Cover Reveal: Cruel Money by K.A Linde



Lose yourself to the dark and glamorous underbelly of the Upper East Side in USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde’s new billionaire romance Cruel Trilogy.

She was supposed to be a one night stand.

A way to sate my sexual appetite.

I let her glimpse the man I am. The face that I hide behind my carefully cultivated life.

But she ripped open that divide–and there’s no going back.

Now, she’s here. In my city.

I don’t care that I’m Manhattan royalty and she’s the help.

Only that she’s living in my summer home. With me.

And I want more.




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K.A. Linde is the USA Today bestselling author of more than fifteen novels including the Avoiding series and the Record series. She has a Masters degree in political science from the University of Georgia, was the head campaign worker for the 2012 presidential campaign at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and served as the head coach of the Duke University dance team. She loves reading fantasy novels, geeking out over Star Wars, binge-watching Supernatural, and dancing in her spare time.

She currently lives in Lubbock, Texas, with her husband and two super adorable puppies.




Review: Legacy of Lies by Tara Leigh

Today we are celebrating the release of LEGACY OF LIES by Tara Leigh! LEGACY OF LIES is the first novel in the series and you can purchase it now for $2.99.

THRONE OF LIES is a prequel novella from the Legacy of Lies series and it is available now, too.


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LEGACY OF LIES by Tara Leigh


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Money. Status. Wealth. Power.
I believed I was entitled to all of it.
My legacy.

Jolie Chapman.
I thought I was entitled to her, too.
My love.

In a scandal that set our families against each other, I lost.
My legacy.
My love.

I was heir to a throne built on lies, my crown forged from corruption.
Stripped of everything I’d been raised to consider my birthright.
Including my princess—who wasn’t mine, after all.

I’ve spent the past decade rebuilding my life, on my own terms.
Money. Status. Wealth. Power.
They’ve been earned.

Now I’ve returned to Manhattan for redemption, too.
Jolie wasn’t supposed to be here.
… And I wasn’t supposed to care.

Screw me once, shame on you.
Screw me twice—
Who am I kidding? I don’t believe in second chances anymore.


Tripp and Jolie were both stripped of their money, power and each other a decade ago.  Now, Tripp has made his own millions and makes sure that what happened to him never happens to anyone else again.  Jolie has made her life on the runway all around the world.  She has now come home to settle back down and make a real life for her settle back down and develop her own business.  The one person who broke her heart she never thought she’d see again.  That is until unknowingly she begins working with him.  The love between them is too strong to keep them apart.  When truths and secrets are laid bare will these two broken people finally find themselves together or will their pasts destroy them?

This was one heck of an addictive read.  The continuation of Tripp and Jolie’s story is both heartwrenching and emotional.  It really makes the reader question what would have happened if the worst events in their lives that tore them apart didn’t happen.  Would life have turned out better or was the trauma all part of the journey.  Tripp and Jolie truly developed into great characters through this book. You really get to see how their heartbreak and time apart changed them.  Tara Leigh does a fantastic job of continuing this gripping love story.  For the full effect of this compelling novel, you will want to read Throne of Lies.  It is the prequal of this saga.  If you haven’t read Tara Leigh yet, you will want to run out and pick this duet up today!

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The LEGACY OF LIES series novella, THRONE OF LIES, is available now!

THRONE OF LIES by Tara Leigh

Prequel novella to Legacy of Lies

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I was called a prodigal son.
A scion of Midas.

I believed it. Why wouldn’t I?
Everything my father touched turned to gold.

The proof was all around me.
Luxury cars.
Elite schools.
A billion-dollar business.
Even my girlfriend, a Park Avenue Princess.

I reigned from a throne of lies.
My fall from grace… wasn’t graceful at all.




