carlton

Today I am promoting Sweet as Sin by Kenya Carlton.  This is a sexy paranormal romance.  For more about this hot romance be sure to check out my review.

Sweet As Sin

By Kenya Carlton

Genre: Multicultural Paranormal Romance

 Sweet as Sin Blurb:

The rich and available Captain Drake Devilin had the biggest body count in World War I.  Injected with serum that turned him into something unnatural, Drake’s troop annihilated the enemy, but once his tour ended, Drake was plunged into a world of family tragedy and financial ruin.

Sienna Caldwell is stunning to even the biggest cynic; with her exotic looks and rich brown skin, the playboy wasn’t exempt from her charms.  Buckling under the pressure of his financially strapped inheritance, Drake makes a deal with the devil to marry the prosperous landowner in order to protect her.

After one year, he can return the black beauty back to her island and collect on the fortune that will save his family’s reputation, but the task proves far easier said than done.   The war may have made Drake into something lethal, but he soon finds his new bride was born more powerful than he could ever imagine.  Not only does Drake have to figure out away to keep his hands off his alluring wife, but also he has to make sure she stays alive.


“May I?” The shadow at Sienna’s small cottage door asked. Drake’s muscular frame was a stark contrast to the chaos from the elements beyond him.

“Do you need an invitation?”

“For the sake of my honor and politeness, I certainly do,” Drake admitted. Not completely satisfied with his answer she considered his request. He may not be the undead but he was definitely something.

Sienna sat nestled in her favorite love seat, facing the fire finally relenting, she told him, “Be my guest.” She noted the quick way he surveyed his surroundings when he stepped across the threshold, first the exits-windows, décor than finally his eyes settled upon her. Unwilling to bend to his close scrutiny, she took a sip from her wine.

“It’s cozy here, not anything like the resort. May I?” She nodded for him to help himself to her spirits as he took a seat in a cushioned chair. Masculine man, dainty chair taking up space with his mere presence made Drake appear even bigger and stronger than he had in the gazebo.

“Courage?” she asked him pouring a glass.

“Restraint,” Drake answered before holding it up for a toast. “To good decisions.”

“Good decisions,” she reiterated kissing his glass with hers. A moment was taken to drink and think before he began to press her for answers.

“It’s a simple proposition,” he stated.

“Is it?” Sienna tightened the shawl she held around her bare arms, the fire made no difference to the temperature of the room; she merely made the fire for ambiance but now she felt exposed so close to this imposing man. The bright and colorful flames helped with her state of mind as well as the red wine and Mary Shelley book that now lay abandoned on her lap.

“You’re exquisite,” he said matter-of-factly.

“That didn’t sound much like a compliment, Mr. Devilin.”

“Why aren’t you married?”

“A proposal has never come up.”

“I find that hard to believe.” In a single gulp, he finished his wine.

“How old are you, Mr. Devilin?”

“I‟m thirty six. Please call me Drake.”

“And you’ve never been married?”

His smile was one of a pure blooded playboy. “It’s never come up,” he replied with a lopsided smirk.

“What’s good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander, I suppose.”

Sienna grabbed the wine bottle and offered him a refill; he gladly accepted.

“I understand my benefit in this whole crazy scheme but not yours.” He gently pushed.

“Does that make you uncomfortable, not knowing?”

“It makes me question the sanity of this request, Sienna. I don’t believe in one sided deals and I don’t believe in modern day martyrs.”  From the intense look in his eyes, she believed what he said.

Agitated by this man’s closeness and all he would change in her world, she uncurled her feet from beneath her and set them on the floor. The storm beyond her four walls picked up. Sienna crossed to the window to watch the thunder and lightning explode.

“I’m afraid my answer remains the same.”


Overall, Sweet as Sin was a decent paranormal romance.  I do read a lot of these and have a decent knowledge of the genre.  It was a generally good book but one with a lot of fatal flaws.  I was immediately drawn into the story, but soon there in I got caught up in too many details and a few divergent story lines that didn’t seem to go anywhere.  The characters of Drake and Sienna were very frustrating and cold on both sides.  I’m sure that’s how they are meant to be but I didn’t really feel a connection with these characters.  I truly believe this book started out well and could have been excellent but unfortunately the story has too many dead ends and becomes a bit difficult to follow.  I have to say though the premise is definitely a good one.  It is different from any other story I have read lately and was very imaginative.  I would definitely recommend reading Kenya Carlton again, but unfortunately for me this book had one too many flaws in the structure of the romance and its characters.  If I was rating this book I would give it a 3 out of 5.

I’d like to thank Kenya Carlton for promoting her book with me today and Bewitching book tours for allowing me to host this stop.  For more information about Sweet as Sin you can go to Barnes and Noble, Amazon or any other book retailer.

Author Bio

Kenya has a B.A. in Mass communication, Television and Radio. She has fifteen years in production of television and film and five in television engineering. In 2009 Kenya Produced Dawn a short film and Executive Produced Destination Everywhere the pilot for a travel series through her production company Black R.O.K Productions established in 2008.

Promo and Review: Doppelganger by Milda Harris

I’d like to welcome Milda Harris who is here promoting her new book, Doppelganger.  It is a young adult paranormal romance.  Be sure to check out my review later in the post.

Date Published: 7/30/12


Citrus Leahy is having a really bad day. First she’s late to school. Then she runs into the girl who drives her nuts because she always calls her Orange instead of her name. To cap it all off, when Citrus finally makes it to class, she sees herself already inside. Wait. What? Citrus Leahy has a doppelganger!  It’s probably aliens taking over the world and her life has just turned totally upside down. Goodbye, normal. Hello, paranormal. Luckily, her crush Aedan has the exact same problem!


“Citrus Leahy?” The Receptionist said as if on cue.

I jumped up and made sure not to turn and look at Melissa. I could feel Melissa staring at my back, regardless. Why did she want to talk to me anyway? I focused my gaze on the Receptionist, who was watching me approach.

“You weren’t here first period?” The Receptionist asked.

“No,” I said, “That’s why I’m in the office. For a late pass, so I can go to second period. I have a test.”

The Receptionist frowned and I noticed that she was looking at an attendance sheet. She grabbed a pencil and made an erasure. I felt overly anxious. What was this woman doing? There wasn’t time. I was going to miss my test and it was going to majorly affect my grade. The day was definitely not going well. I needed to get to class.

“Okay, here’s your tardy slip. This one’s a warning. One more and you have detention,” The Receptionist said in monotone, as she handed me the slip. She obviously made this speech all the time.

