Reading…Does it really matter what?

I have noticed through a lot of the media that they are really coming down hard on certain types of books and the stereotypical people who read them.  These books tend to be on the romantic side and some have sexual undertones.  My question is does it really matter what your reading as long as your reading?

I don’t think anyone has the right to criticize and make people feel bad that they are not reading a certain kind of “acceptable” genre of book.  I like anything fiction.  But, I am currently in a trend of reading a lot of paranormal romance.  These books have some explicit language and sexual situation.  WHO CARES?  That doesn’t make me or anyone else who reads these books desperate, uninformed or sad.

The promotion of literacy is what really matters.  Whether you read Romance, Non-fiction, Comic Books or Magazine.  The younger generations will develop there love of reading by seeing it done in the environment they are brought up in.

As for the ridiculous criticism of “desperate, sex depraved” wives reading these sex riddled books.  Again, I ask WHO CARES?  I’m sure the ideas these wives get out of some of these books only encourage the bedroom acrobatics instead of deterring them.  And, if the husband/boyfriend/significant other is complaining then he needs to take up reading the books his wife, girlfriend or significant other is reading.  It may only improve your understanding of the person you care about.

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