Tara Leigh writes steamy contemporary romance featuring tortured heroes worth lusting after and the women they didn’t know they needed. She attended Washington University in St. Louis and Columbia Business School in New York, and worked on Wall Street and Main Street before “retiring” to become a wife and mother. When the people in her head became just as real as the people in her life, she decided to put their stories on paper. Tara currently lives in Fairfield County, Connecticut with her husband, children and fur-baby, Pixie.


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Review: Dear Jane by Kendall Ryan

I broke her heart ten years ago and left town.

She hates me, and rightly so. It doesn’t matter that the rest of the country loves me, that I’m a starting quarterback with a multimillion-dollar contract. Because when I look in the mirror, all I see is a failure who was too young—and too afraid—to fight for what I wanted.

But I’m not that guy anymore, and all I need is one shot to convince her.

He has no idea what happened after he left. And now I’m supposed to work alongside him like we don’t have this huge, messy history?

But I’m older now, wiser, and I won’t let anything stand in my way of doing a good job for this league. Not even one overpaid, arrogant player who thinks we’re going to kiss and make up.

News flash, buddy: I am over you.


Jane has grown up around football.  She now is an assistant manager to the professional team her father manages.  When her father pays her a visit she doesn’t expect him to tell her he just acquired the best quarterback in the league.  He also happens to be her ex-boyfriend who broke her heart.  She knows she is over him.  When she sees him for the first time in over a decade her resolve is tested.  She knows that they must learn to have a working relationship.  As they become closer and the truth of their end is finally brought out will a second chance between them really work or will Jane lose her heart again?

This was a great second chance sports romance.  Jane and Wes are a sexy and fun couple.  Their history along with their sexual tension drives this book to many sexy times.  It’s the leading up to their real reunion that will drive the reader crazy.  Their banter and sexual tension really steams up the pages.  This is a great book for anyone looking for a sweet and sexy romance.  Wes really redeems himself and Jane opens herself back up to love with him.  If you are looking for a great read with sexual tension and sexy football players, then look no further than Kendall Ryan’s newest book.

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A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of more than two dozen titles, Kendall Ryan has sold over 1.5 million books and her books have been translated into several languages in countries around the world. She’s a traditionally published author with Simon & Schuster and Harper Collins UK, as well as an independently published author. Since she first began self-publishing in 2012, she’s appeared at #1 on Barnes & Noble and iBooks charts around the world. Her books have also appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than three dozen times. Ryan has been featured in such publications as USA Today, Newsweek, and InTouch Magazine.

Visit her at: for the latest book news, and fun extras

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Review: The Spellbinder’s Sonata by Stephanie Keyes

Today I get to bring to you one of my favorite indie young adult authors, Stephanie Keyes.  Her newest book is an addictive mix of phantom of the opera and beauty and the beast.  The minute I started this book I couldn’t put it down.  Her wonderful storytelling ability continues to grow and with this book it is an excellent showcase of her talent and imagination.  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.

42036225Book Blurb:

Beauty and the Beast meets The Phantom of the Opera in a tale of magic, music, and one dark curse.

Griffin Dunn is a brilliant piano virtuoso and a guest at the lavish Byrons estate. When his callous treatment of the Byrons’ son leads to the child’s death, the boy’s mysterious nanny places a dark curse on Griffin, binding his soul to the mansion until true love finds him.

Kate Covington has always been an outsider, but she’s determined to make it as a clarinetist at The Byrons School of Music. She’s heard strains of the ghostly piano during her early morning rehearsals, but no way is she letting those creep-tastic compositions distract her. Not even when a hot, pompous jerk named Griff shows up and calls her an imposter.

Over one hundred years have passed and Griffin’s given up on love finding him—until he meets Kate. The instant their paths cross, he transforms from a spirit to a living, breathing man. It’s obvious she’s the one he’s been waiting for. But though the pair falls in love, they discover the curse isn’t as straightforward as it seemed. As dark magic awakens in the Byrons School, they’ll have one chance to break Griffin’s curse, or else he’ll be trapped . . . forever.