It was a relief about the detention, but now I was worried about missing the test. I grabbed the slip and immediately turned to leave. I was only going to be about ten minutes late. I could finish the test in forty minutes. I may not have studied adequately, but I was a great test taker.

“Bye Orange!” Melissa yelled after me.

I cringed, but outwardly ignored Melissa and sprinted for my World History class. I didn’t even have time to go to my locker. I’d have to swing back and get my Spanish book before third period, but I’d be okay for history.

As soon as I rounded the corner away from the office, I broke into a sprint. My class was at the other end of the school. The quicker I ran, the more time I had to take the test.

I was breathing hard by the time I made it to the right hallway. I was definitely not a runner. Sweat drops were forming on my face. It was going to be one of those days where I just couldn’t wait to get home and take a shower. I couldn’t believe I felt gross and it was only second period. I couldn’t help thinking that I was probably going to get a pimple from the sweat on my nose or something too. I bet that it would be one of those ones under the skin, that wouldn’t pop and totally hurt. The lengths I went through to get decent grades and be the good kid.

I walked the rest of the way to my classroom, totally forgetting to obsess over World History facts and instead wondering if I had any face wash in my gym locker to try and head off that pimple. I couldn’t remember if I had taken it home or not. I crossed my fingers that the face wash would still be there, in my locker, when I had gym in a few hours. I tried to even out my breathing and dabbed the sweat off my face with the bottom of my shirt. I wasn’t going to give the other students anything to talk about by running in, out of breath, and sweaty. I was just going to walk in and hand Mr. Meadows the tardy slip, ask for the test, sit down, take it, and get a decent grade, and hopefully not a pimple. Then I could get back to reading my fun book and not worry about my grades for the rest of the day.

My mind was already planning how it was all going to turn out, as I caught a glimpse of the classroom through the window in the door. That’s when everything froze for me. The Receptionist in the Main Office had been correct in thinking that the attendance reports were strange because they were. How else could I be standing outside of my World History class waiting to go in and take my test and also be inside, already busy with the business of test taking? I swear. I’m not kidding. I was dressed in different clothes, but it was definitely me – same body type, a little longer than shoulder length dirty blonde hair and side swept bangs, oval face, and green eyes. Well, I’m guessing her eyes were green because the girl I was looking at was focused on her test and not looking directly at me. Still, it was me in there. I just knew it.

The thing is – I didn’t have a twin. What I was seeing was totally impossible. I couldn’t be in two places at once. What in the world was happening? And, really, could my day get any worse?


Doppelganger is a very cute Young Adult book.  It was a very short, quick read.  I did wish when it ended that it had gone longer and we had found out a bit more about what was going on.  I enjoyed the little love story between Citrus and Aeden.  Although, I was disappointed when I found out the bit of a plot twist.  The story did feel like a spin-off of the movie The Faculty with a twist.  I can’t wait to read the next installment in this series because I really want to know more and get to know the characters a bit more.  I would recommend this book for a quick read, but be aware you will walk away wanting more.  Which is both a good and bad thing.

I’d like to thank Milda Harris for stopping by today.  I would also like to thank Reading Addiction Book Tours for allowing me to host a spot on the tour.  To find out more about Doppelganger and Milda Harris you can check out her bio below.  You may also go to Barnes and Noble, Amazon or any other Book Retailer.

Author Bio:

Author Milda Harris is a Chicago girl who ran off to Hollywood to pursue a screenwriting dream! She has a dog named after a piece of candy (Licorice), was once hit by a tree (seriously), and wears hot pink sunglasses (why not?). Between working in production on television shows like Austin & Ally, Hannah Montana, andThat’s So Raven and playing with her super cute dog Licorice, she writes young adult murder mystery, horror, paranormal romance, and chick lit novels.

Her books Doppelganger, Adventures in Funeral Crashing, Adventures of a Graveyard Girl, The New Girl Who Found A Dead Body, and Connected (A Paranormal Romance) are for sale now

*Disclosure of Material Connection: I am a member of Reading Addiction Blog Tours and a copy of this book was provided to me by the author. Although payment may have been received by Reading Addiction Blog Tours, no payment was received by me in exchange for this review. There was no obligation to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and may not necessarily agree with those of the author, publisher, publicist, or readers of this review. This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commision’s 16 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning Use of Endorcements and Testimonials in Advertising*




Interview and Review: Passion Creek by Avery Flynn

I’d like to welcome Avery Flynn today.  She is currently promoting her new book, Passion Creek.  Be sure to click on the giveaway after my review of this awesome suspenseful romance.

Thank you for stopping by today Ms. Flynn. 

Thank you so much for having me over at your place today!

Your alarm clock goes off at 5 a.m., what do you do next?

If my alarm went off at 5 a.m. I would still hit snooze about twelve times before I even realized what I was doing. I am a really hard sleeper – as in I slept through a tornado once – so getting up in the morning is hellish. A roommate in college once threatened to kill me if I hit snooze one more time. I couldn’t even hold it against her because I am that bad about getting up.

What do you write and what is it about that genre that calls out to you?

I write steamy romantic suspense with a sense of humor. I can’t imagine writing anything else. Man, I love the heart-pounding intensity of mixing suspense, humor and sex into one fast-paced, thrill-a-minute ride. It’s what I like to read and what I love to write.

What is it about your current hero that is crush worthy?

Picture Indiana Jones with washboard abs and a bit of a cranky attitude and you have Sam Layton. He is so crush worthy. Damn, he’s really yummy – don’t tell my husband I said that.

Why would a reader want to be best friends with your latest heroine?

You know those friends that you have who always have your back, make you laugh when you need it, tell you to suck it up when you deserve it and would bring you Ben & Jerry’s and a copy of Bridget Jones’ Diary in times of need? That’s Josie Winarksy. Plus she drinks my favorite drink: a vodka gimlet. 🙂

Tell us a little about Passion Creek.

Uptight history professor Sam Layton may have the abs of a movie action hero, but he stopped

believing in the joy of adventure a long time ago. However, when a one-night stand with a tattooed bombshell leads to a treasure map for the long-buried Rebecca’s Bounty, the call to action is too strong to ignore.

All Las Vegas cocktail waitress Josie Winarsky wants to do is paint. But when she lands smack dab in the middle in a mob plot, she has to push aside her dreams to find a treasure in Dry Creek,

Nebraska and save her family from harm. With Sam at her side and a Vegas loan shark on her tail, the treasure she finds turn out to be much more valuable than emeralds and rubies.

