Guest Post and Review: The Gold Crucifix by Nickie Fleming

I’d like to welcome today Nickie Fleming.  She is stopping by to promote her new book, The Gold Crucifix.  It is a wonderful historical romance.  For more of what I think read my review after Ms. Fleming’s post.  But, right now I will let Ms. Fleming talk about her favorite books and authors.

My favorite books and authors

When people ask about my favorite books and/or authors, I must always answer ‘it depends’.

As a young girl, I favored adventure books. My all-time favorite was Alexandre Dumas, with
his novels “The Three Musketeers”, “The Man in the Iron Mask”, “The Black Tulip”… I just
loved those stories full of gallant knights and duels in the night. They made me dream away to
another place in time, fancying myself the lady who was loved by d’Artangan…

When I grew up and was 10 years old, I discovered Agatha Christie. I had read all the books
in the youth department of the local library ten times by then, and the librarian took pity
on my and let me borrow detectives because she thought I was ready for them. They were
already a bit old fashioned even then, but I loved to read the mysteries and tried to figure out
who was the murderer. Mind you, I could after trying a few times!

Later I also discovered romance, and up to now the novels I read are a mix between
adventure, romance and thrillers.

I have a lot of favorite authors and I like to buy every book they write. I already have some
188 books on my Kindle, as lately I have discovered the fun of reading on it. Some of my
favorite authors and books are by:
* Jeffery Deaver – the novels with Lincoln Rhyme
* Harlan Coben – the stand-alone thrillers, not the ones with Myron Bolitar
* John Gilstrap – I read “Nathan’s Run” in one session and then I bought the other books
* Richard Montanari – also a discovery, very thrilling novels set in Philadephia
* Ann Cleeves – the Vera books
* Peter Robinson – DCI Banks novels
* Janet Evanovich – the adventures of Stephanie Plum (big laughs)
* Karen Hawkins,
* Sabrina Jeffries
* Clive Cussler – Dirk Pitt is my hero!
In my own books I write a mix between adventure, romance and suspense – or at least I try
to do so. It reflects my taste in reading. Also I have done a lot of interviews with some of the
afore mentioned authors, and when you are interested you can always read them at my site,



England, mid seventeenth century. When young Sarah finds out that innkeeper Amos Jennings is not her father, she feels uncertain and scared. Her problems grow bigger when she starts a job as housekeeper and gets involved with two men who both want her love: the earl of Linfield, and his younger brother Richard. To escape these problems, Sarah takes off to London to begin a new life as actress at His Majesty’s Theatre.

Richard cannot forget the young woman her met at his brother’s. He is determined to find Sarah and make her his own–even his wife, despite what his family thinks of it. But love never comes easy. Richard and Sarah will have to face many a storm–even the Great Fire of London–before they can become one.

This was an excellent historical romance.  I really enjoyed the independence of the characters and how they dealt with the situations they were put into.  I loved Richard and Sarah’s love story and how it did take them to the new world.  I was saddened with the whole relationship with Richard’s brother.  I almost felt like he was used when he was dying.  I know that’s not what the author meant but it just kinda felt like Sarah was in a bad position and she used the Earl of Linfield to get security.  The incorporation of Drury lane and the players was excellent.  Also, the illustration of King Charles’ activities and how amorous and varied his affections could be were very historically accurate and made for a nice addition to the story.  How all that fits in you will have to read the book to find out.  You will love Sarah and Richard no doubt.  I would definitely recommend this book and any other historical romance by Ms. Fleming.

For more information about The Gold Crucifix and Nicki Fleming you can go to the links below or you may go to Barnes and Noble, Amazon or any other book retailer.  I would like to thank Ms. Fleming for stopping by and Goddess Fish Promotions for allowing me to host a stop on this tour.


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  1. Goddess Fish Promotions
    Aug 22, 2012 @ 06:48:58

    Thank you for hosting Nickie today.


  2. bn100
    Aug 22, 2012 @ 22:54:00

    Nice list of authors.



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