Griffin knows he is the best pianist around.  No one of his age makes the money does at the early twentieth century.  When one night of arrogance costs a boys life he is cursed.  After a century of the curse, Griffin doesn’t have hope the curse will ever be lifted.  That is until he sees Kate practicing early one morning.  Kate is struggling with her clarinet.  Since her father passed away it has been hard going.  When she meets Griffin they definitely don’t like each other.  But, when Griffin thinks she may be the way to finally break his curse he offers to help her.  As the two of them grow closer, feelings grow into much more.  When the answer to getting Griffin released is finally found will they both be able to accept the possible loss that comes with his freedom?

I totally fell in love with Griffin and Kate.  Their love story give the reader all the feels.  Both Griffin and Kate are incredibly dynamic characters.  Griffin grows into someone deserving of a future and Kate finally works through the hurt and pain she had from her father’s passing.  The story of these two is woven in a way that is enchanting and enthralling.  The reader truly feels a part of the story.  Navigating between two time periods was elegantly done and truly worked well with this story.  Throughout the story the reader is taken on a roller coaster of emotions.  It really makes you forget that these are two teenagers instead of young adults.  Though…Griffin is really over 100 yrs old.  On top of the fantastic characters and story is the music that you can hear in your head.  It is classical but I guarantee you will be looking up all of those sonatas and concertos.  Through her words, Stephanie Keyes, is able to bring alive Griffin, Kate, Mozart, Weber and so many more.  If you haven’t read anything by Stephanie Keyes, this is one book you need to pick up today.

New Adventures ahead….

Happy Thursday!  So very close to the weekend I can taste it.  Today’s post will be short but its something I’m both excited and scared to share with you.  I decided to start a Wattpad account and publish some of my stories.

I know…I know…another blogger who thinks they should become one of the coveted authors they review.  I’m not going to lie…that would be awesome.  However, I know that is a slim chance.  So, instead of sitting on my stories I thought I’d share them with the world.  I currently have two up.  I am hoping that this will drive me to finally finish editing one and finish the other.   I will be updating them weekly and would love if you’d take a gander.

Please keep in mind I am not a professional and they may be a bit rough around the edges.  But, if you like it or want to see more please feel free to comment, like or follow me there.   I will continue to review books on here.  So, don’t fret I’m definitely not giving up my love of reading and blogging. Thank you guys again and I hope to see some of you over there along with here.

Cover Reveal: Justified by Jay Crownover




About JUSTIFIED (Coming 6/25/19):

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Marked Men series comes an irresistible and thrilling romance between a rugged Texas sheriff and the woman who was once his sworn enemy…

Case Lawton comes from a family of criminals. So as the sheriff of Loveless, Texas, he’s determined to do everything by the book – until he’s called to Aspen Barlow’s office after a so-called break-in. The last thing he wants to do is help the woman who cost him custody of his son. But Aspen isn’t the heartless lawyer Case remembers, and he starts to question his long-held grudge…

Aspen is scared for her life, and Case is her last hope for protection. But to get him on her side, she’ll have to reveal the painful truth from all those years ago. Now, as they work together to track down a dangerous criminal, Case and Aspen learn to trust each other. And as the threats escalate, it becomes clear there’s a thin line between love and hate… because there’s nothing Case wouldn’t do to keep her safe.

Includes a bonus story: “It’s All About That Cowboy” by Carly Bloom!








About Jay Crownover:

Jay Crownover is the international and multiple New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Marked Men Series, the Saints of Denver Series, the Point Series, Breaking Point Series, and the Getaway Series. . She is a tattooed, crazy haired Colorado native who lives at the base of the Rockies with her awesome dogs. Justified, the first book in her Loveless, Texas series, will hit shelves on June 25, 2019. For more on Jay and her books, visit


Review: Throne of Lies by Tara Leigh



Happy Release Day!  Today I get to bring to you the prequel of Legacy of Lies by Tara Leigh.  This is a dynamic novella that introduces you to love, hurt, pain and betrayal of the life changing kind.  For my full review keep reading after the book blurb.