Watch the book trailer at


Avery Flynn has written a wonderful suspenseful romance.  She pulls you into a world of intrigue and swirls in a lot of love and romance.  Passion Creek begins in the hot spot of Las Vegas and ends in the small town of Dry Creek Nebraska.  From the beginning when you meet waitress Josie Winarsky you love her character.  She is intelligent, sexy and wise ass.  She is a phenomenal heroine.  After meeting Josie we soon meet Sam Layton.  A very hunky history professor.  With the picture that Avery Flynn paints of Sam I don’t blame Josie for jumping right into his bed.

Passion Creek brings treasure hunting and hot sex together in a phenomenal story.  I read this book in one day because I couldn’t put it down.  Josie and Sam have such wonderful chemistry that the story just took on a natural feel.  The only thing I wish there had been more of was of the Layton family.  They were on the perifary of the story, but I would have liked to have met more of them.  I feel now I need to read the other two books in this series.  I definitely recommend reading Passion Creek.  But, one warning I hope you have a husband, a boyfriend or a handy little friend because you will definitely be very hot and bothered after reading this book.  🙂

I’d like to thank Avery Flynn for stopping by today and Promotional Book Tours for allowing me to host today’s spot.  For more information about Avery Flynn and Passion Creek be sure to click on the links below.  You can also check out Passion Creek at Barnes and Noble,  Amazon and any other book retailer.

To enter the giveaway just click on this link:

About Avery Flynn

Avery Flynn has three slightly-wild children, loves a hockey-addicted husband and is desperately hoping someone invents the coffee IV drip. Evernight Publishing released the first two books in her Layton Family series, Temptation Creek and Seduction Creek. The third book in the series, Passion Creek, released on Aug. 31. Find out more about Avery on her blog (, follow her on Twitter (, like her on Facebook ( or friend her on Facebook ( Also, if you figure out how to send Oreos through the Internet, she’ll be your best friend for life.

Promo and Giveaway: Soul Catcher by Vivi Dumas

I want to welcome Vivi Dumas today.  She is currently promoting her paranormal romance, Soul Catcher.  Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of the post.

Soul Catcher
Dueling with the Devil

Book 1

By Vivi Dumas

 Blurb/Book Description:

One of the top supermodels in the world, Angel, lives the life of the rich and fabulous, until a heinous car accident mars her face. After thirteen surgeries and losing everything she deemed important, she seeks out the dark forces to salvage her life. Angel decides to conjure the Devil for help, making a deal to recover her beauty. In exchange for his help, Lucifer forces her to hunt supernatural renegades, which have eluded the pits of Hell. In her quest to find beauty and get out of her contract with Lucifer, Angel stumbles upon love in the arms of a demon.


The growls and snarls inched closer. Angel’s feet pounded the dirt, kicking up red dust all around her. The barren trees provided little sanctuary. Her heart and mind raced as she tried to think of her next move. The skies darkened above, thunder rumbled through the thick clouds, and the air smelled of dampness.

How long had she been running? It seemed hours. Other than Noel, the other cadets were long gone ahead of her. Being human sucked when it came to supernatural warfare, but she refused to give up. Every day the class waited, watched, wondering when she was going to quit. Two of the others had already dropped out, and they were demons.

Noel passed Angel on the left, ducking through the low branches of the charred trees, cackling as he passed. Angel picked up her speed, her calves cramping and an ache developing in her side. She wanted to stop. Stopping meant quitting. Quitting was not an option. The hellish howls closed in on her.

Angel glanced over her shoulder and caught sight of one of the ugly beasts. Its long, rounded snout protruded from an enlarged head. Red eyes peered through the burnt trees, scanning the landscape. A ridge of ivory spikes ran down the monster’s back extending from each vertebra. The dog-like fiend pounded through the forest on powerful, muscular legs, which carried its compact body. Outrunning them wasn’t going to work. She had to come up with another plan. Surveying the terrain in front of her, the only place to go was up. The trees disappeared into the grey clouds. If she could climb high enough, maybe she could wait them out. Or maybe they would go find another victim.

She lunged for the closest branch, leveraged her foot on the tree trunk, and boosted herself off the ground. It took all her strength to hoist her weight into the tree. As she reached for the second branch, three hounds pounced on the trunk, clawing at her dangling foot. The dark-haired one’s razor sharp teeth nipped Angel’s ankle. Stretching for the next limb, she stared down just in time to see the dagger like claws of the reddish colored beast rip into her calf.

Scurrying up the tree, she climbed higher until she was out of reach of the animals. Angel perched on one of the higher limbs, praying it could hold her weight. She clung to the trunk and observed the creatures clawing the burnt bark off the tree. Slowly, deliberately, a hound dug its sharp claws into the wood, using them like spikes, and began to maneuver its way to her.

Tremors quivered through Angel’s body, almost causing her to lose her grip and fall. Thunder clapped and lightning flashed. Ominous clouds gathered overhead, growing darker as the hound drew nearer. The animal swiped at Angel’s bleeding leg, barely missing as she jerked it onto the branch she sat on. Electricity hummed in the air. Angel felt the energy gathering about her, a strange, eerie sensation floating on top of her skin.

The hound’s red eyes glowed as it stretched toward Angel, drooling from its mouth and snarling. Angel stood on the limb, grabbing for the one above her. As she pulled on the branch, it snapped in her hand. She wrapped her arms around the trunk to keep from falling. The beast snagged her ankle, jerking its head, trying to yank her from her perch. Lightning flashed through the sky, hitting its target—Angel.

Angel closed her eyes as the pain she expected never came. Her body absorbed the energy and channeled it to the beast attached to her ankle. The smell of burning fur wafted to Angel’s nostrils. The hound fell to the ground with a thud. The two other monsters sniffed its cohort and growled up at her. Angel redirected the remaining energy to the creatures below with deadly accuracy.

I would like to thank Vivi Dumas for stopping by today.  I would also like to Bewitching Book Tours for giving me the opportunity to host this spot.  If you want any more information about Vivi Dumas and Soul Catcher be sure to click on Vivi Dumas’ links below.  You can call go to Barnes and Noble, Amazon or any other book retailer.

Now for the giveaway.  For a chance to win an ebook, 1 of 2 signed books or 1 of 10 bookmarks just click the link below and you can enter.

Author Bio:

Vivi Dumas submerges herself in the dark underworld of the supernatural. To balance the analytical and logical confines of her day job, she unleashes the fiery passions of her imagination in her writing. Although she grew up an Army brat, she calls Louisiana home, but has endured the hot summers and cold winters of Maryland for the last 16 years.!/vivi.dumas.1!/pages/Dueling-with-the-Devil-Series/140766029299050


Guest Post and Review: Pulled by A.L Jackson

I’d like to welcome A.L Jackson today.  Her newest book is an emotionally charged contemporary romance, Pulled.  Be sure to check out my review and giveaway after A.L Jackson’s Post.  So let’s welcome A. L Jackson.