Lies_ThroneTaraLeigh2018.9-ebooksm.jpgBook Blurb:

I was called a prodigal son.
A scion of Midas.
I believed it. Why wouldn’t I?
Everything my father touched turned to gold.
The proof was all around me.
Luxury cars.
Elite schools.
A billion-dollar business.
Even my girlfriend, a Park Avenue Princess.
I reigned from a throne of lies.
My fall from grace . . . wasn’t graceful at all.


Jolie wasn’t looking forward to being a debutante. Let alone being set up with her father’s business partner’s son.  She hadn’t seen him in years and truly wasn’t looking forward to it.  She just had to keep in mind that this was just a stepping stone for her.  When she finally does see Tripp again she can’t fight how drawn to him she is.  Tripp is hoping some of these debutantes will be easy after he does his duty for his dad.  What he doesn’t expect is seeing Jolie and knowing that she is the only debutante he wants to be around.  As they are drawn closer by a love that feels timeless, the world around them begins to crumble.  When all is lost can the Manhattan princess and Wallstreet heir be able to stay together?

This was such a thrilling beginning.  I was extremely lucky that I was able to have the next book ready.  Jolie and Tripp have the beginnings of an epic Romeo and Juliet love story.  A story filled with hope, love and tragedy.  In just this short novella, you can already tell how complex these two characters are.  They are so much more than the money their families have.  Tara Leigh is fantastic when it comes to reeling in a reader and getting them to care about the characters and how the story effects them.  This truly is only the beginning and when I get to share the rest, I know you will be panting to pick the continuation up.  Throne of Lies is just the start of a story you will find yourself addicted to.



Review: #1 Muse by T. Gephart

Today we are celebrating the release of #1 MUSE by T. Gephart! This is a contemporary romance, standalone title that you won’t want to miss!

This novel is part of T. Gephart’s #1 Series.


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#1 MUSE by T. Gephart (#1 Series, #5)

Available Now

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Landing a writing gig in Hollywood was just as difficult as becoming an actor, and something Claire Becker had learned the hard way.

Sure, she didn’t have to conform to ridiculous beauty standards and give up her love for raw cookie dough, but the sting of rejection burned all the same. The only things that kept her sane were her two amazing roommates and her guilty pleasure—writing fan-fiction.

Getting lost in her own world, she’d forget that she had yet to land her dream job, and instead spent time with her dream man—Nick Larsson. Well, at least in the literary sense. Too bad he wasn’t aware or an active participant—her fictional love life, outstanding.

Tall, good-looking and sexy beyond comprehension, Nick Larsson not only had a famous last name—and four equally smoldering brothers—but was talented beyond belief. A star on the rise with a critically acclaimed series, his body and face were what fantasy scripts—and dreams—were made of. Made for some pretty steamy writing opportunities too.

And yes, it was probably “wrong” for Claire to objectify him, but it wasn’t like anyone knew about it. Just her, and her two amazing, supportive roommates.

Or at least they were amazing and supportive, and bound to be missed after Claire killed them.

In a moment of unexplained insanity, one of them —or both, each as bad as the other—sent her latest installments to the man himself.

Cue panic of epic proportions.

All Claire needed to do was sneak into his apartment and retrieve the misappropriated story before Nick, or anyone else, read it and mistook her for a creepy stalker. Although, breaking and entering probably wouldn’t convince anyone to the contrary either.

Claire was going to get the best material of her life, or end up with a restraining order. Either way, the story was getting a hell of lot more interesting.