Why Covers are so Important

Hey All! I’m A. L. Jackson, author of Pulled and Take This Regret. I just wanted to thank Insomnia of Books for allowing me to share with all of you today, and on such a cool topic, Why Book Covers are so Important.

So let’s be honest…how many of you have purchased a book based on the cover alone? I have!  Most of us are very visual creatures, our attention caught by the beautiful, the unique, and at times, the incredibly strange. We’re drawn to color and style, sharp lines, and bold words.

But what does that mean for covers?  They say you only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention on the internet, and when 80% of books today are sold on Amazon and with the massive number of titles that are listed there, it’s now more important than ever for covers to catch a potential reader’s eye.

There are a few key elements every book cover should have. The first and foremost is it should be pleasing to the eye—something that makes someone browsing titles stop and think, Wow, that’s an amazing cover. This is the point where your cover has done its job in making someone take a closer look at the book itself. The cover should also tell the potential reader something about the story inside, the design consistent with the genre of the book, although it should be unique enough that it stands out from the crowd. It should also give the reader a hint at the amazing story they will find inside.

Covers are so important because it’s the first thing someone sees—the main thing that will tell a potential reader to move or to take a closer look.

So what is it about a cover that draws your attention?


 Melanie Winters and Daniel Montgomery shared a love most only dream of, a love they believed bonded them together for life.  When their world is shattered by the tragic loss of their daughter, overwhelming grief and misguided guilt distorts the truth, and their relationship ends in uncertainty and unanswered questions.

 For nine years, they drift through life, each unable to forget the one who holds the strings to their heart.  In an attempt to escape the pain of her past, Melanie finds herself trapped in a loveless marriage, while Daniel loses himself in a career that means nothing without Melanie by his side.

 Now, when their lives again intersect, neither can deny the connection they felt so long ago.

 But will the power that drew them together be enough to heal the wounds from their past, and will they have the courage to overcome the insecurities and fears that threaten to keep them apart?

 Pulled is a story of attraction and separation, of destiny and duty, of a love so strong it refuses to give up even when all others have.


I glanced at the clock.

Shit—nearly six o’clock. I needed to hurry. I’d lost track of time and Nicholas would be home soon. I wiped the tears from my face before carefully gathering the pictures from the bedroom floor. My chest weighed heavy as I collected each one, cherishing the memories a moment longer as I tucked them away in the envelope.

The memories were all I had and I clung to them as if they were my last breath, knowing that once they faded, there would truly be no reason to go on. I hid the envelope at the bottom of the large jewelry box in the back of the closet, mindful to spread the necklaces out over the hidden compartment. Nicholas had never found them, but I was certain he would destroy them if he ever did.

Drawing in a deep breath, I ran my hands through my hair and dragged myself from the past I had immersed myself in for the last two hours and forced myself downstairs.

My footsteps echoed against the marble floor, each an accent of emptiness. I entered the kitchen, the only sanctuary I had. Every room of this house was gaudy and overdone, designed by the pompous for the pompous, except for this haven. It was no less extravagant, but held a warmth missing from all of the others.

As I worked, my thoughts inevitably wandered back to those beloved pictures hidden away in the back of my closet, but even they weren’t enough to ward off the anxiety steadily building within me as the passing minutes warned of Nicholas’s arrival. At six thirty-one, I heard the garage door open. Bile rose in my throat.

“Melanie?” Nicholas called from the entryway.

“In the kitchen,” I called weakly. Maybe he would go upstairs and spare me a few more minutes, but of course, I never had that kind of luck. I heard his footsteps approaching and prepared myself.

“Dinner ready?” He yanked at his tie as he came through the door.

“Um, not quite, just a couple more minutes,” I said, not meeting his face.

I felt him pause, though I refused to look up. I’d learned a long time ago how to survive in hell. The less I interacted with him the better.

He snorted through his nose, muttering, “Worthless whore,” under his breath.

I gritted my teeth, holding in the anger his accusation triggered.

He set his briefcase on the island next to me and tossed his tie over the top of it. “What time do I get home from work, Melanie?” Nicholas dipped his head, forcing me to look at him.


“Is it too much to ask that dinner is ready when I get home?” he said, “or do you have something better to do with your useless life?”

I cringed but said nothing. He was the one who didn’t want me to work.

“I didn’t think so.” He leaned in closer, his words a low warning. “When I tell you dinner needs to be ready at six-thirty, it means dinner is to be ready at six-thirty. Do you understand?”

I saw the threat in his eyes. He had never hurt me physically, but he made sure I knew who was in charge. I’d given up any control nine years ago when I’d followed him here to Chicago, looking for an escape from the pain.

I knew then what this life would be like. I’d met him at the airport when I’d fled Colorado that final time, the trip that severed the last thread holding my heart together.

Nicholas hadn’t seen the broken girl who sat numb with nothing but pain swimming in her eyes. He saw the young, beautiful girl, the one who said nothing at all but seemed to be willing to do whatever he said.

I wasn’t stupid. I had known exactly what he wanted, but I could never go back to Colorado Springs to face what I could no longer have, and I refused to stay with my mother in Dallas.

So I left all of it behind, moving with Nicholas to Chicago just days after I returned from Colorado.

I knew then Nicholas would never bring me happiness. That had never been the point. My heart belonged to another and would never be his. All I wanted was a way out, while Nicholas got the trophy wife he thought he deserved. The only thing I hadn’t anticipated was how the numbness I felt for him would evolve over nine years into bitterness and loathing.

“I’m going upstairs to change, and I expect dinner to be on the table when I get back down here.” He had been this way since the first day I arrived; I had a role to play, and he expected me to play it well.

When he left the room, I gathered our plates and took them into the dining room. I wasn’t really afraid of Nicholas, but I didn’t want to fight. It was exhausting and got me nowhere, and even if it did, I still wouldn’t be happy, so it really didn’t matter anyway. It was just easier to do what he said.

Ten minutes later, I heard him returning. Just the sound of his heavy steps made my stomach turn. It still shocked me that I could feel so much hatred for one person. I watched him bound down the stairs, his tall body well muscled and agile for his forty-four years. His black hair hadn’t thinned and it was usually meticulously styled, though he obviously had run his hands through it. His eyes were nearly as dark as his hair and filled with unmerited pride. He may have been attractive, though that was something I could never see. His mere presence warned my instincts to escape, always smarter than my head.

“About fucking time,” he spat, letting me know just how disappointing I was.


Taking a seat across from me, he lifted his fork and began to eat. I picked at my chicken, pushing it around my plate. I could rarely stomach anything when he was around.

As he ate, I lost myself in the silence, my mind drawn back to Colorado.

“We have a dinner Thursday,” he abruptly broke through the quiet, pulling me from my daydream. I had to run his words through my mind again before I realized what he had said.

I closed my eyes, suppressing a sigh. Great. Another business dinner. It was the perfect time for me to play my part—the perfect wife with her perfect smile plastered across her perfect face, nodding mindlessly while her husband gave his proposal as if her presence would somehow change the outcome. The whole thing was ridiculous. It was part of my job though, so I nodded that I’d heard him and looked back to my plate.

“This is a huge account, Melanie.” He sat back, eyeing me critically as if I didn’t already understand my role in this little charade. “It’s a medical complex that’ll bring in a couple million in profit, so I don’t want you fucking this up for me.”

I almost laughed. Did he really think that my presence would sway the decision?

Nicholas went on about details I really didn’t care to know, about how much money he would make and how much recognition his company would gain if they built this complex.

The only comfort I found was in knowing Shane would be at the dinner. Shane Preston was Nicholas’s business partner and the nicest guy I knew. While Nicholas was cocky and arrogant and felt the world owed him, Shane was modest and thankful for all he had. He continually cleaned up the messes Nicholas caused, soothing clients’ nerves and regaining their trust after Nicholas had done something unethical.

The dinner also meant that Katie, Shane’s wife, would be there. She was the one friend I had in this world. She knew the real me and was the only one I had ever taken into my confidence since I’d married Nicholas. Shane and Katie’s presence there would at least make the evening bearable.

Nicholas finished his food, while I cleared the table and took the dishes into the kitchen. I was exhausted. I wondered how much more of this I could take. Surely, I would never survive this life sentence I’d imposed on myself. I loaded the dishwasher and went upstairs to take a bath.

Turning the hot water valve full blast, I let it run, anxious to feel the heat relax my muscles. I unbuttoned my pants and slid them down, shrugging them off my feet. As I pulled my shirt over my head, my gaze reflexively dropped to my stomach as I caught my reflection in the mirror, my first instinct to seek out the marred skin that bore her wounds.

I caressed along the puckered, angry scar that slanted in a long, jagged line across my lower abdomen, wishing she could somehow find comfort in my touch. Chills shook my body as I ran my fingers over the still sensitive skin and, just like every night, the bitterness and anger I found myself feeling faded away into sadness as I lost myself in this tangible reminder of my child. I loved her so much.

Steam filled the room, and I eased myself into the water and allowed myself to drift back to Daniel. I missed him, almost more than I could bear. This was never supposed to have happened to us. We were supposed to make it—we should have made it.

“Melanie, hurry up and get in here!” I cringed as Nicholas yelled from the bedroom.

Shit. I’d hoped he’d be asleep by now.

Reluctantly, I rose and pushed the memories aside. I wrapped myself in my robe, slow to finish my normal routine. I shouldn’t have been stalling; he’d wait. Still, I took my time as I brushed my teeth and ran a brush through my long brown curls. I inhaled deeply and took one last look at myself before going into the bedroom.

“Don’t keep me waiting like that,” Nicholas rebuked from his place under the covers.

This was by far the worst part of our arrangement. I couldn’t help but feel like a prostitute, cheating on my own heart, when I lay beneath this man. I crawled into bed next to him, praying he would at least have the decency to turn off the light.

He untied the belt on my robe and groped my breast with his callused hand. My body roiled with disgust that he mistook as anticipation. “You like that, don’t you,” he growled as his foulness spread across my face. I fought against my instinct to flee and, instead, reached over to the bedside table and flicked off the lamp.

The blackness enveloped the room, allowing me to remove myself mentally from the sick situation. I closed my eyes to find an image of Daniel—a flash of messy blond hair.

“You’re mine.” Nicholas’s voice jerked me back into reality, making me acutely aware of his sweaty panting body hovering above me. I closed my eyes tighter, willing my mind away.

“Melanie, my love. You’re so beautiful,” he said as he held my body against his, tender caresses igniting a fire deep within me.

“Daniel,” was all I could manage as he made love to me, each touch a whisper across my skin. He gently kissed my neck as he moved against me, and I felt the pressure build with each stroke of his body.

“Melanie, you feel so good,” he ground out, his voice rough with emotion.

I couldn’t help the little moan that escaped my lips, the flash of desire that washed over my body as it remembered the way only Daniel could make me feel.

“That’s right. I feel good, don’t I?” Nicholas grunted as he finished and collapsed with all of his weight on me.

The nausea swept through me, and I pushed Nicholas away. “I need to clean up,” I choked over my standard excuse as I rushed to the bathroom. I fell to my knees at the toilet, desperate to purge away the hate I had for myself. The act only left me feeling more empty and alone.

Holding onto the vanity for support, I pulled myself up to stand. I rinsed my mouth and splashed water on my face—anything to make me feel clean again—but there was nothing that could wash away the shame.

I stared at myself in the mirror, the reflection no longer one I recognized. The girl I remembered was seventeen—full of life and love. The one staring back at me may as well have been dead. The only life left flickered in the periphery of my consciousness where a familiar comfort waited in the darkness. As I climbed into bed, I grasped for it, desperate to feel him for one moment more.


This has to be one of the most emotionally charged stories I have read in a while.  The connection that Melanie and Daniel share is almost beyond words.  You truly feel their emotions through A.L Jackson’s words.  The journey these two characters go through is so touching.  They first find a love that one only dreams up but due to outside influences and one tragic event they are driven apart. The youth of the character initially feels like unbelievable to find emotions so strong.  But, after everything Daniel and Melanie go through in such a short time you see they are truly old souls that are capable of feeling the depths of emotions that even years of separation can’t sever.

A.L Jackson also illustrates the horrible side of human nature.  The greed and the menace that some of her characters exude draws you into the true aspects of what people can be like.  In Pulled,  you feel the love, loss, fear and guilt so strongly this book will leave you craving more of that emotional connection with Daniel and Melanie.  I would suggest reading this book if like Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster or any of Nicholas Sparks or Richard Paul Evan’s books.  Be sure to pick up a box of tissues when your pick up this book.

I would like to thank A.L Jackson for stopping by today and for Reading Addiction Book Tours for allowing me to host this stop on the book tour.  For more information about A.L Jackson and Pulled be sure to check out A.L’s bio below.  You can also get more information about Pulled by going to Barnes and Noble, Amazon and any other book retailer.