Claire has been having a rough time lately.  Finding a job as a screenwriter is not the easiest thing to do.  The best work she is currently producing is her fan fiction about her obsession, Nick Larsson, the hottest tv star around.  When she hits rock bottom and her best friend meets her obsession she doesn’t expect to find out she gave him her latest story starring him.  Desperately, she decides to break into his house to get it back.  What she doesn’t expect is her entire plan to go to hell.  When Nick contacts her and wants to date her she is skeptical and excited.  Can Clair and Nick make a Hollywood romance have a happy ending when secrets are revealed?

I adored this book. Claire is a fantastic and hilarious.  Between her, Scully and Luke they are reasonably the best best friend trio I’ve read about recently.  The banter and shenanigans between all the characters really made this one of the most entertaining books I’ve read recently.  When you add in Nick Larsson and his super sexy band of brothers this book becomes the ultimate read that you will not want to put down until you turn the very last page.  This is the first book in this series I’ve read but I fully plan on making that right.  If, like me, you haven’t tried this series yet, run and pick this one up.  You will not regret it for one moment.  I have become a T. Gephardt fan with this book alone.





Available Now

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#1 LIE

Available Now




T Gephart is a USA Today and International bestselling author from Melbourne, Australia.

With an approach to life that is somewhat unconventional, she prefers to fly by the seat of her pants rather than adhere to some rigid roadmap. Her lack of “plan” has resulted in a rather interesting and eclectic resume, which reads more like the fiction she writes than an actual employment history. She’d tell you all about it, but the statute of limitations hasn’t expired yet. But all those crazy twists and turns have led her to a career she loves—writing romantic comedy.

When she isn’t filling pages with sassy and sexy characters with attitude, she’s living her own reality show in the ‘burbs of Melbourne with her American husband, two teenage children, and her fur child—Woodley.

She loves adventure, to laugh, travel, and strives to live her life to the fullest.


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Review: Strong by Kylie Scott



From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kylie Scott comes a new story in her Stage Dive series…

When the girl of your dreams is kind of a nightmare.

As head of security to Stage Dive, one of the biggest rock bands in the world, Sam Knowles has plenty of experience dealing with trouble. But spoilt brat Martha Nicholson just might be the worst thing he’s ever encountered. The beautiful troublemaker claims to have reformed, but Sam knows better than to think with what’s in his pants. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to make his heart fall into line.

Martha’s had her sights on the seriously built bodyguard for years. Quiet and conservative, he’s not even remotely her type. So why the hell can’t she get him out of her mind? There’s more to her than the Louboutin wearing party-girl of previous years, however. Maybe it’s time to let him in on that fact and deal with this thing between them.

**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you’ll enjoy each one as much as we do.**


For Martha, Sam has always been forbidden fruit.  Even when she was helping to manage Stage Dive, he eyes wondered to the sexy bodyguard.  When Martha, comes home to help her brother by watching his son, she doesn’t expect for her and Sam’s sexual tension to finally boil over.  What will happen when these two strong willed people find themselves pulled together?  Can Martha finally lose control and get exactly what she’s wanted for the last 10 years?

Yay!  Kylie Scott has brought us back to the Stage Dive family.  Martha and Sam’s story has been a long time coming.  Ever since these two were introduced to us in Lick they have been headed together.  This is long overdue and done so well its as if we never left them.  Martha and Sam are fantastic together.  You feel Sam’s love the exact same way Martha does.  We learn so much more about Martha and her feelings.  She is really quite the dynamic character we never really got to know.  She has been the villain but now she is the heroine.  You really get to see her layers and some very funny moments when she is babysitting her nephew.  If you, like me, have missed the whole Stage Dive crew then you need to run and pick this book up today.  I guarantee you won’t regret it.









“I don’t believe this,” I bitched. “My Valentino boots are actually sticking to the floor. That’s how gross this place is.”

Lizzy just smiled. “Told you to dress casual.”

“I am.”

The smile widened.

“Jeans and a tee is casual.”

“A tee? It’s velvet, Martha.” She held a bottle of beer up to her lips, taking a sip. “I said we were going to a dive bar. You have only yourself to blame for the fashion faux pas.”