To be entered to win an ebook copy of Pulled just be sure to comment about your favorite book covers.

Author Bio:

A.L. Jackson first found a love for writing during her days as a young mother and college student.  She filled the journals she carried with short stories and poems used as an emotional outlet for the difficulties and joys she found in day-to-day life.

Years later, she shared a short story she’d been working on with her two closest friends and, with their encouragement, this story became her first full length novel. A.L. now spends her days writing in Southern Arizona where she lives with her husband and three beautiful children. Her favorite pastime is spending time with the ones she loves.

Interview and Review: Fairyproof by Constance Phillips

I’d like to welcome Constance Phillips today.  She is here promoting her new book, Fairyproof.  Be sure to check out my review of Fairyproof after my interview with Constance Phillips.

Thank you for stopping by today.  I really enjoyed Fairyproof.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review Fairyproof, and for having me on your blog today!

What drew you to the idea of fairies?

Actually, I was in the mood to write something light and fun. I’d just finished my second manuscript in a row that was dark, and I felt like my writing was affecting my mood.  The first draft of Fairyproof was a short story. It was much more lighthearted too. In the end, fun and light wasn’t really my voice. So, in subsequent drafts, it turned into what it is now.

The popular idea of fairies is that they have wings and look like Tinkerbell.  What made you change that stereotype?

When I came up with the idea that there would be conflicts between the fairies and the humans, I felt it made more sense if they blended physically.

Monique makes a joke in Fairyproof about not looking at all like tinkerbell, and I plan to explore how common lore developed into the Fairproof world lore in the next couple of books in the series (if the stars and heavens align).

Will we be seeing more stories based on the characters in Fairyproof?  I would love to see more of Leal and Veronica.

I hope so! I’m currently writing another book in this world that focuses on Keiran, He goes through a lot in Fairyproof, and I wanted to give him a shot at happiness (after he goes through some more stuff!).

I definitely have ideas for future books centering on Leal and Veronica, and would love to see them make their way to the shelves. Keep your fingers crossed.

Are any of your characters based on people you know or even yourself?

Not in the sense that any one character is based on a single person. I put a bit of myself and a bit of other people in each and every character.

Knowing you like the paranormal if you could meet one paranormal being (safely) what/who would that be and why?

I was a big fan of the early Anita Blake books by Laurell K. Hamilton, and was especially fond of Asher. Also, Acheron from the Sherrilyn Kenyon books would be fun.

Do you have any authors you read that have inspired your writing?

The two I mentioned in the last question were the authors that brought me into reading paranormal. I’m also a big JR Ward fan. I don’t know if they inspired the writing, so to speak, but they did inspire me to start writing paranormal.

Ok…now I am gonna ask you just a couple fun/silly questions.  Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Oh yeah! Chocolate. Ice Cream. 80s pop music.

Can you share with me three things that not many people know about you?

Boy this is hard. I don’t have a lot of “secrets.” I guess one would be that I like order. I say people wouldn’t know that about me because I tend to look very disorganized. The fact is, no matter how messy it looks, everything is in its place and there for a reason.

I think another secret would be that my mind is almost always spinning stories. It very rarely turns off for me. If I’m watching a movie or a tv show, my mind takes this or that and runs with a whole new tale. People I see on the street or in stores aren’t immune either.

A third? People probably don’t know how much I love to take a day every now and again to just stay in my PJs and watch old movies on Netflix. It’s the only time and way that I can truly relax.

What is your ultimate dream as a writer?

To be read. Of course, a best seller list would be nice, and the ultimate dream, but honestly, just knowing that my book is being read by others is a huge dream-come-true for me.

Finally,  do you have any strange/unique rituals that you go through when writing?

I don’t know if it’s strange, but I need a cup of coffee (or a diet coke, if I’ve had my coffee fill for the day) by my side and when I’m writing I turn on some music really low, mostly to give me something to close out. It helps to up my concentration.

Thank you again for stopping by and I really look forward to reading your next book.

Thanks for having me!!}

By Constance Phillips

 Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Crescent Moon Press

Date of Publication:  September 4, 2012

 ISBN: 978-1-937254-75-9

Book Description:

When Monique finds out her brother, Kieran, is planning her future with the one fairy she wants nothing to do with, she seeks refuge in the human world. Now Kieran fears she will be the next victim in a string of murdered fairies and is determined to bring her home.

Hiding should be a breeze. She can control any human with a flirtatious smile and an attraction spell. Until she meets Daniel Elliot, the only human who’s immune to both.

A year ago, Daniel’s fiancée disappeared with the engagement ring, an Elliot family heirloom. He’s ready to move forward with his life, but his mother’s obsession with retrieving the ring makes that impossible. Then Monique walks into his office to apply for a job.

Daniel and Monique can’t deny their attraction, but will the reason he’s Fairyproof be too much to overcome?


(This is the scene in which the hero and heroine meet. Monique is interviewing for a job, and has given a false name – Naomi – because she is in hiding.)

Two large windows overlooked the park across the street, a tell-tale sign of his success in the business world. The park looming ten stories below, a bit of nature captured between the high-rise office buildings, reminded Moni            que of the world she ran from. It was a slice of serenity amidst a chaotic city, and a dynamic illustration of the two worlds she was caught between.

A large, cherry desk with no clutter sat near one window. Other than a tray full of files in the left corner, only a computer monitor sat on the polished surface. In front of it were three reddish-brown leather chairs with cherry end tables separating them.

Both her father and brother used to say “focus on your strengths and downplay your weaknesses,” and that’s what needed to be done. Her best assets were physical: long legs, a small waist, and breasts that would always turn a man’s head, especially when she unbuttoned the top two buttons and wore a push up bra. Five-nine before slipping on the three-inch black heels, she towered over most women. The shoes matched a very short skirt and sleek-fitting jacket.

She shifted her weight, started across the room and focused on Daniel. Sitting behind the desk, his head was buried in a file. All she could see was his jet-black hair. Bone straight, it framed his face and brushed his shoulders with just enough gray at the temples to raise her pulse.

Then he looked up.

Gray eyes met hers from behind black-rimmed glasses. Her heart lurched in her chest. Charming him would be a pleasure.

Holding his gaze, she set her shoulders back enough that his eyes would drop lower, and closed the distance between them. She offered her hand across the desk and tipped her head, letting her hair fall across her right shoulder. When his large hand enveloped hers, she smiled and cast an enchantment spell. “Mr. Elliot, I’m Naomi Sanders.”

She waited for the familiar haze to cloud his eyes, a sure sign he was under her control.

He accepted her hand, cradled it in his for a brief moment before turning his attention to his assistant who handed him her paperwork.

No haze. He didn’t move toward her with an infatuated grin, just went about his business. A sharp pain seized her heart, radiating through her chest. What could have gone wrong? Casting an enchantment spell was second nature. She’d been using them to get what she wanted since seeking refuge among the humans.

As she lowered herself into one of the chairs, her mind grappled with what had gone wrong, and her body slipped into the familiar: teasing the man in front of her. She crossed her long legs, and let her skirt slide up her thigh.

Unaffected, Daniel read her file as he walked around his desk and leaned back against it. After a moment, he looked up and asked, “Why did you leave your last job?”

She shifted her weight in the chair, uncrossing her long legs and crossing them again in the opposite direction. He didn’t appear moved at all by her physical appearance, but even with her worries Monique couldn’t ignore him or the way his dark, tailored suit accented his long, lean body.

A smile crossed his thin lips, but not for the reason she wanted. He hadn’t even noticed her legs. Contact hadn’t been broken by his crisp, clear eyes. The grin turned to a light chuckle. “If that question is too hard, Miss Sanders, maybe we’re both wasting our time.”

Her cheeks flushed and she knew they were reddening with embarrassment. Worried they clashed with her hair, she tried to swallow the blush. If winning this job the old-fashioned way wasn’t going to work, then she wasn’t going to get it. Still, she had to say something. Fear knotted her stomach as she stammered, “It’s not too hard, Mr. Elliot. I needed a new start, so I moved.”

“From the locations of your last three jobs — Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and Boston — it seems like you’ve needed a few new starts. Now, it’s Elgin, Illinois. Some would say moving across country when you don’t have a job lined up is a very stupid thing to do.”

A glint in his eyes that told her he didn’t agree with that statement. She followed that instinct and moved forward, hoping to salvage things. “I’m not worried. If I don’t get this job, I’ll find another.”

If he was immune to her spells, was she also transparent to him? Did he know she was lying? Could he see just how desperate she was? Her fears raced through her head, breaking her concentration.

“I would say you’re brave and a go-getter.”

Wait. Those were positive attributes. Right?

He tapped the pen on the edge of his desk, studying her file. “On the other hand, I’m worried wanderlust might strike again. The reason there is an opening at all is because Renee’s new husband’s job is taking them both out of state. I don’t want to have to go through a search like this again in six months when you decide you need another change.”

She’d be lucky if she was still here in six weeks, but she couldn’t tell Daniel that. The fact she had to tell him anything at all annoyed her. Her prowess and powers should have had this job cinched by now. He should be sending the other girls home and inviting her to lunch.

But she couldn’t let her frustration derail her. This job was too important to her survival to let it slip away. She dug deep, reached out and touched his knee so she could cast the spell again. Smiling in his direction, she said, “If you give me the chance, I won’t disappoint you.”

He shifted to his right and let her hand slip away as his eyes returned to the file. His lower lip curled between his teeth as he studied her application, not dissuaded from the task at hand. He didn’t even seem to recognize the subtle inflection in her voice.

Instead, he was going on and on with legitimate questions about her employment history and her knowledge of the business world. Could she work weekends if asked? Was she familiar with the software their computers used? Did she have experience with multi-line phones? Did she consider herself a people person?

Some she answered honestly. Others she flubbed her way through, making up the best answers she could. Unfortunately, thinking on her feet was not what she considered a strong suit and she was having a hard time deciphering how Daniel was reacting to her. It just wasn’t happening the way she’d hoped.

Her toe tapped against the floor, but deep inside her heart quivered. His cool, detached attitude challenged her, but if she didn’t impress with this interview, she’d never get the chance to know if she’d overcome his immunity to her.

“Well, thank you for coming in, Naomi. I have a few other women to interview, but I need to make a decision soon. You’ll be hearing from me either way.”

It was over. For the first time since leaving her own world and stepping into the humans’, she’d failed. She hadn’t charmed Daniel and she wouldn’t be getting this desperately-needed job.

Stepping into the small elevator, she watched the metal doors close and asked her mirrored reflection what’d gone wrong. Humans weren’t immune to her power — their power — it just didn’t happen.  Did it?

Keiran considered all humans the enemy and he knew his enemy well. He would know what was going on here, but, since they weren’t even on speaking terms, she couldn’t ask. He’d be more concerned with getting her far away from them and back home than teaching her more about their ways. She wasn’t willing to surrender to him. And she wasn’t going home.

Not yet.

Of all times for her powers to fail! And it wasn’t just about how much she needed the job. As important as it was, her desire to see Daniel again burned inside her and it went so much deeper than his grey eyes and lean frame. Deeper than his delightful smile.

For some reason, his immunity to her spells and wiles intrigued her. She hungered for what lingered just out for reach like some forbidden fruit.

Without the job, she’d never see him again and the fact he appeared to be spell-proof would no longer be significant.

But what if it was a failing with her instead of a resistance in him?

In some ways, the thought made sense. It also terrified her. She’d always survived here by keeping humans, especially the men, on puppet strings that she controlled. If she had to deal with them on a level playing field, she was doomed.

Without this job, she was more vulnerable to her brother and Eero. Would Daniel Elliot, with his charm and good looks, be the one to end her earthly romp and cause her to go home?

Damn it! Didn’t he know he was supposed to find her irresistible? After all, she was a fairy.


This was a great read.  I very quickly got drawn into the world of Fairies.  From the first sentence the story moved very quickly.  You immediately love both Daniel and Monique.  This story is filled with secrets that you are dying to uncover.  Not to mention the steamy scenes between Monique and Daniel…when it finally happens.  At times you forget this is a paranormal romance.  It is written very much centering on the romance more than the paranormal.  But, just when you forget its paranormal then you are given a reminder like the fairies ability to manipulate the minds or the magic stones or even the transporting spells.  Overall, I fell for the characters and the stories.  This book definitely left  me wanting more for the supporting characters.  I can’t wait til Ms. Phillips finishes Kieran’s  story and begins working on Leal and Veronica.  Although…I would love to see Kieran and Leal.  I just think they have a really good love/hate relationship.  I definitely recommend this book.  Ms. Phillips is a fantastic upcoming writer and I cannot wait to read more.

I’d like to thank Ms. Phillips for stopping by today and Bewitching Book Tours for letting me host this stop.  For more information regarding Constance Phillips or Fairyproof you can click on the links below.  You may also go to Barnes and Noble, Amazon or any other book retailer for information about Fairyproof.