“But velvet is in!”

“Would you two quit talking? I’m trying to listen,” said my brother, Ben. The big hairy idiot was slouched back in his chair, bopping his head in time to the music.

Lizzy shuffled closer all conspiratorial-like. “I know why you’re all dressed up.”

I said nothing. There was nothing to be said.

Next her gaze went to the man standing at the end of the bar across from us. No, no, I would not turn my head. I would not fall prey to her bullshit. After all, I’d managed to successfully avoid him for the forty-eight or so hours since my not so triumphant surprise return to the West Coast. Even with us both being in the same house. A very big sprawling house, but still.

On the other hand, it should probably be mentioned that he looked awfully good tonight in jeans and a white T-shirt with a leather jacket. Samuel Rhodes, otherwise known as Sam. Not a pretty man with his harsh features and bull-like neck, but something about him appealed to me. As always, his head was shaved and his body was built and my idiot fingers itched to explore.

Okay. So I guess at some point I must have turned my head. And shit, he caught me looking.

The corner of his lips rose just a little, just enough to mess with me, before he returned to doing his job by casually surveying the packed room. My heart did not speed up due to anything done by him. Clearly, I hadn’t totally caught my breath from when we’d walked in half an hour ago or something. That was all. Interesting to note, he did none of the checking me out typical of a heterosexual male who might have been into me. In fact, he didn’t really give me any signals at all. Ever.








Kylie is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author. She was voted Australian Romance Writer of the year, 2013 & 2014, by the Australian Romance Writer’s Association and her books have been translated into eleven different languages. She is a long time fan of romance, rock music, and B-grade horror films. Based in Queensland, Australia with her two children and husband, she reads, writes and never dithers around on the internet. You can learn more about Kylie from


Review: Best Served Cold by Emma Hart

Today I get to bring to you the newest Emma Hart book.  Her fantastic wit and storytelling shines through in this newest rom-com.  For my full review, keep reading after the book blurb.  Believe me, you will want to know more.

Book Blurb:

40499397Revenge is a dish best served cold.
Which is a real problem when the attraction runs red-hot.

Ice-cream store owner Raelynn Fortune has everything but her last name—fortune.

Despite living in a Floridian hotspot for tourists, she just can’t get her business back off the ground. And she knows why.

Her rival store next door is run by nobody other than her ex, and with his fancy-schmancy concoctions, he’s taking all the clients two generations of her family cultivated. Never mind that Raelynn taught him all he knows, and his revenge for her breaking up with him was putting her plans into reality—and her almost out of business.

But, she has a plan. The height of the season is just two weeks away, and she’s tired of playing second fiddle to her ex. She’s going to take back her crown as the queen of ice cream, even if it means getting close to Chase once again.

After all, all is fair in love and war, and you know what they say about keeping your enemies close…

Although maybe Chase is a little too close…


Raelynn loves her ice cream shop.  She had dreams and aspirations to really make it into something special.  That was until her ex-boyfriend stole her dreams and made them his own by setting up a rival ice cream shop right next door to her.  After two years, Raelynn still avoids Chase at all costs.  The time has finally come to obliterate her enemy…namely Chase.  What Raelynn really thinks he’s doing is something quite different to reality.  Can Raelynn move past her need for revenge and find her way back to happiness even if it is with the last person she ever wanted to see again?

I loved this book.  Raelynn and Chase are incredibly entertaining.  Their banter is hilarious and very relatable.  This is a very sweet and funny story. I loved the premise.  The rival ice cream shops run by ex lovers.  Raelynn is headstrong and opinionated, while Chase is stubborn and quite misguided at times.  Throughout the story you feel the emotions the characters feel for each other.  Emma Hart has quite the unique talent of writing strong characters, engaging stories and memorable dialogue that will have you laughing long after the book is finished.  If you are looking for your next rom-com love story, look no further.  You can’t go wrong by picking up this Emma Hart book.

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