Author Bio:

Constance Phillips lives in Ohio with her husband, two ready-to-leave-the-nest children, and four canine kids. Her perfect fantasy vacation would involve hunting Dracula across Europe with her daughter, who also digs that kind of stuff. When she’s not writing about fairies, shifters, vamps, and guardian angels, she’s working side-by-side with her husband in their hardwood flooring business.

Constance is actively involved in her local Romance Writers of America chapter (MVRWA) and the Southeast Michigan chapter of the United States Pony Club. When not writing or enjoying the outdoors, she loves reality television or can be found at a Rick Springfield concert (just look for the pink Converse high tops).

Constance blogs regularly at You can also follow her on Twitter or friend her on Facebook.




Interview with Jennifer Harlow author of To Catch a Vampire

I’d like to welcome Jennifer Harlow.  Jennifer is currently promoting her newest book, To Catch a Vampire.  Be sure to check out my review of To Catch a Vampire.

Thank you for stopping by today.  I really enjoyed To Catch a Vampire.

How did you come up with the idea of the F.R.E.A.K.S?
I wish I could say it was divine inspiration, but really I’ve always been
inspired by other people’s works. I got the idea after seeing the movie
I walked out thinking, “Hey, I could do that.” I also read comics as a
child, especially the X-Men, so the team dynamic they had also heavily
influenced the book. And since I’m a huge horror buff I wanted to play
with vampires, werewolves, and zombies so I added them to the pot. Stir,
sprinkle with my own fear of getting a real job after college, bake at
350, and out pop the F.R.E.A.K.S. I just added my own flavor with witty
dialogue and fresh characters.

I loved all of the characters.  My favorite has to be Oliver.  Which of
your characters is your favorite and who is your least favorite?

I do have to say I love Oliver the most too. He’s just so fun to write
because he is just fun. He has all the best lines because he can get
away with them. I’d never in a trillion years date him, but I’m not Bea.
(Not to say she would either.) He just makes my job easier. On that
front Nancy is my least favorite to write because I always have to do
massive edits on her dialogue because I haven’t been a teenager for a
decade. Luckily I have a teenage brother who has a girlfriend so I
listen to her talk and incorporate accordingly. Every other word is
“like.” Feels like I’m back in Southern California when I’m writing her.

Will we see more of a love triangle in the next book or will things finally be ironed out for Bea?

Nope. If anything it gets more complicated. In the next, Death Takes a Holiday
Bea returns to San Diego where two more contenders throw in their hats
for her affection. I love the thrill of the chase. The dance people do
when they’re feeling each other out through flirting. Happiness is dull
to write. Once you’re in a relationship it’s all having to shave your
legs everyday and doing his laundry. It will get resolved more or less
in the fourth book though.

Are any of your characters based on people you know or even yourself?

I wish. Bea has my sense of humor but that’s about it. If a horde of
zombie were coming toward me I wouldn’t go toward them, I’d run the
other way. She has far more patience than me too. No, once again I was
inspired by other people’s works. I used actors I liked (read want to
shag) or admired as the template, at least physically. So if I ever get a
movie deal and they ask me who I see in the roles I can answer
immediately. I don’t want to give away their identities but I will say
that Bea is proving her own as a doctor in Seattle, Oliver is gonna look
great in tights, and Will is a Geek God. Guess away.

What has inspired you to write Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance?

I don’t know where it comes from but I’ve always been drawn to horror and
the paranormal. My grandmother was worried I’d go over to the “dark
side” but they’ve always fascinated me. I like horror because it’s so
dramatic like riding a roller coaster. You get to touch that darkness,
that danger, but it can’t touch you back or hurt you. The paranormal is
the unexplained, and we fear what we don’t understand.  Plus with the
paranormal you get to have a little magic in your life, even if it’s
only in a book.

Do you have any authors you read that have inspired your writing?  

Without question Janet Evanovitch, Laurell K. Hamilton, and Stan Lee. From
Evanovitch I learned how to incorporate humor, mystery, and sexual
tension while keeping a quick pace in the story. Hamilton showed the
perfect was to combine two genres effectively, thriller and paranormal,
and that a heroine doesn’t have to always be a sweet, perfect woman. She
can have a hard edge and still be likable. From Stan Lee’s comics,
especially X-Men, hidden in the action scenes and love triangles was a
parable on prejudice and acceptance of self no matter how different you
are from the crowd. I can only pray I do my idols justice with my own

Ok…now I am gonna ask you just a couple fun/silly questions.  Do you have any guilty pleasures?

I am the most boring person on the planet, I swear. There isn’t a single
skeleton in my closet. I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs.  Vanilla
aspires to be me. I do love The Real Housewives, true crime shows, comic books and video games on occasion. The older I get the more I become a teenage boy. Go figure.

Can you share with me three things that not many people know about you.

I’m a sex goddess, I speak five languages fluidly, and I’m a rocket
scientist. Lord, I wish. (The sex goddess thing is true though.) I do
have a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Virginia where I worked
doing psych experiments and volunteering at a crisis hotline. I’m proud
of all that. I also worked as a Special Investigator for the government
doing background checks on people getting security clearances. I met
people from all walks of life, went to courthouses and police stations
for records, and even went inside the Pentagon, CIA HQ, and FBI HQ. My
mouth was on the floor the entire time.

What is your ultimate dream as a writer?

All I’ve ever wanted was to make enough money with my writing to live a
comfortable life. I don’t need millions just enough to write full time
and pay my bills without worrying about dollars. It’d be nice to be a
millionaire married to Ralph Fiennes who accompanies me to the premiere
of the movie version of Mind Over Monsters but I’ll settle for the comfortable dream.
Since you like horror movies can you name your top favorites that give you a real scare.

I’m so jaded now I went to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights and was
rolling my eyes the entire time. Not scared for a second. But when I was
a kid I’d look at a movie poster with Freddy Kruger and have nightmares
for weeks. My favorite horror movies have to be the classics like The Omen, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Dawn of the Dead just to name a few. I do get a tad uncomfortable when I watch the Paranormal Activity movies alone in my room with all the lights turned off.

Finally, can you name any instance in real life that you really scared yourself
and wanted to run into your bedroom and pull the covers over your head?

Only when I get my credit card bills. Damn you Neiman Marcus and your awesome shoes!

Thank you again for stopping by and I really look forward to reading your next book.  ☺

I want to thank Jennifer Harlow for stopping by and Bewitching Book Tours for giving me the chance to talk to the very awesome Jennifer Harlow.

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